How to crack the code of men’s feelings?

Here we are going to type some words on man and feelings of him to make you learn it from the basics.

The myth that men are insensitive, creates harmful problems in relationships.

Because of the way of socialization of boys, their ability to cope with emotions is systematically destroyed.

Men are taught, step by step, do not feel, do not cry, and as a result, do not find words to express themselves.

Simply because men do not have experience in expressing their feelings.

Often a false idea arises that they do not feel, or their feelings are shallow.

Often men express their feelings with the help of secret code, which even they can not decipher.

Man and feelings!

Men can transform one feeling into another. Men can convert stereo-typically women’s feelings, such as sadness or vulnerability, into feelings such as anger or pride – feelings which are more socially are acceptable to them.

Men can transfer their feelings to another area.

Men can express their emotions only in those places where they feel safe and where the expression of feelings is acceptable.

Just look at how men behave at sporting events.

It is not uncommon to see men’s expressions of such feelings through men and women even each other’s embrace, for an example:

Football players and hockey players, who are perceived as one of the most “macho” men, it turns out, quite comfortably express their feelings during the game. Where else do you see men who cheerfully applaud each other?

Look at these same people in a different context, and you probably will not observe the same level of openness and comfortable expression of your feelings.

Men can express their feelings through physical complaints.

It is not uncommon to see how men transmit their feelings through such things as headaches, back pain. You may know men who experience headaches only on weekends, or become sick during the holidays.

Why is this happening?

Because, while people work, they can abstract themselves from their feelings. Without work, however, their feelings and needs come to the surface, and can be expressed through physical symptoms.

Men are in an ambiguous situation when it comes to expressing emotions.

Although men may not always know what they feel, there is one thing that they are sure of always:

They are convinced that although society encourages men to express their feelings, but when they do, their partners are often bewildered, if not horror.

Women, according to the ideas of men, want their partners to show their feelings, but only certain feelings, and only in certain doses with which they can cope.

In fact, the results of numerous studies tell us that men can be right, for fear of women, who call on them to show their true feelings.

Men who deviate from the traditional male norm, being emotionally expressive and speaking of their fears, are often judged to be badly controlling themselves.

Unexpected emotions

Men’s feelings can surprise those around them.

Part of the problem for some men may be that they forced their feelings to remain silent for so long that they can not adequately express them when they arise.

Such an unplanned, unexpected emotion can often be overwhelming.

In one of my friends pairs it was like this: John got a new job in another area. Lena stayed for a while, preparing their house for sale. At the same time, they argued over whether to take a dog.

Lena said that the dog will be in some way a necessary company, and will allow her to feel safe when she is alone in her house. Logically, analytically, John listed to her all the reasons why this should not have been done.

Lena knew that he was right, but in her heart she felt that the dog would be more comfortable. For several days off they argued about this. Lena thought that John was cold and unfeeling.

John thought that Lena behaves unreasonably.

After lengthy persuasion, John agreed to accompany Lena to the animal shelter “just look” at the dogs. When John saw all these rows of dogs in cages, knowing that most of them were likely to be put to death, he cried. Lena said that she had never seen him cry so hard.

She thought that he had no feelings, while this was far from the truth.

According to psychologists, many men experience intense emotions, but without the experience of expressing these feelings, they tend to bury them deeper.

And only when men are caught unawares (for example, when John visited an animal shelter), their feelings freely come to the surface.

  • So no, men are not insensitive.

Most likely, many of them came under the influence of the process of socialization, which tells them that it is not a man’s to cry, ache, or express the many other emotions that we all experience as a full life as human beings.


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