How to attract only successful men?

The topic of attracting successful men will always be relevant, because there are not so many, and girls wanting are in commensurable more.

Therefore, in order to achieve success and lure the worthy, you need to know some rules.

For advice, we turned to an expert who himself is a successful representative of the stronger sex.

Mord Gusa, the coach for interpolation communications and the most highly paid consultant in relations, will tell how to win the heart of the best man, the author of several books and seduction techniques.

Let’s give him the floor:How to attract only successful men?

I want to be well-groomed and attractive to all girls.


The dating phase is the first seconds / minutes of communication. It is at this point that you need to match everything that is given below. That is – always.

I want to be well-groomed and attractive to all girls. Everyone who cares for and spends their resources is worthy of a cool man. But still. Girls, what are you spending first?

Anything, but not the most important thing. You impose corsets, shoes, hats, accessories, dresses from any couture! You spend money on what the men notice in the second, if not in the third turn!

What do men pay attention to?

1. The first thing that most men pay attention to when they meet is SKIN

The color and condition of your skin. That’s what the male eye cares about. Are you pale as a grebe? Or on the face acne? And can, at you all skin in grazes and bruises? Take care of it!

At least arrange those parts of the body that are often open.

Healthy skin is a sign of general health of the body. Do not need a lot of foundation or brown skin from the solarium. Just look after what you already have.

A small secret from me personally: you can select the open parts of the body by spreading them with oil, well, or with another special cream, so that it looks like the skin is wet. No wonder the club dancers are smeared from head to foot before the performance. They know that it attracts men.

2. The stylish Girl

Points for 300 bucks, the most fashionable mascara, super-exclusive earrings from Versace, and still have to tattoo the eyebrows and pendant from the Gucci …

Forget about this nonsense. It’s all afterwards. This is not so important. This is usually not noticed.
The second place in terms of influence on a man is HAIR!

Healthy shining hair. This is amazing! Long, you can curly, with a juicy color. Strong, strong. It was because of the hair that I almost drove into the Rolls-Royce, passing by one of the St. Peters-burg universities. Hair wants to touch, smell, look at them.

How do they fall on the shoulders or wind in the wind … uh!

Invest your savings in the hair, squeeze out of them a maximum, and then they will give you a man)
Ps I hope you do not have a short haircut, because here you need to be Rihanna, so she looked sexy.

3. Be an Expert

Massage, cooking classes, some training in revealing your inner sun, master classes on building up female energy, what kind of nonsense?


All this is absolutely not necessary to get acquainted with a man. All you need is a BEAUTIFUL TO GO!
You must train your gait daily!

How do you move from point A to point B? Shuffling and staggering? Or are you carrying yourself like a deer, wrapping your thigh so that men are crying from your forms? How do you sit at a coffee table? Have they sniffed and buried themselves in the menu?

I will tell by secret – the model gait delivered is calculated by an experienced glance IMMEDIATELY!
And this is what attracts a man sometimes for a couple of dozen meters from you, even in a crowd!

4. Million dollars Smile?

This item is especially relevant for all girls. I do not know what is the reason – maybe in the environment, maybe in the level of our medicine, but still.

Straight, even, white teeth are incredibly attractive.

I see the girl.

Romance in place, clean little face, the figure is there, the dress – everything is fine. Just want to get acquainted.

Only she opens her mouth – I have (and thousands of men all fall). In the mouth there is a comb.

An insanely important part of you is TEETH.

Straight, even, white teeth are incredibly attractive. No one will say – I will say. Do not buy an iPhone, do not have shoes for a bucks. Stop feeding the advertisers! Better go to the dentist.

No dress will help if brown teeth look in different directions.
Take care of your smile.

5. Trends to follow?

The trend of the most fashionable girls with strange rectangular styles and hipster sneakers has ended.

It’s not sexy, it’s not feminine. It can be, from any couture, but no one, except editors of fashion magazines, will not approach you.

  • Her Majesty the form reigns now! What shape, you ask me.
  • I will answer – SANDING CLOCK!
  • The presence of a narrow waist, wide hips and chest.

Therefore, smart girls inject money and time to create an hourglass. Here and the gym, and cut, and style. All in turn. Pushup no one canceled.

We (men) like bulges and hollows, especially if they do not get confused with each other and go in the right order. Angry, angular little girls have nothing but desire to feed – they do not.

Now the trend is juiciness. I’m not saying that Kim Kardashian should be assimilated with her huge ass, but you have to have forms, because it’s clinging.

Here are the most basic directions that need to be pumped IN FIRST.

  • Of course, everything else is important, but first it is.
  • It’s just insulting when a girl was threatening a lot of money for some super-exclusive manicure, but she is not noticed simply because instead of laying she is a nest of a lark on her head.

Be beautiful and ATTRACTIVE.

And then the best men will fight for a fraction of your precious attention!

Good luck!


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