8 things that men want from women in sex

Contrary to popular belief, that for guys the result is important – that is, to drag you into a cot at any cost, all the latest polls shows that the process itself is no less interesting for them.

At the same time, they will not get an answer to the question about what they want.

Here we are going to talk about the most interesting and the top thing for every relationship from lovers to husband and wife.8 things that men want from women in sex

As we all know what is sex and why it so desirable thing and what are the benefits and harm of this thing. For now we are discussing 8 things that men want from women in sex.

So if you are a girl then you can take advantage by reading these guidelines.

We conducted our own poll. So, what do men want from us the most?

8. Be unstuck and do not hold back!

If you want to be on top – be on top, do not wait until there is a convenient moment to ask him about it.

Do you want to caress the caresses – start “rude” first.

In general, create, invent, try: the guys, according to their assurances, welcome the initiative. And what most do not like – so it alone “puff” for two.

Which means you should keep on trying new positions or find out the way he feels good in that time.

7. Do not be a prude

“It is better to try to laugh off if you do not like what the man is offering. Do not reject the proposed abruptly, do not call him a pervert. Guys – by nature curious creatures, they just need to try something new once, after which they immediately lose interest in all these experiments. Otherwise, they will not stop until they try, “- a frank confession of one of the men interviewed.

This, of course, does not mean that you must agree to everything that he offers, but to be ready for reasonable experiments will not hurt.

6. Caresses of the body

Yes, in men, almost all the erogenous potential is concentrated in one place, and you know which one.

But they like stroking and kissing, otherwise they would not start with a half-turn from the massage. They want more fun rather than just a fuck.

5. Masturbation

Welcome. Guys like to see how a girl caresses herself, and if you allow to watch, it is perceived as a very high degree of trust … Or he can just stare enthusiastically, as in a strip club.

Do not doubt, he will be excited to the extreme.

In addition, you in this way easily show him what and how to do with you.

4. Swallow or not swallow?

Argument “for” (male view): “if you have something got into your mouth, foolishly spit out.” And what if you do not want to swallow?

What we heard, then we transmit.

3. Some like it more dirty

Many guys, it turns out, raise … the mood when a girl does not stint on profanity with an erotic bias: the words praising his instrument or calling for a process, or a hot description of one’s own feelings – are welcome.

But do not break the stick, do not use the mat constantly, as a foreman at a construction site. And in general, take into account that this manner of behavior is still “an amateur”, watch his reaction.

2. A little well-groomed vegetation

According to the men we interviewed, from excessive craving for epilation in intimate places – one harm! “I would like a woman to look like a real woman, like, let’s say, the legendary stars of 70s porn, and not like cyborgs or Barbie” – confirmed one adult movie expert (felt, with many years of experience).

So be like you really are, don’t act like the pornstars, but you can do for some days (if he likes).

1. Do not be silent, tell me what to do to make it pleasant for you!

Men are ready to give anything, just to get a universal instruction, where the items would be painted, where to caress you and what your favorite poses are.

And it’s not that they are stupid and unintelligent, it’s just that we girls are all much more complicated than they are.

In general, without your help, he will have to learn the language of your body to gray hair by constant trial and error, to a mutual disappointment. And you just need to say what to do with your tongue, with your hands, and so on.

So, the greatest desire of men: tell me how to bring you to orgasm!

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