Are You Dating a Married Man? (know more here)

Today we want to consider the relationship between a man and a woman in a slightly different plane.

As she is free and beautiful. He is an interesting, successful, but a married man.

Such an alliance is found in the modern world quite often, as it ceased to be something forbidden and condemned by the society.

Previously, to love a married man was considered a disaster and a disgrace for a woman. Today, this is entirely permissible.

Do you want to know why married men willingly enter into love affairs?Are You Dating a Married Man? (know more here)

Do you want to understand why they do not leave the family?

You are worried about not only the rainbow present with a married man, but also the result of this relationship? Then let’s understand, what is a relationship with a married man and where does it lead?

Danger! Keep out

Do not you think it’s strange that such a warning works only on the transformer? Because he really will!

Everything else that kills not immediately, is questioned, because between action and result lies – PLEASURE.

What pushes a man to bond on the side?

  • the novelty of sexual and emotional sensations
  • sexual dissatisfaction, fear of leaving youth (one must do everything in time), a desire to prove to oneself and friends that he is still hot and cool too
  • the need to establish itself in the status of a solid, modern man who can afford to keep a chic passion
  • not too high moral principles, in other words, if a man is a womanizer
  • lack of understanding of the wife, what a man really needs

A man is looking for an outlet, a holiday, new sensations that charge him with energy, amuse himself, make him feel confident and satisfied.

Moreover, NORMAL man, and many women are just such married men and choose, not at all an unprincipled scoundrel. He realizes that he betrays his wife – a woman who owes much. What does it mean?

At home, he tries to justify himself in his own eyes, to atone for guilt. He becomes more attentive to the wishes of the spouse, fulfills her requests and whims . Tries to be more gentle and new in bed, applying in practice the lover’s chips.

Mistress, unwittingly, STRENGTHENS the marriage of her lover.

Why a married man contacts a woman?

For a woman, a connection with a married man, strange as it may sound, is also very, very attractive. Here one can single out sound arguments and delusions.

Good arguments – a woman knows what she wants:

  1. The woman gets a man “ready to eat”, he is full, well-groomed, already successful.
  2. It is not necessary to shoulder the seemingly monotonous everyday life-to cook breakfasts-lunches-dinners, wash dishes, clean, wash, iron
  3. Man is perceived as a gift in festive packaging, while the wife is dealing with a person without a wrapper.
  4. The woman does not want to marry today and now, but she does not even want to remain alone. A married man is an ideal option for free relationships. No one owes nothing to nobody.
  5. Provided man is able to correct, and sometimes very tangible, the financial position of the mistress.
  6. “Self-confident women with low self-esteem explain their actions by the fact that there are not enough good men at all, they are ready to be content with part of the pie.


  • The woman is sure of her exclusivity. Sincerely believes that with it will be EVERYTHING different, not as they tell in their memoirs hundreds of former mistresses.
  • He believes in the promises of the man to leave the family … LATER.
  • She is afraid to be alone, so she is ready to remain on the second roll.

Each person has his own arguments. Each of them has the right to life. Everyone is free to make their own decisions, make their own mistakes, because they only learn from their mistakes.

If there is no taboo to contact a married man, most women, after experiencing the spell of someone else’s husband, will succumb and risk trying the taste of the forbidden fruit on themselves.

We will not moralize on the topic of why a relationship with a married man does not have a right to exist.

We want to reveal to you 2 patterns that, like any law, operate independently of our consciousness.

  1. A man goes to the wrong place, where there is a BETTER, and from there, where it IS INNOVATIVE. Mistress here is absolutely NO WITH.
  2. If the relationship in the family burned out, the marriage was a mistake (this sometimes happens), it will disintegrate regardless of whether the man has a mistress or not. If this does not happen, no charms can entice a man from a fortress called the FAMILY .
  3. Over time, the needs are GROWING .

No matter how good it is today, tomorrow you will want more … MARRY . Satisfy this need a man can not. Why? Read the first law.

And now let’s balance it.

A woman invests in relationships:

  • body and soul
  • time is the most valuable and irreplaceable resource
  • the future, pushing it for an indefinite period


  • attention and care – a teaspoon in a day / week / month (choose the right one)
  • a small part of the material wealth, while the husband would bring all income to the house
  • unsettled personal life
  • uncertainty in the future

The man is investing a little. But gets a powerful energy charge, discharge, vent, satisfaction and self-confidence. At the same time it has a secured rear, children who grow up in a full-fledged family, quiet old age surrounded by loving heirs, a high status of the CHAPTER of the fundamental unit of society.

We are not any accountants, but it seems to us that the balance does not in any converge mode.

The difference between a woman and her lover is very similar to the difference between a hard worker who lives from salary to salary, and a businessman who has placed his capital at an advantageous interest. While a woman spends the rest without herself, a man multiplies assets.

We do not condemn the representatives of the strong half of humanity, like snakes of tempters. In each alliance, a man pays his mistress the same price as she has appointed. And these relations last exactly as much as two suit.

Satisfies a woman’s role as a mistress is her decision. The main thing afterwards is not to bite your elbows, but to humbly admit: “I knew what I was on. RelationQuery team warned me! ”

We would like to end with an appeal to all wives. Some of them may perceive this post as a command “Freely!”. To decide that it is time to rest on our laurels. In fact – this is the team “To start!”. A man will never leave the space in which he feels God near a contented woman.

Femininity, weakness, beauty, one hundred percent faith in a man, acceptance, love for yourself , for him, for peace is a good weapon, skillfully using which the wife will win and the mistress, and even thoughts about her . But this weapon must be used. To use it DARK and CONSTANTLY. To use = to be such. Ameen :).

Thank you for attention.

Share in the comments the thoughts and conclusions that you made for yourself after reading.


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