How to apologize to a girl and get love back

It’s important to know how to apologize to a girl because a good apology can save a marriage.

It occurred to me that men and women perceive apologies in different ways. And it may turn out that such a different approach to an apology is a source of harm to many marriages.

In short, most men do not know how to apologize properly to a girl, a woman. In close relationships, effective apologies can quickly heal accidental injuries. At the same time, an ineffective apology or complete disregard for the need to apologize inflicts significant damage to the relationship.

It’s hard to say that I was wrong…

For women, an apology is a way of restoring a relationship with a person whose feelings they have touched, but by accident. When a woman receives feedback that what she did or did not do, insulted or affected another person, she usually apologizes quickly. A woman views an apology as a normal aspect of a relationship.

Men tend to view an apology as a humiliating action, perceive it often as a loss of face.

The researchers of gender relations noticed that for men verbal communication is connected with concern about how their status is perceived by others. Men tend to perceive what they say, in terms of how others perceive the positions of their power or lack of power. Thus, for a man to admit that he did something wrong, often means reducing his status in the eyes of those Who heard an apology.

That is, a woman apologizes for maintaining a healthy relationship and does not experience a sense of loss. But the man apologizes and experiences a sense of loss, if not humiliation. The result of these differences is manifested in the fact that men do not want to apologize and in many cases do not know how to apologize to a girl.

Most women in married couples on the verge of divorce complain that their husbands are unable or unwilling to respond to the feelings of their wives. And when women complain, they ignore their feelings.

It seems that in most modern marriages a woman is angry with her husband more often than vice versa. And one of the common complaints of women against their spouses is the refusal to apologize when he offended.

So, a quick guide from us for men, how to apologize to a girl is here.

Instruction for men how to apologize to a girl

Required elements of an apology. If you do not want to waste time, including all six in your apology text.

1. Recognize your wrongness

You have to start by saying, “I was wrong, and I’m sorry.” There are no substitutes for this element.

If you say something stupid like, “I’m sorry that you think I was wrong,” then you should not start an apology.

You could not worry. Were wrong, so admit it.

2. Recognize that you wounded her feelings

Recognize that your wrong action has hurt her feelings and made her feel alienated from you.

If you do not pay attention to this aspect of feelings, then it will be very difficult to restore the relationship. Say, “I was wrong, and I’m sorry that I offended you.”

Once again, do not cheat saying: “I’m sorry that it hurts you.” Sound the connection between your wrong action and her hurt.

3. Express Repentance

Expressing remorse is a way to show your ability to respond adequately to her grievances.

So you say, “I was wrong, and I’m sorry that I offended you, and I feel terrible from hurting you.” (This will help if you really look repentant).

4. Promise not to repeat

This can be difficult, especially if you are inclined to a repetition of your wrong actions.

But it is necessary to prove your intention to reform the relationship. “I know that sometimes I do not pay attention to your feelings, but I will try my best not to do it again.”

If you grin at this moment, then you will have every chance to start apologizing from the first element.

5. Proposal to make amends

If you do not know what would help in this case, ask her: “What can I do for you so you understand that I repent?” The main thing is to express your desire to do something in the form of compensation. Of course, if you offer what you want to do under this item, all the efforts made will be useless.

6. Ask her to forgive

The simple phrase “Do you forgive me?” Is usually enough. But if you do not want to look presumptuous, or your act was out of the ordinary, you may ask: “Can you forgive me?”.

You can add some good words that will make your apology print the personality and make it unique. Use this simple skill to apologize to a girl and you will find your inner life more and more peaceful.

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