Can A Man and A Woman Can Be “JUST” Friends?

Since Adam met Eve, men and women often reflected on this fundamental question: is it possible for a man and a woman to be friends?

Is it possible to be friends with someone of the opposite sex?

In this classic dispute, the team of professionals behind this website also decided to participate.

Is friendship possible between a man and a woman?

Often the answer to this question depends on who you are asking. Women tend to respond positively, cordial “yes.” They can list a whole list of people who are perceived as their platonic male friends to back up their claims.

Men, however, appear to be inclined To a decisive “no”, because, for them, friendship with a woman can mean by default relations that develop in a romantic or potentially can move into them.

One of the men shared with me the idea that he would be happy to destroy a number of his friendly relations with women, transferring them to the category of closer ones.

That is, a friendship between a man and a woman is possible, but this friendship has a potential that can both be realized and remain unrealized. In general, depends on the circumstances.

Is it really that simple?

Do men have ulterior motives when They are friends with women?

Although, of course, the reverse statement can also be true: women can enter into friendly relations with men in the hope that they will gradually grow into romantic ones.

Results of a study

This, of course, causes a risky complication for individuals who are related to a close relationship with another partner but continue to seek to maintain friendly relations with persons of the opposite sex.

Will the spouse (or) look at the partner with suspicion of such a relationship?

Can a woman be friends with a married man or vice versa?

A recently published study on the topic, a possible friendship between a man and a woman, may shed some light on this issue.

The results of this study, in general, are expected.

Men experience a greater sexual attraction to their girlfriends than women report their male friends.

In addition, it turned out that men overestimate the attraction of their friends to them than it really is. In other words, men project their sex appeal to their girlfriends.

Researchers have also identified a certain danger in friendship with people of the opposite sex, in which there is sexual attraction. For example, people who reported sexual attraction to their friends of the opposite sex were also inclined to report dissatisfaction in their current romantic relationship.

Despite the research, this issue is likely to continue to be discussed for many more years.

Our answer in this classic dispute, the friendship of a man and a woman is possible, often comes down to whether we are able to maintain a platonic friendship in our own lives.

But imperceptibly for each of us, these relationships can be filled with content that goes beyond just friendship, more than we think.

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