9 Topics for a First Conversation with a Girl you Like

What to talk to the girl you like?

What to ask, where to start a conversation and how to say something to such a girl is an eternal topic.

If you get acquainted in a cafe, restaurant or in any other institution where the girl is sitting with her back to you, it is better to go to the left.

You do not need to speak before you are seen.

The voice should be calm, not frustrated.

Every woman is very pleased that her beauty is appreciated and is suitable for getting acquainted.

Only her fans, she shares with those with whom you can continue to communicate and with a one-time pleasant compliment.

Therefore, a lot depends, of course, on you.

You should be well dressed, no one says that this clothing should be fashionable and up-to-date, enough that you look neat and attractive.

Let’s not forget that the important rule of the second chance is that there is no first impression.

Therefore, try not to fall in the dirt face.

Try, rarely say a piece of “NOT”. Instead of the sentence: “Do not you want to go to the movies?”, I must say. “I wanted to invite you to the cinema.” How do you look at this? “. Saying “Do not” from the outset doom yourself to failure, remember this.

Try to say a compliment, something interesting, funny. It is necessary that the girl smiled at least 3 times. After that, you can relax a little.

If the conversation continues, then everything is going according to plan, and it is pleasant to communicate with you.

Also, try to use her name more often in a conversation – it intuitively relaxes a person, and he involuntarily starts to trust you. Be positive, smile more often, but do not overdo it. Try, ask questions, emphasizing that you are interested in answers. If it’s sincere, any girl should talk.

Talk about yourself, but not much. To boast, do not even brag about boasting. With such a snob, few will continue to communicate. Try to be as natural as possible. Do you like friends, relatives, relatives for something?

So try to discover your positive qualities with maximum efficiency.

Ask a question and ask her opinion. This is a win-win option.

You do not have to agree with everything that she says, but you should not join the discussion either.

Determine exactly what your opinion is important to you and you even agree with it in some way, but you also have your opinion, and in this perspective, continue the conversation. Try to choose questions that she will not answer in monosyllables.

Listen more, speak less.

What to talk with a girl you like?

Many guys before the meeting with the girl worry, worry and think not only about the joy of the upcoming meeting but also what to talk about. Which topic should I choose not to dislike after the first successful acquaintance?

You can immediately say not about the manner of communication, but about your style of behavior and manner of talking. Pay attention to your voice when talking with a girl, work out the intonation. If you are going to tell her an anecdote, add gaiety to the voice, the corresponding facial expressions and gestures will not be superfluous.

If you start talking about your quivering feelings for her, then the voice should be – gentle and quiet. Ragans, rude and obscene expressions are inadmissible. Usually, the girls themselves say a lot and with pleasure.

But sooner or later she will ask to tell something, and then a question will arise, what should she talk about? We will not panic, so more than enough for a conversation with a girl:

1. Cinema

Cinema is the most common theme. You can start with the question: “Did you watch the film …?” Find out what she prefers to watch, talk about recently released novelties and invite to a joint viewing!

2. Hobbies

Tell her about what you are passionate about. Do not forget to ask what the girl is fond of, and listen carefully to the story about it.

3. Be sweet

” Lovely flaws .” Start a conversation about the “sweet” flaws: the habit of often being late, losing hands or vice versa to collect them from all friends. The main thing that was fun.

4. Money

Talk about how much it costs to travel, drives, books. Only, you do not need to delay, you might think that you are miserly miser and miser. A pair of three opinions is enough.

5. Travel

You can tell about your travels, about the last places you visited. Ask where the girl likes to go, where she was, where she dreams to go, where she would like to go.

6. Cars

Ask if she drives the car. If she drives, then that will be enough, from uncultured drivers to the injustice of the traffic police. Ask what kind of cars she likes? Tell us about the car of your dreams.

7. Work

Tell her some funny situations from her working practice. Ask about the team, about the boss. Necessarily, there is something that you can laugh at.

8. Relationships

Ask what kind of guy she would like to meet and spend her life. What can she never forgive: treason, betrayal of greed, etc. In response, do not be silent, but express your opinions. Talk to her friends, tell us about your friends. Just do not need to remember and discuss their former girls.

9. Holidays

Ask, what is the most favorite holiday for her, what holiday did she like in her childhood? What kind of gifts does she like?

Tell us about yourself.

Certainly, there will be funny stories.

If you really like the girl, the topics for conversation will be found by yourself.

Do not forget to make compliments, joke and the conversation will turn out to be easy and easy.

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