First Moments of a New Relation (Make Them Better)

Moments makes a man think about past.

When we were kids we were lovely to each other and cute to everyone in our family, neighbors, street people and even to any person who come to see us at that moment when we are with our mother or any other person who was caring us with his arms around our bodies and thinking that we are the cutest kids he have seen yet that time.

But we was not,

Yes, this is true that we are not that truly cute kids that time, whatever you thought about this line but you will get to know that the best thing was not just of child-hood where we even not aware of love and to us for that time the love is just getting something great from some one to eat.

Oh, what OMG? why are you saying this?

Really you are that one?

Well I am too, and that’s why I wanted you to take a look at how one new relation can be great by making its first moments great so that we can easily enjoy that relationship whether it is about love, trust in business or friendship.

Every relation needs to have its first moments and when a first moment of any relation gives the please no-body can say that he/she is not satisfied with that moments or was.

Whatever we have some heading to let you know what it feels when we got something like first moments of a new relation.

1. It maybe a bad start for you (the morning headaches)

Many people see this as headache (I am too).

Really that moments when we get up and the morning tea is not hot we thing that our mom is just end up making tea for us “we now need someone to do this every morning with happiness”.

  • Well, this is true – is not it?

It is and that’s and like that are some morning headaches what we have to keep them aside in just our home to make our first moments of our new relation more cooler.

2. The moments of when you think bad

It is something like when you think that no one loves and every body just wants your money not yourself.

Well, this is bad –  but happens to every person who somehow wants to love this world and do the best for it but end up getting sucked by foolish people.

So, the real thing is you should avoid thinking about your bad moments to try new things in your first meetup with someone special.

3. Old memories come first


Your old bad memories comes first when you want to meet someone special?

Well, this is really bad as when you start thinking about your bad past, you can’t talk well and other person will feel the boring inside yourself.

What happens next is something like he/she you are dating stop the day out and thanks you to say goodbye.

The cleaner and better solution for this is:

  1. try listening  to some rock music (focus on just music)
  2. buy some bubble gums and enjoy bubbling
  3. play with some kids and forget everything else

with these practices you can easily enjoy your date.


Whenever you think that there is something is going to happen with your for the very first moments of your new relation.

You can comment below so we can start guiding you with the best tips as we can.



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