How does a man think before and after the date?

The concept of “the same” or “only” is rather vague in our time. Is it possible that each of us is only one person with so many contacts and contacts?

Yes maybe. Or maybe not.

But as soon as the “only” or “the same” occurs on the life path, this question disappears by itself.

People often ask me: ” If a man says he likes, then why does he not do anything for me? ” Or ” Can a man love? “. Yes, he is!

But this does not always mean that he is ready to conquer the mountains for this love and to strain.How does a man think before and after the date?

Do you want to know how a man realizes that he has met his “one”, which you want to protect, protect, provide?

How does a man think before and after this meeting?

I am sure that every woman desires to know about it.

After all, it will help to understand whether he truly believes you are his second half.

So get ready to “get into the head” to your man.

Now you will learn in detail about his 7 thoughts, which he carefully conceals.

1. “I’ll turn off the mountains, but I will fulfill any of her wishes”

Once a wonderful science fiction writer Robert Hayline said one clever phrase: “Love is a state in which the happiness of another person is an integral part of your own . ”

So it turns out that every truly in love man wants her to be happy . To do this, he will be ready to realize any of her dreams. And for him it does not matter how difficult it is to implement them.

What does a man think when he wants to make you happy? He wants to become a knight in shining armor and, swinging his sword to the right and left, kill the terrible dragons that threaten his beloved.

But in real life, a man acts differently. Everything depends on its capabilities at this point in time. Yes, today he can lead you to an expensive restaurant or arrange a walk on a yacht, to make a valuable gift. But also his feelings for you, his desire to take care of a beloved woman can be expressed in more simple ways. He can just take care of you when you are sick, make surprises or indulge your favorite sweets. Show respect and respect to you.

Regardless of the magnitude and importance of such actions, they will always mean one thing – he thinks you are “the same . ”

2. “For her sake, I’m ready to become stronger”

A man always strives to become the best version of himself, regardless of the state of the relationship in which he is. But when “that woman ” comes into his life, he has completely new motivations. How does a man think after that?

Now he is sure that he must try harder to achieve his goals. After all, you become a ray of light on his gloomy life path and he wants to be proud. He will want to present you with an improved self.

Therefore, if you do not understand what the man thinks about when he comes home late again because of a visit to the gym or a delay at work, look at him and everything will become clear. If the burning eyes and a strong kiss are the invariable components of each such return, then it’s all for your sake. Do not be angry with him and do not say that he is wrong. He needs a gym to have a strong man close to his beloved woman. And delays at work will allow him to become more successful and start earning more money to be able to meet all your needs.

3. “Never before have I met such a beautiful woman”

How do men think about their beloved?

We love a woman the way she is. And everything in it is seen as beautiful.

It is impossible to describe literally the emotions of a man when he sees a woman who has been waiting all his life.

He loves her differently: just out of bed in a rumpled pajamas and in a beautiful evening dress.How does a man think before and after the date?

Every time, from her look, he catches his breath. What does the man think at this moment?

Absolutely nothing!

Realizing that before him is the most beautiful woman in the world, he is no longer able to think about anything!

4. “I’m glad that my past relationship failed!”

This thought is exactly what a man thinks when he understands that you are “the same . ” No, he will not complain about what unfortunate relationships he had before you. He will be glad that they had him.

After all, with their help, he was able to prepare for a meeting with the “same” .

And now he is an experienced man who knows what a woman can want, how to take care of her and how to make her happy.

5. “My personal desires are no longer so important”

How does a man think when he is alone?

“I want to get married and spend the rest of my life with a single woman? That she gave me many, many children? ” .
Well, it’s unlikely!

It is difficult to want children if you do not know who their mother will be. It’s hard to think about the family, if you do not know who will be next to you.

What does a man think in reality? Until the meeting of the woman with whom he is ready to connect his destiny, in his life there were personal desires and goals. They are simple and precise.

And believe me, among them there is definitely no dream of beautiful interior items or a new sofa. But, having met the “one and only”, he understands that now it is necessary to realize the goals and desires that concern both of you.

6. “I hope I have not spoiled everything”

Have you ever seen in his eyes a fear for doing something wrong? Yes, a man can also experience that he is not strong enough and quick to make decisions! Agree that no one is perfect.

What does a man think about these moments?

That he has to prove the seriousness of his feelings every day . Therefore, you need to love your man as he is. You also need to tell him about it.

Of course, this does not mean that now he can sit on the sofa with a bottle of beer, turn on the TV and thus spend all the rest of the life of the evening.


If he thinks you are “the same,” he will surprise with something every day and do not sit idly by. He can try to find a new joint hobby, start walking together in the pool, suggest making new shelves in the bathroom for your entire cosmetics collection.

And if your man does not succeed, try to support him. That he and his thoughts were not that one of his failures can change your opinion of him for the worse.

7. “I do not know how it happened, but I’m so glad of it”

Luck, fate, fate – the reason for which he met you, can have different names.

Sometimes it’s impossible to explain how you met. Lived in different places (cities, and, maybe, countries) and until the very meeting did not even suspect about the existence of each other. Nevertheless, this meeting was held.

I do not know about you, but your man in the heart expresses his gratitude for this . Believe me, this is true.

What to do with this knowledge?

I will not answer this question to you. Did you want to find out what the man who is next to is thinking about ? I told him.

How you use this knowledge, decide for yourself.

It is important that after reading this article, you take for yourself the following: when a man loves, he shows his feelings by actions. What’s more, he will never hide you from relatives, friends and relatives.

After all, you “The only one” that inspires him to act as a man. But remember that taking life into your own hands, you can influence the actions of a loved one. And on how wisely and in a feminine you will do this, personal happiness depends on being “that unique”.

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