9 reasons to get married

Nowadays, marriage is regarded by many as an outdated institution, but society is favorably disposed towards those who have decided to legally formalize relations.

If you live with a person for a long time, the stamp in your passport may seem like a completely useless thing, but this is far from being the case.

In most cases people just think over and over again to find out what will work great for having someone in life to be more love-able and they just forgets the marriage.

We have researched and come to the results that marriages can make every body to have a life full of fu9 reasons to get marriedn with a lot more effectiveness of happy hours.

Are you still in doubt?

Then find out 9 reasons to enter into an official marriage, which have nothing to do with religion or traditions.

1. You make serious commitments

When you formalize an official relationship, a truly new phase begins in your life.

Even those who grew up in families where the marriage ended unsuccessfully, will benefit from the wedding, feeling the seriousness of the relationship.

2. Marriage can be what you need

Most people who ignore marriage and do not want to register a relationship forget that it is they who create the family at their discretion.

You get legal guarantees, but the emotional part of marriage consists of a compromise between you and your partner. The main thing is that the marriage suits the spouses themselves, and not the surrounding people, and forget about all the traditions.

3. You will work more on relationships

In many respects, marriage provides security for both partners. It ensures that you put more effort into maintaining the relationship before parting.

Divorce is not an easy matter, therefore the stamp in the passport guarantees a great value of the relationship for both partners.

4. Marriage provides financial security

Tax breaks are an excellent excuse to get married, of course, if you are in love. Even if you and your partner are happy in a civil marriage, registering a relationship will bring both of you more confidence in the future.

There are benefits for young families, for families with many children. And in the event of a divorce, you can claim alimony.

5. You do not lose anything

If you think that because of marriage you will have to sacrifice freedom, then re-read the point that the marriage will be what the spouses want to see it.

If your partner requires more from you than you want to give, registering a marriage will not improve or worsen the situation. Instead of grieving for the lost opportunity to just walk away, think of it as an extra time to change the hasty decision.

6. You set a good example for children

If you have children or you plan to have them, by registering a relationship, you will give them an excellent example of family values ​​and responsibilities.

This can make them know that their parents loves them and they wanted them not like many kids thinks that their parents were just wanted to have some fun and by mistake the kids come to life and they left.

7. Marriage prolongs life

Do you know that married people live longer? In addition to the confidence in the future that the family gives to a person, there are also purely medical reasons for this phenomenon.

Spouses often force each other to see a doctor at the first sign of the disease, which significantly improves health.

8. Reason to get together with the whole family

If you still do not have enough reasons to get married, here’s one more.

A wedding can be a wonderful moment when all the most important people for you will gather in one place to celebrate your reunion with your loved one.

9. Pride in achievement

Marriage is an important stage in the relationship, which brings a sense of emotional stability.

It is usually accompanied by a sense of pride that you have done something important. After this step, the attitude of others towards you and your spouse changes.


To be more familiar we and friendly to you we want you to make your own choice and think twice before marrying to any person because its the biggest decision and we all should take it after a lot of thinking.

Good luck 🙂


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