How to break the vicious circle of unsuccessful relationships?

It’s always difficult to finish a relationship, but it’s even sadder when you notice the same problems again and again.

The case may be in your choice of men or in something else.

In any case, it’s time to change the situation for the better.

Learn how to break this vicious circle by taking several important steps to find the cause of the problem and eliminate its effects.How to break the vicious circle of unsuccessful relationships?

As we are the relationships experts we are going to put our heads on this topic to cover it nicely so you can be easily benefited from this guide.

Here are some tips to help you move towards a more successful relationship.

Take responsibility

If in all failures your partner is at fault, you can not improve the situation and find a happy relationship. Start by recognizing your responsibility for your mistakes.

At the very least, you choose the wrong partners and ignore warnings. Without acknowledging your guilt, you will not be able to learn from your mistakes and move on

Forgive yourself for your mistakes

Once you admit your guilt for unsuccessful relationships, you should forgive yourself, even if you just trusted the wrong people. Self-medication does not help you make the right choice next time.

If you think you deserve everything that has happened, you can not attract a person who will treat you properly

Find the source of the problem

Try to objectively identify the reason that pushes you to a relationship not with those people or leads to a wrong perception of the relationship.

This may be a low self-esteem or a biased view of others, in any case, try to determine it. Perhaps you are attracted to a certain type of men, even if it does not suit you at all. Find out what leads to failure, and do not step on the same rake.

Analyze warning signs

To break the vicious circle of unsuccessful relationships, you need to pay attention to the alarming signs. If you contact bad guys , just end the relationship as soon as they start to treat you badly. If the problem in the relationship causes his jealousy, do not turn a blind eye to the first signs of ownership. Once you understand what you should pay attention to, you will start making good decisions.


When you analyze your problems, it is important to understand what you want from the relationship.

Try to determine your real priorities, and then you will become clear on whom to pay attention to, and you will cease to contact attractive, but not suitable partners for you.

Go beyond your taste

Even if your problem is not that you choose the wrong people, it is always useful to give a chance to a new one.

Try a new approach to choosing a partner. This will show how well you communicate with men who were usually avoided.

Visualize the relationship of your dreams

A positive attitude is very important when you are again ready to go on a date. It will also be useful to imagine what kind of relationship you want. Point your thoughts in the right direction.

Focus on your qualities and how they will help you get the right partner.

Take the help of friends and family

Improvements do not always come as quickly as we would like, so it’s worth taking the advice of people who really care about you. They will help you choose the partner that suits you.

The best way to break the circle of unsuccessful relationships is to trust people who have observed your love problems from outside.

Try blind date

Another way to get help from friends and relatives is to allow them to arrange a blind date for you.

Even if you do not feel instant contact, try this method to move on.

Adhere to the new rules

Once you understand what you were doing wrong and how to break this vicious circle, adhere to the new rules that you set for yourself.

Do not ignore them just because the new acquaintance seems damn attractive. If you decide to change, do not give up on it for a minute.


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