How to behave with a man when jealousy overcomes you?

How not to destroy the relationship and how to choose the right line of behavior, given the characteristics of male psychology?

Today, We (the team behind this site) ponders these questions.

Let’s be honest, we all had times when this little green monster was trying to say something.

We are about jealousy beings.

But since jealousy can arise in different situations, then advice about adequate behavior can not be the same.

How to behave with a man

Your relationship with a man is harmonious and develops as you would like. But sometimes it can be very difficult – to feel one hundred percent sure of the strength of your relationship.

Especially it becomes a difficult task if the reasons for jealousy exist – your man meets his ex for any issues, lingers late at work with a female colleague or flirting with a waitress in a cafe. Male psychology for women is often a mystery.

Yes, jealousy is an ugly emotion. And we admit frankly, almost all people are more or less acquainted with it, not by hearsay. But there are ways to control this feeling. And do not let him destroy the existing relationship.

Here are some tips on how to decipher the emotions and how to behave with a man in a given situation.

Woman – ex-girlfriend

To begin with, you must realize that this is a good sign – to maintain good relations with the former. From the point of view of psychologists, this is a sign of emotional maturity, characterizing male psychology in relationships.

Nevertheless, their contacts should be kept to a minimum: a meeting every few weeks, from time to time phone calls.

But when it comes to quarrel, its priority should be you. If he comes to meet her, and not you – there is a problem, warn psychologists.

How to behave? Whatever you do, just do not try to beat her or call her insulting words. You just convince the man that you are jealous and jealous of her, and yourself determine the place of the affected, defective side.

Instead of all this, just say: “I’m really nice to her, but I’m worried about your communication with her.” And try to understand calmly how to understand the male psychology in this particular case.

Woman – the past

In this case, it’s not the same thing as an ex-girlfriend. This is a female mistress, who once turned all his world. Every guy has such a woman in his life – intelligent, sexy, irresistible. Such as you think, and not reach it. This is characteristic of male psychology in love.

Even worse, she left so long ago that you can not even meet her. And this, in turn, only fuels your curiosity and increases uncertainty.

Ask about intimate details is not worth it, it’s stupid for two reasons.

First, you will listen to things that will upset you. Secondly, if he is willing to share these details with you, he will share this information with another girl if you part ways. But he will already talk about you.

You can not change the past. So it’s better to accept it while reminding yourself that no matter how amazing it was, there is a reason why he is with you.

How to behave with a man?

You must logically understand that he has the right to previous relationships, just like you. And if you are concerned about this situation, then, most likely, this is your problem, not it. In other words, you must let go of his past.
Female colleague

How to understand if there is a problem if your man lingers late in the office? And with a female colleague. Are there any reasons for jealousy in this case?

If this is necessary for the interests of the case and the group of employees is delayed, this should not cause suspicion. But if he happens to be alone with a woman colleague in the office in the evening, this should alert.

People tend to develop feelings for who they spend a lot of time with. Therefore, it is so important not to let this feeling develop with regard to female colleagues.

Tell him that they would like to meet with his female colleague and get acquainted. That they would like to spend time with his staff. If you hear something like that – it will be boring, we talk only on professional topics, it can be a red flag. Maybe you deliberately try to exclude from this circle of communication.

If you meet with his female colleague, then your intuition will tell you if there is any reason to worry.

Try to communicate with her in neutral situations, using knowledge about male and female psychology.

Life situations are so diverse that it is impossible to give one comprehensive advice how to behave with a man in all cases of life, connect your female intuition to solve similar issues.

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