How quickly to end the quarrel?

To resolve conflicts in a relationship, it is always worth remembering the communication skills.

There are always many ways to gently end the quarrel – you must agree, it’s better than getting the conflict out of hand.

When the conflict is in full swing, it is worth remembering two things: the topic of the dispute and the feeling of anger.How quickly to end the quarrel?

We suggest you find out how to finish a quarrel before one of you utters something that will ruin everything.

Take a break

A short pause in a heated argument will help you cool down and find the energy to channel the quarrel into another channel. Take a break for 30-60 seconds and remind yourself of all the good things that are in the relationship, think about that this quarrel is just a waste of time, making you both unhappy.

Go back to the discussion when you will be able to control the tone of your voice and be generally calmer. A change in your behavior will affect your partner and help him cool down too.

Demonstrate empathy

Seeing the situation through the eyes of a partner is the best way to end a dispute.

In addition, try to make it so that he thinks about the problem the way you are, then you can quickly find a solution or come to a compromise, which will end the conflict.

Think about responsibility

Most quarrels begin when you and the partner are already sufficiently angry at each other.

Accusing your partner in everything (even if you are really right) is not the best approach in such a situation and will only worsen the conflict instead of resolving it. Slow down your defenses, and maybe then he will do the same.

Stay away from the past

When you want to end the quarrel as quickly as possible, always think about the future, but in no case is it about the past. Mentioning old conflicts will only worsen the situation.

Instead, think about what you can do instead of quarreling – watching a movie or at least just hugging.

Try to joke

Tension can be tried with a joke. The main thing is to choose the joke theme very carefully.

It is better to direct humor not to a partner, but to easily joke over yourself, otherwise such humor will lead to even more unpleasant consequences.

Touch the partner

If verbal quarrel does not lead to anything, turn to the touch. Try to end the dispute in this way – a soft touch, taking by the hand, after all hugs can help you.

Physical contact will remind you how dear you are to each other and why you should not make each other suffer.

Forget about “But …”

You will not go far in resolving the conflict, if each decision ends with the word “But …” and further demands. Divide your thoughts into clear sentences without setting the conditions.

Change the tone of the voice

A great way to end the quarrel is to just stop talking on elevated tones and speak in a more affectionate voice. Just do not make a child’s voice, even as a joke, it can only anger the partner.

Just make a tone of voice a little lower and show them that you no longer want to argue.

Do not rush into conclusions

Lie down in a quarrel – not so bad, although many psychologists do not advise it.

If you can not come to a common decision, you can announce a break until the next day – the most wise thing you can do.

Both of you can cool down and come up with how to resolve the dispute more constructively.

Focus on the general

If you value your relationship, you need to think of them as a living being.

Just as you will not quarrel with children, because it can cause them stress, think about the fact that the disputes will affect the relationship only negatively.

Try to close the dispute, reminding yourself and your partner about all the good things that you only destroy the quarrel.


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