Being attractive is easier than you think!

The attractiveness of a person is how to be attractive and improve your appearance.

We often worry about how we look.

Perhaps, through this anxiety, Everyone goes one way or another.

For him is a common phenomenon – to be a little dissatisfied with some parts of our body, our appearance, our level of attractiveness.

This anxiety is especially evident when we think about dating or a romantic date.

The attractiveness of the person depends on many different factors.

However, one must understand that appearance is not the only aspect that shapes the attractiveness of a person. Our personalities can influence how others see us. In addition, our confidence and social skills can cause attraction, passion, and intrigue in potential partners.

In the end, these “immutable” parts of our appearance do not determine the attractiveness of a person in any case! Contrary to popular belief, asymmetrical nose, completely proportional to a figure, or a classic face is not as important as serving yourself, something that can be changed.

Mehrabyan and Bloom (1997) began their research with a simple idea – they wondered which physical features were most attractive to the opposite sex.

In particular, they wanted to identify the importance of permanent characteristics (for example, body type or height) compared to variables (for example, makeup and clothing) in shaping the attractiveness of a person. In effect, they wondered which combinations really make someone “attractive.”

To answer this question, they presented photos of 76 partners of the opposite sex to 117 students and university students. Students evaluated the attractiveness of the people depicted, and the researchers measured their emotional responses. Then, based on statistical analysis, the researchers found out who was attractive and why.

They were surprised by the conclusion that, undoubtedly, the most attractive features came under the category of “self-service”. These were such aspects as grooming, neat hair, quality clothes, good posture and a healthy weight. In fact, the most attractive features of a person (a man or a woman) is that they made some effort to be attractive – they picked up clothes, formed a good posture, took control of their diet.

Further, in terms of importance after “self-service” were three aspects of the attractiveness of a person – “masculinity”, “femininity” and “pleasantness”.

Masculinity, how attractive this is for women, consisted of some features (depending on the time in the gym) – musculature, shoulder widths, developed chest.

Femininity, as attractive to men, contains more variable traits – the presence of makeup, long hair and more femininity and fluency in movements.

Finally, the pleasantness, as far as it is attractive for Both men and women, is determined by whether people are positive in a relationship.

In general, the vast majority of aspects of appearance that are important to the attractiveness of a person are relatively easy to change. Just take care of yourself, develop a straight posture, pick a decent wardrobe, and stay relatively healthy – all this makes you attractive! In addition, if you are pleasant and friendly in communication, it really attracts.

Finally, if men spend a little time in the gym, or women want to grow hair and apply makeup, then they can have the whole complex of listed features of a person’s attractiveness.

Please note, implants, Botox, silicone is not required.

What does this mean for your personal life?

Being attractive is easier than you think.

Just adjust these fickle features as far as you can.

1) Nursing is by far the most important feature. Spend some time to take care of yourself. Be clean, neat, do not forget about the shower and toothbrush. All this takes a little time and effort!

2) Clothing is also an important and relatively easily adjustable feature. The study says that three aspects of clothing are attractive – neat, well-seated, and more or less decent. Simply put, your clothes should be clean, ironed, and in good condition. It should also match your image, make your figure attractive.

3) Posture – is achieved by practice. Keep your head high. Take your shoulders back. Buy comfortable shoes, a good chair, and a table, or a corset, if necessary. Good posture – it’s sexy.

4) Communication – do not forget about the smile. Be pleasant, positive, friendly. The charisma of personality can even eclipse other physical problems that can be.

5) The figure – of course, it’s not as easy to change as other aspects. But, studies do not talk about the ideal figure in any case. In fact, it is said about a healthy weight. Thus, there is no need to get hung up and put up a cross. But do everything possible to eat well, move more, take care of your health.

6) Femininity, masculinity – look at yourself from the side, what would you like to change in order to strengthen these aspects of your attractiveness. To be more manly, pump up the muscles. To be more feminine, learn how to apply makeup correctly, accentuating the eyes and lips. In addition, you can grow your hair longer.


The attractiveness of a person.

How to achieve it?

Buy clothes that suit you, stand up straight, smile and do not forget to monitor your health.

This is all it takes to become attractive and sexy.

And there is no need for a plastic surgeon.


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