How to apologize to a friend?

All women are very emotional and this fact is one of the reasons why they are much more likely than men to conflict with each other, with friends or relatives.

The cause of the conflict often become perfect trifles, which then no one can remember, but there are also serious reasons.

Time passes and there is only bewilderment – how did it happen that you offended your best friend and you have a desire to correct this mistake by asking her forgiveness.

Here are our latest and totally effective ways which you can follow easily and make your friend trust you as taking these steps will lead you to get the trust of your friend back at you.

So how to ask forgiveness from a friend?

Waiting can be a benefited method

If you quarrel over a trifle, wait a while. For a couple of weeks, you’ll both have time to calm down, get bored and think about what’s happened.

Probably, your girlfriend will go first to contact, realizing that all the blame for her quick temper or bad mood, and you did not want to offend her.

Call the first, if for all this time the girlfriend did not call, but do not talk about the quarrel, and communicate as if nothing happened.

The reasons for the call can be thought up a lot, but they should be such as to interest her, for example, you can share some news that will interest her or buy a book that your girlfriend has been looking for and tell her about the gift.

Apologizing makes you real

In case you are to blame for the quarrel, and clearly, realize this, try simply to approach and apologize.

After she accepts your apology, try to explain why it happened. A hint that you are aware of your mistake, see it and promise that it will not happen again.

But remember that your promise should not just be in words, an empty sound – keep the word and try to do what you promise. If this happens again, it’s unlikely that she will be able to return her friend again for the second time.

Think for a while and move on

In case the reason for the quarrel is very serious, and you deliberately and knowingly made your girlfriend hurt, think for yourself why it happened and that you moved to such an act.

If at that moment it was more important than your relationship, then there is no guarantee that again you do not do so. All weighed, analyze how much the girlfriend is dear to you, understand that you will lose, losing your friendship.

  • Do not wait – in this case, it is better to act immediately so that it does not suffer for a long time from your perfidy.

Use e-mail and write her a letter, repent, but only sincerely. Even if you do not get a positive answer right away, it will be much easier for her to live on, knowing that you have realized your mistake and regret what happened. After a while, try to establish relations again, maybe she will forgive you.

Be there and help always

Cherish your friendship. Despite all the conversations, friendship exists between women. Ability to be loyal to their friends, even infringing on their own interests, valuable quality.

Do not just be friends for real, you always need to be ready for compromises, come to the rescue. After all, friendship makes people morally richer and stronger, Because a person ceases to be mentally lonely, and in case of trouble, he will always feel a friendly shoulder next to him.

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