How Correctly to Get Acquainted & Fix Mistakes when Meeting with a Girl

Probably every guy knows this situation.

I like the girl, but how to approach, what words to say?

A lot of thoughts gathered in my head and not a single true one.

Suddenly she did not notice me, and I just disgrace myself before her and my friends, and much more.

In this way, the girl leaves the horizon and the guys are tormented by an indefinite sense of moral dissatisfaction and affirmation of sheer weakness and lack of confidence in her own powers, what they do?

What strategy should be chosen for girls to get acquainted with pleasure, and to receive joy from it?

How to make sure that you guys get to know each other?

Remember, every person in his nature is individual, so the line of conduct will have to be chosen individually. And if everyone got acquainted with the patterns, then interest would be lost to get acquainted.

In this article, we’ll look at the mistakes that should not be allowed when we meet, then analyze the line of behavior, try to determine what not to do, and what is important to add and correct.

5 mistakes in dating

Shyness . Of course, shyness is felt, so she herself will start to feel jammed. And if the girl is also shy by nature … Remember one thing, even if you are refused, there is nothing terrible, and the world around continues to exist.
Rudeness . Hamsters are usually from insecurity in themselves, or when they do not know how else to attract attention to themselves. The girl will be perfectly right if she sends you to a few known letters. It and the self-respecting person will not allow such an attitude.

Platitudes . Agree, rarely, who likes it when everything goes on a worn-out pattern. Girls are attracted by uniqueness, their specific style, the manner of treatment. In general, be unique, think up your chip, which will allow her to look at you with different eyes. After all, go and say: “You look cool” is a compliment, and the phrase “I do not understand whether the day is so gloomy, or if you are so dazzlingly beautiful” – sounds like a gift.

Interrogation with addiction. Do not try to arrange interrogation when talking, as in the police. Tell the anecdote, talk on abstract topics, so that the girl relaxed and could feel more or less comfortable with you, and did not twitch as if you were a secret spy of the secret headquarters.

The aspiration is pleasant. Do not need to tell me what your high salary, luxury apartment, car and stuff. Especially if they are not. Tune into the conversation, you communicate, but do not show who is cooler in life. Prepare yourself a couple of questions so that there is no awkward pause, and use them in conversation.

How to get acquainted on the street?

It’s not an easy task to meet on the street, as a crowd of people involuntarily knocks down a pile, and it’s difficult to single out someone in the bustle. But still, it is worth trying.

First, let’s look in the mirror, your beautiful soul, unfortunately, is not visible, so first of all, we pay sufficient attention to our appearance. Clothes should be clean, neat and stylish. You, respectively, too. With a three-day stubble and yesterday’s fumes, it’s better not to take risks, well, unless of course you are not breathtakingly beautiful and you are not spoiled by the listed things.

Then, as already mentioned, come up with an unusual chip that will fit any girl. To start, say hello, it can be the usual greetings, good day, etc. Then you need to make a compliment that will put you a little girl. You must understand that her distrust is quite natural. Then continue the conversation in a relaxed channel and do not impose yourself.

If everything goes well, then the meeting and subsequent meetings are secured for you. Getting to know the internet is also one of the great opportunities. However, remember that you will initially have a lot of competitors, so you need to somehow stand out from the gray total mass. Acquaintance begins with a compliment, and not with this: “Hello, you are beautiful. Let’s get acquainted? ”

Think of something original, capable of catching. You can give a gift – it will be a nice girl. Just do not have to ask and send 10 gifts every day. After some time, she just bored and she will either remove you from her virtual world or will not take seriously enough, the phrases for dating.

Consider some original phrases that many girls like. Just remember that by saying something original you can get an equally original answer. After that, you do not have to get Lost and take yourself in hand, if she answered or joked in return – this means one thing: she likes you.

A phrase for dating:

  • “You can not smile, it’s so dark outside, and your smile is dazzling.”
  • “I really wanted to come up, but you’re so beautiful, that while I was walking, I forgot everything I wanted to say.”
  • “A lot of people there and here? I have only two.” Well, the impudent girls have gone. “

For beginners getting acquainted with guys, and for already knowledgeable sense in this, I advise you to watch the film “Twilight Saga” This film reveals many secrets of love and continuing relationships.

Remember one thing, you are unique and unique, you do not need to copy the style and behavior of other people, let yourself be you.

Not much practice and you will succeed!

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