Basic Rules for Successful Life Time

Rules for a successful life exist.

It is impossible not to agree with the fact that a successful person, first of all, differs in the features of his thinking.

The rules by which he lives, the principles by which he is guided in his life.

Therefore, the path to success begins with a change in thinking.

This is unquestionable.

And it is not surprising that numerous training’s, master classes, webinars, courses are aimed at the formation of certain life principles for a person.

And what methods alone does not exist, is not invented, does not arise again and again, in order to “reprogram” a person and develop rules for a successful life from him.

Complex, individual, authorial, collective, influencing the consciousness and subconsciousness of a person with the help of music, fine arts, through meditation, sometimes even somewhere mystical … It’s familiar, is not it?

The role of rules in life

We does not undertake to judge the effectiveness of such training’s and new techniques. Most likely, there are among them effective, very effective and, to put it mildly, no.

But today it is not about them, but about a simple and effective method, invented and invented, of course, not by us. It’s a classic. And the classic models, probably, differ from the newfangled ones, that they always work. Provided they are correctly applied.

So, what is the essence of this technique? The rules of successful life, for which you want to build your life, move from the area of ​​consciousness to the unconscious.

With the help of simple actions. Since, as we remember, all genius is simple, so we will not complicate it unnecessarily.

Form a list of rules for a successful life that you want to work out yourself and who want to be guided in life. Write them on separate sheets of paper (these can be original cards) and place them in different places of your room.

Periodically re-read them when your eyes fall on this or that card. From time to time, change them in places, refreshing the chosen principles in your head. Gradually they will move into your subconscious.

Waste cards should be cleaned.

How to understand that this or that principle has been accepted and worked out by you? If in a certain situation you notice that you are guided in your actions by some particular rule of a successful life, then you have already taken it. You can safely clean.

Yes, and yet – you should not learn the rules specifically, memorizing them or repeating the same number of times. Psychologists claim that the very lasting effect is possessed by that information that was obtained by us easily, without special efforts, as if in passing.

My life my rules

As for the rules themselves, each person selects them individually for himself.

We will not teach anyone a life, adult people themselves will understand, according to what principles they want to live. But to sound some of the rules of a successful life, according to which, we think, successful people live, we can.

The maximum goal rule:

Do not settle for a small one. Agreeing on a small, you will get a small one.

The rule of internal integrity:

Be honest with yourself.

Rule of the Wizard Games:

If you are an adult, you are old enough to set your own rules.

Rule of optimism:

Whatever happens, you will manage everything.

Rule of maneuver:

If what you do does not work, act differently.

Rule of Consequences:

Take the consequences of your actions.

Rule of the wise player:

Give yourself an opportunity to lose. There are no mistakes, there is an experience on which you can learn.

Rule of prosperity:

Think of the categories of abundance.

Rule of the Winner:

Stop complaining. Victims do not succeed.

The Rule of Honor Code:

Do not let go of what you think is unacceptable – never.

Share in the comments, what for you are the rules of a successful life?


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