9 signs to understand the sympathy of a guy

Basically knowing the sympathy of any guy is not a test to make a result of that the guy is trusted or not and what if you have a deep relationship with him.

It’s just another thing which you should keep note of to make your relationship even more exciting and inspirational to other couples.

Here we are bringing the simple and yet most powerful methods by using you can know the sympathy of a guy so you can have your relationship in good manners.

As when we fall in love or someone likes us, all sorts of thoughts come to mind.

We always want reciprocity.

  • But how to understand the sympathy for a guy?
  • What is it expressed in?

In fact, there is no unambiguous answer to these questions.

You can only Understand and draw conclusions. You just need to look at some of the signs.

The main signals are facial expressions, gestures, and behavior, it is on them that you first of all need to pay attention. Many of these signals are sent unconsciously, at the instinct level.

  • Pose . Does his corpse often appeal to you even when talking to other people? When speaking to you, his speech is visibly enlivened? Passing by you, he unconsciously straightens his shoulders and at least glances at you? This clearly indicates that you are interested in him!
  • Gestures . In communicating with you, he opens his palms, his gestures are wide and active? His hands try to touch you all the time, but stop halfway? It speaks of desire, excitement, and sympathy!
  • Mimicry . Is the look open or vice versa, he hides his eyes in the floor? Mysterious barely noticeable or wide happy smile? Slightly raised eyebrows? He’s obviously interested in you!

You can understand his sympathy, having learned to pay attention to his behavior.

Imagine how a fashionista looks at a new dress in a boutique showcase.

Approximately exactly the same guy you are cute will look at you – with interest and admiration, his eyes will shine. Watch the voice when the guys want to please – they avoid loud, sharp notes in their conversation.

List of signs of sympathy guy:

  1.     Attempts to encounter you, supposedly by accident. Almost imperceptible touch.
  2.     The desire to talk with you on different topics, not just about football and cars.
  3.     In the conversation about the joint pastime, the use of the word “we” instead of the individual “I” and “you”.
  4.     Readiness to break your plans for the sake of meeting you. For example, he needed a lecture, and he happily takes you to your girlfriend in another city instead.
  5.     Separation of your interests. He suddenly begins to be interested in swimming or dogs, although he was never seen before in a similar one.
  6.     Easy embarrassment when communicating with you. Worrying, the guy rubs his cheek, strokes his chin.
  7.     Frequent calls and SMS without a reason to just hear your voice. He begins to throw you letters on “classmates”.
  8.     The guy begins to help you almost in everything.
  9.     He tries to cover you with his jacket in cool weather. Thus showing. That he does not pity you for his things. That it’s yours too.

If any of these 5 points have coincided, then the guy is not indifferent to you! But be careful – now it is extremely fashionable among the guy’s pick-up – the art of seducing and gluing girls, so trust also your heart, and not just some points from the standard list.

Trying to learn how to understand the sympathy for a guy, do not trust blindly everything and everyone in a row, because not all people can sincerely wish you happiness.

Even a friend can envy and mislead you, so turn on the brain and make the right conclusions.

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