How to deal with your own greed?

Tell me did they tease you that way in childhood?

Probably you had been teased.

In jest or in earnest, but each of us friends in the sandbox or school at least accused of greed.

We did not want to share candy, did not give our girl-friends to play with our dolls, and they themselves were not averse to taking away a toy from someone.

But it’s one thing to be a greedy child: everything is forgiven to him, at least by parents, who then still explain that “it’s not good to do so.” And it’s quite another to be a greedy adult.

What to do if you have not been in a tender age for a long time, but are greedy as if a neighbor boy encroaches on your chocolate?How to deal with your own greed?

Greed poisons life, not only to those with whom the miser refuses to share, but also the greed itself.

Feeling that he is doing something wrong, and seeing the unfriendly attitude of others, such a person begins to be torn between the desire to remain good for everyone and the need to own one object alone.

Greeds are often involved in dubious adventures, the organizers of which promise big money, and then leave the gullible hunters to profit with nothing.

In addition, the saying “Miserly pays twice” – this is just about such people.

Looking everywhere for signs with the inscription “discount”, they ignore really good things , preferring less quality ones, and then sadly return to the store to buy, say, a new, more expensive hair dryer in return for the broken (and worked a couple of days) unit , Bought on sale.

In general, you yourself understand that the life of the greedy not just, as well as those who surround it.

He persistently calls himself economical, economical, tries to give gifts to his close people from the category of “cheap and angry” and always complains that he does not have enough money. What is most surprising, he really does not have enough for anything.

Psychologists call this phenomenon a “poor man’s complex”: people who do not know how to spend money freely and happily are forced from bread to water, and those who easily and wisely part with them earn, so to speak, according to their needs.

If you understand that an insulting “greedy” is about you, then the first step on the way to solving the problem you have already done.

If you understand that an insulting “greedy” is about you, then the first step on the way to solving the problem you have already done. Now together we will make the rest of the steps.

Spend money on yourself

Surely you are sorry to part with the hard-earned, hard-working bills, and you have not dared to buy a dress for yourself for a month, which you have long dreamed of.

It’s time to become a “spender” for one hour (after all, that’s how you call people who live for your pleasure) and go to the mall to buy a much-desired wardrobe item.

Yes, yes, you just have to do it.

Believe me, at first you will not feel at ease, you will even reproach yourself for being too extravagant, but within an hour you will realize: “I could, I bought a thing that deserves me.”

Try it.

Spend money on another person

Well, or at least give him your piece of cake. In general, make pleasant to a close relative or friend, not expecting something in return.

Feel how nice it is when someone grateful to you.

By the way, an excellent option is to take part in a charity event. So you will help those who need this help: to other people, and to themselves.

Go over the wardrobe and the stores of cosmetics

Almost all the greedy are small plushkins. They like to store even what they absolutely do not need: the cupboard bursts with old clothes, and the bedside table – from expired tubes with creams.

But the greedy person will not think of throwing out half of the “good” in the garbage can, she will carefully hide everything in boxes and mezzanines.

The thought of giving unnecessary things to a charitable foundation or an orphanage will not arise either, it’s all “my, my own.” You need to step over the passion for accumulation and free the cabinets from what you do not wear and what not to use.

Believe me, it will immediately become easier on the soul, besides, so much space will be freed up in the house that it will be much easier to breathe.

Look for other motives

To the next time do not regret the wrong choice, try to look for another – not material – the motivation for this or that act.

As we have already said, quite often greedy people get involved in dubious adventures, because they want to earn instantly and more. In 90% of cases, these adventures end in frustration and bitter tears.

To the next time do not regret the wrong choice, try to look for another – not material – the motivation for this or that act. Life is not built only on money, an important role is played by long-term prospects, mutual assistance, interest, finally.

Therefore, if you understand that, apart from financial gain, you will not extract anything more from this adventure, think ten times on whether to agree to a dubious proposal.

Do not treat your own greed as something that is not even worth your attention.

Miserliness, like squandering, is extremes, and they can not make anyone happy. Work on yourself, we are sure that you will succeed.


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