How do I know that he loves me? (answered)

Love – it’s wonderful, especially when the feeling is mutual. But what about those unfortunates who are not sure of the response object’s feelings of sympathy?

It often happens that a person for months or even years can not understand, whether he likes the other.

Fortunately, there are several proven ways on how to find out that the guy likes you or not for example:

We have already been told that eye contact can tell a lot of sympathy and understanding, whether you like the man.

However, it is necessary to understand this issue a little more.

The guy who likes a girl wants to constantly look at it on a subconscious level.

heart built from a finger on the background of the sundown

Because of this, he produces dopamine, which stimulates the desire and can have a profound impact on a person’s will.

He may not even know that he likes you, but all eyes will tell him.

Man will try to get caught your eye. If he is shy, on the contrary, it will take your eyes if to meet yours.

There is a simple method, using which it should be possible to learn about the true motives.

Look at the guy for 3-4 seconds so that he said, then look away for a few moments and look again. If he does not want to break eye contact, then most likely, he is fascinated by you. If a guy is constantly looking at your lips, the feeling is even stronger.

Pay attention to his behavior

The behavior of the guy in the whole lot can talk about relationships and aspirations.

For example, it may behave as a true advocate and try to protect you from everything that is possible.

Or behave patronizing or as a true gentleman. But you know what unites all of these behaviors? It will be a special way to behave precisely in relation to you.

That is not how he behaves with other girls.

For example, he may try to sit closer to you. Or embrace the back, behind which you are sitting.

Or maybe he did was going to drive you home or lent his jacket in the cold season.

By the way, some guys can show sympathy is not entirely acceptable manner.

For example, it may be in your presence to flirt with other girls, trying to look at your reaction.

It’s easy to determine if these actions during all the time he is trying to look at you.

You can also just go to another place from which you will be able to see him, and he you – knows. If, after you left, he quickly stopped flirting, it all fits.

The interested guy will be interested in your hobbies. This is one of the surest answers to the question of how to find out what you like guys.

For example, you are listening to any genre of music, which he does not like.

However, with persistence, he is interested in the various groups and the latest news. Or is it all written with you in a sports hall, only to spend more time together.

Or suppose you told him about your favorite TV series, but he now does not miss a single series.


Excitement – this is generally the main sign that a person to something indifferent attitude.

Incidentally, I wrote about this in an article on procrastination treatment. Wet palms, nervous laughter, ridiculous movements, deep breaths, and so is able to tell a lot about the true desires of man.

If a guy is worried as to what you emerge about him, you know – you tell him at least like you.

Men often tell their friends about the girls they like. So try to find out the true motives, looking at them.

For example, they may begin to mock him, when you are near or on the contrary, to help him, doing everything possible to make you pay attention to it. They generally can openly go and ask him if he likes you.

Also, simply pay attention to how they react to your appearance.

For example, they can be tricky to smile or immediately begin to look at him. Usually, this is enough to determine the true motives.

Sometimes, by the way, friends can do something wrong so that you were not together. This is especially true of the bad guy’s companies.

Be careful to trust yourself first and foremost, and not someone else.


A person may show sympathy to another, copying his actions. To find out what you like guys, look, does not appear whether he has your habits.

For example, parasites words, speech or manners of any actions that characterize it for you. To show that you care about him too, start to repeat the movement for him.

Very soon, your relationship should develop into something more.
clear signs

Among other things, there are clear signs proving in a different guy to your person. Even if he does not call you out on a date, he can do a lot of compliments and give you attention.

Constant presents various courtesies and conversations clearly show that you are nice to this person. And it can be really small things.

He can evaluate your hair and notice that you now put a new shirt, and so on.

In the Internet era, many symptoms may occur in the network.

For example, he often puts the “I like” your pictures and recordings. Or constantly writes to you and asks innocuous questions.

Remember that guys can be very difficult to attract the attention of a girl who really liked. Excitement and fear of rejection often outweigh common sense.

Anyway, it is better not to trust everyone there assumptions and ask openly. The girls there is a false belief that the guys do not like girls who take the first step.

On the contrary, there are such pairs, tend to be much longer. This is evidenced by statistics.

So start to show the first signs of attention and you will find a more detailed and rapid response.

Above you read about how to find out that the guy likes you.

Try these tips for practice. I hope that my post was able to help you.

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I wish you all good.

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