Divorce and the main causes of divorce with other information

Breaking marriage and divorce is an unpleasant and difficult process affecting the interests of both spouses, and in any case, it is hard to perceive and experience, even if both partners agree and disagree, it is still the collapse of the family.

And when a couple or one of them decides to divorce, you need to know exactly where to turn, which of the spouses, and how the process of divorce itself is going on.

There are two important points when divorce is unacceptable by law.

In case of waiting for a couple of children and until the newborn child is one year old.

Family argument

Where to file a divorce lawsuit?

There is much for you to know before attempting this and we just want to say that you should think twice before making it happens.

Because it is not something funny and nor sad too, but still you should think again!

To file for divorce follows in such directions, under the following circumstances of the upcoming divorce:

To the registry offices

Apply in the case where there is consent to divorce from both spouses, and they do not have common juvenile children. You can also apply here if the spouse is found incompetent, long gone missing and recognized as such, or is in prison for a period of 3 years or more.

In the event that such facts are not provided, the answer to the question of where to file for divorce is obvious – only to the court.

In the world court are sent:

If only one of the couple is applying for divorce, but there is no dispute between them with whom the children are left or whether they are peacefully settled and if there is property acquired during the marriage. Divorce during the divorce is not subject to the items that were received as a gift during marriage and property acquired before marriage. Also, the world court examines the case in case of unwillingness to divorce one of the couples for personal reasons.

In the district court:

It is necessary to apply if the husband and wife have not been able to resolve the dispute about who will be left with children after the divorce, how much alimony will be paid, and the spouses have acquired common property in the marriage and can not peacefully agree on its division.

Procedure for divorce:

No one can force a person to live and live in a marriage, and if one of the spouses insists on breaking the marriage, this will be a unilateral divorce, and most likely such a union will be terminated. This procedure is carried out exclusively in court, and by law, the court awards time for a Possible truce between spouses in the interval of 3 months. In case of family reconciliation, the divorce case is closed, and if the applicant is further determined to terminate his state in marriage, then the judge begins divorce proceedings.

If both spouses want to disperse and insist on breaking the family and any relationship in the marriage, the court must recognize the marriage as disintegrated by a mutual and voluntary decision of both spouses. In this process, motives for dissolution by the court are not clarified, the time for reconciliation is not given. The main action of the court is aimed at protecting and ensuring the rights of children, the decision on their further residence and residence, the amount of payment for their maintenance, and in case of infringement or violation of the rights of minors, the court is obliged to resolve such tasks or to determine their decision on their own initiative.

In the process of divorce, the court must find out and determine that further residing of the spouses is impossible, the reason and motive for breaking off the relationship is established, it can be various quarrels in the family, scandals, and misunderstandings, unacceptable behavior of the husband or wife, alcohol addiction or adultery. Marriage is terminated if the disintegration of the family is obvious, and neither the spouses and their children, nor society benefits either, and such marriage is meaningless.

The simplest way is a divorce, if the family has no common children, such marriage is broken through the registry office and does not carry a serious damage. It is much more difficult to divorce if there is a child or several. Such divorce proceedings are only launched through the court and the conditions of the parent’s life with whom the child remains are considered here and the possibility of his normal provision and upbringing.

In the event that both parents want to raise a child, the process of divorce becomes more complicated, and the child himself can decide if he is 10 years old, choosing the parent with whom he will live after the divorce. In any case, the divorce of the parents causes a serious psychological trauma to the child, and before deciding on it, it is necessary to properly adjust the child to him and help him survive this difficult period in his life.

The division of the common property of the spouses, which was acquired by both, significantly causes the process of divorce to be seriously delayed, causing them great emotional explosions, scandals, and intrigues in the courtroom, and most likely such negative consequences are caused by a sense of revenge and resentment. You can, of course, believe the spouse on the floor in the decision to peacefully share their condition outside the court, but in most cases, such promises are not fulfilled and one of the spouses remains with nothing.

The greater complication of divorce is the non-appearance of one of the spouses in the courtroom, and in this action, he pursues his goals, whether in the open unwillingness to see the applicant, or in the deliberate and intentional tightening of the entire divorce process. But in our country it is impossible not to give a divorce or not to leave if you want out of wedlock – just a divorce can be delayed and last for a long time, as far as the agreement of one of the partners is concerned, and in the end, all the same, it will be resolved.

At the end of the case, the former spouses are given a divorce certificate and their marriage is considered to be terminated. Without this document, re-marriage will not be possible at the hands, so it must be obtained in the appropriate instances at the place of residence.

Statistics and causes of divorce:

Divorce statistics over the past few years show that Russia holds the leading positions in this category, Ukraine is in third place, the United States, and Belarus by 5. A small percentage of divorces in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy, and in Vietnam to combat a large number of families break up officially Imposed a fine for divorce.

The Russian government also considered raising the fee for divorce several times, but this, most likely, would only lead to a decrease in the number of married people, while increasing the percentage of living in a civil marriage. The reason for the high percentage of families Disintegrating in the world is adultery, alcoholism among men and women, addiction to drugs and the use of domestic violence.

Most often at risk are young families, recklessly created at an early age, who did not recognize each other well, and created a family, deciding that one love is enough for family life. But often it does not happen as expected, the former passion is cooling off, the spouses are cooling each other, there are no new sensations and young people become strangers to each other, as there is no respect, understanding, and observance of life values in such families.

Also, a dangerous factor in the breakdown of families is inability and unwillingness to create and protect a family home, the inability of a man to provide for his family and addiction to addictions. In a family where parents are addicted to alcohol, an unfavorable and dangerous atmosphere for children, and such a family is considered unfavorable. It is in such families that violence, abuse of children are observed and, to a greater extent, these families are disintegrating.

Also, the reason for divorce is most often the housing issue and the low level of income for the family. Often the family has nowhere to live, and the couple has to rent housing, and as there are not enough means to live and provide for the family, scandals and quarrels arise, and on this basis, the spouses come to a decision on divorce. A frequent reason for quarrels and quarrels in families is the relatives and parents of the couple who constantly interfere in the young family, with their help and care only interfering with the newlyweds and setting them up against each other.

Such a family, if not stopped such interventions, will not last long, as an enduring encroachment on personal space and solving family problems with the help of relatives will lead only to squabbling, loss of respect in the family and the fading of love.

The reasons for divorce are different for all families, because all happy families are equally happy, and the unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, and one must remember that there is always a way out of the difficult situation, it is only necessary to decide which path to take – to endure, to accept, to try something Change in your life or just divorce.

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