How Can a Man Survive a Divorce?

Your relationship in the family has become completely bad, and you decided to divorce and end these scandals, abuse and misunderstandings.

Divorce is the biggest reason for depression, suffering and suffering, it would seem only for women.

But no, this is a delusion. For a man, this fact is also no less painful.

If women at least can talk and cry to mom, friend, in the forum, then men are not welcome, and they keep everything in themselves.

From such a negative congestion, not only moral illnesses may appear, but also physical ones.

Often this reason is the most weighty for addressing a therapist.

Divorce has a huge psychological impact.How Can a Man Survive a Divorce?

Of course, this is a little delayed, rather than for women, but just as inevitable.


  • Feeling of freedom and freedom from the heavy burden of marriage.
  • No instructions or reproaches from the wife.
  • A lot of free time, which you can spend for yourself and for your pleasure.

But soon all this will pass and be replaced by frustration, feelings and regrets.

Attempts to find support and new sensations from other women and casual relationships will not succeed.

After all, other women will not be ready to share these experiences, they only want to take, not giving anything in return. In addition, the human nature is so arranged that the promiscuous sex life quickly becomes boring and annoying.

I want that permanence and the feeling that you love and need, as was in marriage. If only with the exception of some mistress who has been waiting for this moment for a long time and now she will happily want to be your new wife. But a man is not ready for such a thing.

Just freed from these shackles, and not swallowed to the full all the joys, and perhaps unhappiness, of bachelor life.


  • Cooking, washing, cleaning.
  • The distribution of finance itself.
  • No wife is watching the wardrobe and neat appearance of her husband, respectively, and this will have to do on their own.
  • Shopping trips for shopping, that men, as a rule, do not really like, because it’s a woman’s duty.


Now the man will begin to think about the role of his beloved and only wife, at the moment already “former”. After all, only she could bring comfort and care in the house. In addition, there is also a longing for children, with whom there is very little time to spend together.

Many mothers after the divorce are eager to do everything to ensure that my father was given as little time as possible to meet with children. The father is very worried about this, because the wife is coming and going, and children for life, so native and unique.

And the father is well aware and understands, because no one will replace him and make his contribution to the upbringing he wants no less than his wife.


  • Do not lean on alcohol and do not just try to “drown out” your feelings. Reason and think sensibly cold, as they say, head.
  • Do not rush into the pool of casual relationships and acquaintances. It will not lead to anything good.
    Analyze your mistakes in a failed marriage, so that in the future they will not be repeated.
  • Try to occupy yourself with something, so that less time left to eat yourself from the inside. For example, plunge headlong into work, to advance on the career ladder.
  • Get rid of the feelings of guilt, if any, for a collapsed marriage.

And you can not say that women or men are heavier. Both a man and a woman are hard, but in different ways.

Both husband and wife are experiencing a strong sense of guilt during divorce, and this links them, regardless of who initiated them.

The responsibility lies with both. Remember that thoughts materialize.

This is a fact, undoubtedly.

Therefore, control your thoughts and think less about the bad and your experiences. Think more about what lies ahead of the beautiful, promising future.


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