How To Attract A Man Who Does Not Disappoint You

Your last relationship with a man again ended in failure?

He was not at all as perfect as he was at first?

Again, you are tormenting yourself for spending time on “not with that” relationship ?

We will open a little secret: more often than not, you are really to blame for all your unsuccessful relationships. If you allow a “wrong” man to enter his life, then the responsibility for the consequences lies entirely on your shoulders. After all, you yourself have chosen such a man. And let him show such an attitude.

But now it’s not about that. This is an important issue that we deeply digest during typing of relationship advises for you.

In this article we want to share 5 important thoughts how to attract a man who does not disappoint you. These understandings will lead you to the right choice of the man and will allow you to prevent the previous mistakes.

We do not promise a recipe that gives a 100% result in this regard. But in our power to help you understand the reasons for your failures in dealing with the “strong” sex. And this should be enough to radically change life.

Women do not understand what their mistakes are in relation to men. As a result, it is difficult to attract a worthy person.How To Attract A Man Who Does Not Disappoint You

What if you are really beautiful, gentle, kind, caring, sincere, but worthy men do not come into your life? To begin with, We propose to understand what is important for every woman to know in order to attract the attention of the “strong” sex and find her only one. These are five tips, which we really advise you to read. And in the end (We promise) You will understand what needs to be done to make this man also “right”. So, the first advice:

1. How to attract the attention of men

Physical attraction is the most common form of attraction between people. It appears immediately, during the first meeting. At the same time, the man subconsciously begins to evaluate the appearance of a woman, her clothes, smell, look.

If at the first stage of acquaintance there is no physical attraction, then the appearance of some romantic feelings is very unlikely . A man will not seek to establish a connection with a woman, if he does not feel any form of attraction to her.

When there is the strongest form of it – physical, then we men immediately instinctively get a push to action (for example, to come and get acquainted).

What role does the woman play in this process, you ask? Did she manage to attract the attention of a man or did he become interested in following only the attraction? It’s a bit like a pun. The notion of ” how to attract a man ” is associated with “how to take possession of his consciousness and force oneself to love . ” But it means something else. And we’ll talk about this later.

When in the morning a woman wakes up and chooses the right clothes, hairstyle and make-up for the day, she does it on the basis of her own ideas about beauty. She does not know how many men will meet today on her way. She is fully equipped to be as alert as possible in any situation to attract the attention of a man who is interested in her.

In addition, there is a possibility that many people look at her when she does not even know about it. Especially when a woman, working on herself, becomes more full and harmonious.

Good result. What does this mean? The fact that her appearance and behavior should be such as to attract a man who simply watches from the side. So, to induce him to desire to meet her. At the same time, she has no idea what tastes these men can have. It is simply impossible to adapt to everyone. Therefore, to begin with, a woman simply needs to look as good as 100% as much as she can be at a given time.

All men are attracted to what attracts them . And they can not control this process. It just works. It does not matter whether he is free or whether he has a lover. It does not matter if he has a family and children. When the beauty of a woman is displayed in the eyes of a man, he will always pay attention to it. This beauty is created from the appearance, gait, look, smile, mood, the ability of a woman to present herself as a woman.

It is not difficult to attract the attention of a man. After all, absolutely any of us always evaluates the woman we liked, which was in sight. It is much more difficult to retain the attention attracted . If the girl does not meet the minimum patterns of attractiveness for a particular man, he will not keep his gaze on her.

2. Law of choice

You probably heard about the “law of attraction” ? It says that each of us can attract the desired, if we constantly think about it ?
But somehow this law does not work well when women try to take action to attract the attention of a man. To capture the truly male mind by the power of some unknown magic is already from the category of fiction. This does not work.

But women have complete control over their choice.

That’s how smoothly we come to the main question for today, which we constantly ask at many articles: “What influences your choice?” Why do you choose such men? ” .

After all, when you managed to attract a man , this does not mean that if he signs the interest and beckons his finger, immediately you need to rush to him in the arms (agree to a date, go with him to the cinema or immediately to bed – depending on what his plans are ). Absolutely not! After you managed to attract the attention of a man , decide whether you need him or not.

We teach women to take responsibility for their lives in their own hands. Not for a man, but for her choice of this man. Do not clutch at the first one.

3. Sometimes you need to be able to deny

Some women, if they managed to attract a man , it’s difficult to refuse him. They feel the fear of losing and being alone again.

Learn to refuse. This is our next advice for those who bring the right man into their lives. In any case, it is much easier than all that you have to go through with the “wrong” candidate for your heart. And then it will be even harder to learn to trust the man again.

4. What influences your choice

Family, relationships between parents, films, books, personal experience – from all these sources, each person takes a grain of behavior patterns and displays his own , in which he feels most comfortable.

Also, in terms of relationships, all the variants of love known to a woman (happy, unhappy, passionate, etc.) form her dreams about how to attract a man into her life and who he should be.

Another important factor, which we have already mentioned, is the relationship of the parents. Children always focus on them and, when they grow up, choose one of two possible patterns of behavior:

The most accurately all repeat. And this can be a repetition of both good relations of parents, where everyone loved each other in the family, as well as bad ones, where there were constant scandals and beating dishes.

Try to go on the very opposite path. There is an option that if the ideal relationship of the parents seemed too feigned to the child, then he will despise all these “real ” feelings and build his life according to a more severe scenario. How To Attract A Man Who Does Not Disappoint You

Conversely, if the parents quarreled forever, the father beat the mother, and the child suffered from this, then growing up, he might want that with his children this does not happen again, try to build an ideal relationship.

But in the first and second cases, the child loses not his relationship model. It turns out that you can attract such a man into your life , which will correspond to your chosen behavior model based on all previous life events. I’m trying to say that you are the result of everything that happened in the past. More often than not, events that happen to you are beyond control, they just happen and that’s it.

But you can choose a man with whom it will be most comfortable to experience them. You are responsible for who you choose.

5. You can choose

And this is good news! All previous steps of understanding how to attract a man, as a result, should lead to this last awareness – you yourself can choose which man will be next.

It is not always easy to make decisions, especially if there are too many injuries and experiences in the head caused by past experience of the relationship. Therefore, We propose to follow several recommendations.

  1. Take time to self-knowledge and ask yourself ” What kind of relationship do I really want? ” , ” What does a worthy man mean to me? ” . Spend such a small “inventory” of your soul.
  2. Try to figure out all your past attempts to attract a man into your life . At what stage did everything go wrong? What did they feel? What did it teach?
  3. Stop blaming someone for everything bad that happened in life. For everything in the answer only you.
  4. Love yourself.

Yes, it’s difficult to do everything at one time. But without this it is difficult to take the path of a true Woman, who has the power to make the right choice.

Relationships are a mirror of the soul.

The mirror reflects the appearance.

But the relationship is a reflection of what you have inside.

The Power of Women’s Choice

We hope that after reading this article to the end, you discovered the following: do not dwell on how to attract the “right” man in your life . This will not lead you to the result, most likely the opposite. Just bring your thoughts in order and be every day “on top” . Yes, and do not forget to ask yourself the question: who is the right man for you? And why is it correct? Think about it.

And we will summarize 5 important points about which it is worth remembering:

  • Men are drawn to what attracts them visually
  • You are responsible for your desires and for what men are attracted to your life
  • Learn to refuse if you are not sure of the choice
  • Trace what affects your choice of a man
  • Choose the heart of someone you really want

You can attract. And more importantly, you can choose. You do not need power over men.


Only real power over one’s life is needed.

Thank you for attention. We hope that we was able to satisfy the interest of how to attract a man who will not become “another mistake” .

By the way, how did your previous relationship begin? Did you manage to attract a man consciously? Or did you stop at those who liked you? Please, tell about it in the comments!


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