9 reasons for the collapse of families

The first stage of romantic courtship and the strongest love is already behind.

“The candy-bouquet” period is over, and the relationship has already grown so strong that a strong married couple has turned out.

But all the same, a stable strong pair later time broke with a crash, despite the mutual love and respect that reigned in it.

Why? What murderer broke up the next family?

Previously mentioned conflicts in the family and conflict prevention, today we will talk about the specific reasons for the collapse of families.

Armed with this knowledge, we will be able to correct existing problems and prevent new ones.

Relatives and Friends

The surrounding, especially the parents, are lovers of giving advice and interfering in everyday life.

Such daily influence is a fierce enemy of relations. It is not for nothing that the people believe that more than two-thirds of families fall apart through the fault of their relatives.

What to do? It begs only one solution – to be wise and educated. Try to keep friendly relations with relatives, nod, thank for advice, but then … it’s your family and you build it. Take all the best from the experience of others and apply in your family.


No matter how inspired we are by the feeling of love and the desire to do everything for the benefit of another, there comes a time when we begin to notice that we are not receiving enough ourselves. Or they did not answer us that way, or they did not pay attention to it, or, in fact, seriously offended by their actions.

Our mutual insults can destroy the strongest alliance. Do not hold resentment in yourself. Talk about it honestly and openly. It is better not immediately, not “from the heat with the heat,” but calmly discuss the situation by explaining that you were hurt.

Usually, a person who loves you will treat such honesty with understanding. Your sincerity will help him to improve if he really hurt you. Share your feelings, even your husband or wife does not know how to read your thoughts.

Annoying little things

We are different. It is our difference, different abilities, and skills that we complement each other. We are brought up in different families, in a different circle of people we communicate and therefore we get different habits (somehow the shoes are not so worthwhile, the clothes hang differently, the toothbrush is not in a glass, etc.).

You can say to yourself: “Nobody is perfect. These are trifles, and I love him the way he is. ” It seems that everything is correct. But over time, all this will irritate more and more strongly and ultimately kill the relationship.

One can not tarry and try not to accept it. We need to voice the problem and work together to solve it peacefully, with love and respect for the habits of our companion!

Sex and habit

Having lived together for quite a long time, a novelty in the relationship disappears and it becomes addictive to each other. There comes stability and calmness. And sex leaves the agenda faster than the couple has time to understand it.

Do not let this place become so addictive! To maintain a romantic fire in a relationship, make each other surprises, for example, an unexpected gift.

Walk together more often – cinema, theater, just in the park! Talk to each other more! This will reveal each other to you from new and new sides. Soulful intimacy will begin to seek harmony in the bodily – do not forget about this balance!

Mismatched Goals

It is appropriate to remember about the swan, the cancer, and the pike. Only the result of another: it will not remain “now and there” – it will crash into the abyss of misunderstanding and alienation. Do not be silent!

Speak, share, discuss and look for a compromise.

You are one family, so you must have the same direction. In fact, the main goals in the life of each other and your family, in general, it would be nice to find out even before the wedding. Further small differences decide by talking. Why could it be that you are striving for one, and your husband (wife) for another?


The past is therefore called the past because it is gone. Errors of it, of course, should be taken into account, but God does not allow anyone to live by it. And God forbid to compare the past partners with these.

We must go forward and think about the future. Life is a movement and only forward.


To have everything and at once, of course, want everything. But this does not happen. Normal relationships always develop naturally and calmly. Do not rush things. Remember that marriages are made in heaven, and so they say not in vain.

Do not expect too much from the other, be prepared to work on relationships constantly with an understanding of the needs of the other. The same is true of the material condition of the family. Perhaps you will not have everything you wanted at once. But you can help each other confidently go to this goal, and not to break any motivation of the other with their disappointment.


It’s the murderer of the family. It is difficult to survive and often after this the family is destroyed, even if the couple stay together.

Not every couple is allowed to survive after treason. Treason is treachery. It can be not only physical treason. Our thoughts and words must be controlled and weighed.

Unwillingness for family life

All of the above problems could actually arise from one thing – a young couple did not fully represent the picture of family life. Faced with difficulties, frightened and gave the back.

Yes, family life is not always colorful and airy, not always your spouse is the first to meet, not all expectations have come true. But this is not a reason to destroy relations, but only a signal to that they need to be reconsidered and begin to learn how to build! Yes, love is daily work for the benefit of another person. Are you ready to give this love first in spite of everything?

Sometimes it will be difficult, but family happiness is worth it, because you two! Never lose the value of sincere communication. With love, share all your experiences about relationships. Support each other, justify him (her) in front of you and others!

Praise, and do not scold each other – for food, clean linen, for any work in the house, no matter how petty it may seem and even for a bunch of different things – thank! Hug each other! Admire each other!

Advice to all and love! The happiness of your family is in your hands!

We will be happy to help you if you have any questions. Comments and feedback form is open for you.

If you find it difficult to manage yourself, ask questions and together we will try to find answers.


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