Is it possible to become an ideal lover?

There is no woman who did not make a lot of effort to be the best in the eyes of her beloved man.

But many face problems associated with behavior in bed because not everyone can boast of great knowledge or skills in this matter.

But in every woman somewhere inside lies a good lover, what she would not be conservative or shy outside.

Releasing fire and passion, becoming an ideal lover can also each, you just need to make some effort and work on some of your habits and beliefs.


For a successful finish, a big push is needed, which is usually called a “start”. If you have already decided to learn to be a good lover, you need to forget about the word “tomorrow” and start everything immediately.Is it possible to become an ideal lover?

putting aside such an important matter for later, you can do nothing and remain the same gray mouse. But think about your lover – maybe he wants you to let go of a passionate tigress?

Maybe he wants you to become his muse and inspire you to new achievements? So what are you waiting for – all in fact only in your hands!

For a successful start, you need to know just a few small secrets. They will help to better understand what kind of lover most liked by the men.

SECRET 1: Love yourself. Promise yourself that from now on you will see in yourself only positive features. How will the passionate and desired woman, who in her nothing does not suit? A man who every day hears “folds on my stomach …”, “I’m ugly …”, “again a wrinkle, I become an old woman …” begins to see in the woman only flaws. So how do you become a good lover when you do not feel beauty in yourself? Love your appearance, and eventually, you will become more confident, which, naturally, will affect your behavior in bed.

SECRET 2: become desirable. Down with slippers and dressing gowns at home – we greet tight-fitting tops and short shorts. Do not forget about the beautiful underwear. Even at home, a woman should remain a woman – attractive, desirable, but at the same time unassailable. Play with a man, but do not let him get too close to you. This will only help to ignite the fire of passion from the spark. That’s what a man should look like in the eyes of a man, not only a beloved woman but also a good lover -what kind of lover is capable of realizing any dream.

SECRET 3: experiment. The most difficult part is to step over your beliefs and try something new. But it is experiments that open up new opportunities for women. Tie the husband to the bed, do to him, for example, a light massage. Find the erogenous points on the body, stroking on which you will only strengthen his desire – it can be the neck or earlobe, it can even be a wrist. Sometimes play role-playing games – do not hesitate to try yourself in the role of someone else.

SECRET 4: Learn to dance. Many underestimate the power of dance, but it is a very powerful tool for many women. Dance is, first of all, a manifestation of inner feelings and desires. And it’s not about a completely ordinary dance, but about a strip dance. Smooth, rhythmic and to some extent erotic movements will not leave indifferent even the most, at first glance, cold man. A great advantage of regular classes in such dances is also the correction of the figure because the area of the hips, abdomen, and chest are tightened.

For some women, it may seem that these secrets can not make a woman a real lover.

But do not underestimate such methods, as they help a woman get rid of fears and make her more self-confident.

This is just a start from which the subsequent achievement of the goal will depend.


Can nevertheless it is necessary to ask me what they see in the term the ideal lover, what it should be in their opinion?

As it turned out, they are not very interested in how many poses from the Kamasutra the woman knows, and they do not really care how many sexual techniques she owns.

The truth was always on the surface, but in pursuit of ideality, we completely began to forget about some simple but important things. What kind of men sees an ideal lover?

A humble look, a predatory look, and perverted thoughts. It is this, according to most men should be a good lover. Modesty and easy secrecy attract them. Such a woman for them is a mystery, and she wants to solve as soon as possible. If this modest person has a “wild” look Predator – it’s a signal for a man that the hunt has begun. And the phrase, whispered: “I want you all now” and a hot kiss will awaken the passion in any man and will not leave him indifferent.

The manifestation of the initiative. Many girls believe that the first steps in everything should be done only by a man. But this is not so. According to many men, they really want to receive at least a little perseverance from their beloved woman. It does not have to be running around with obscene suggestions. Not at all. The manifestation of the initiative on the part of the woman is a desire to try something new in intimate relations, an open manifestation of one’s feelings and speak directly, and not hints. Just imagine your man’s thoughts when, at the end of the day, he receives a message from you on the phone about this: “I’m waiting for you, my lion, burning with the fire of passion. Your wild lioness … “.

Spontaneity and the desire for diversity. Everyone has long known that even couples with a large family “experience” should change something in their relations. Many married men believe that the ideal lover, which often hides in their shy wife, should prevail over habits and routine. Every man will appreciate some unexpected act on the part of a woman. It can be of spontaneous sex in an unusual place or a joint trip to a sex shop or a store selling erotic lingerie. It distracts from the routine, helps to awaken the fantasy and throw out the most secret desires.

The game. Maybe outwardly, men do not show their desire to “play”, but, judging by the polls in many countries – this is one of their greatest desires in intimate relationships. In this case, a woman can try her talent in the game and reincarnate into a sensual Aphrodite or wild Amazon. For men who like computer games, you can make a surprise game, reincarnated, for example in an elf or other seductive heroines. The script can also be diverse – like step-by-step notes with tasks that he must perform in order to get his “heroine”, and a self-made “certificate for the fulfillment of 10 desires,” where the desires are made by man and woman in turn. Thus, secret fantasies turn into an exciting, and at the same time, passionate game.

Self-confidence, as many men say, determines a lot in intimate life. A confident woman will never talk about what kind of lover gets tired quickly, she will act and bring something new into an intimate relationship. Naturally, if you apply all the ” secrets of an ideal lover” to your beloved at the same time and repeat it every day, then this will soon turn into a routine. The same should be good in moderation. Only then does the ordinary relationship turn into something passionate and beautiful.


When you have already mastered all the rules and secrets of seduction, you can start conquering new peaks. Life does not stand still, and we must also change something, add or remove something. The ability to seduce is only the beginning in achieving our goal.

The next thing every woman should have, who wants to become an ideal lover for her man, is attentiveness. Watch what your lover wants, listen to what he says.Is it possible to become an ideal lover?

Particular attention should be given to phrases that begin with the words “How I would like …” or “That would be …”. Thus, without asking you, you will know what the man thinks and what he wants. Attentive women deliver men a lot more pleasant things than those who do not pay attention to fleeting statements from their loved ones.

For example, your man repeatedly expressed his opinion about the Aspen waist in girls – this is a signal that you should pay attention to your figure. How can you strive to master the art of an ideal lover, if your species has stopped attracting a loved one?

He pays attention to girls with deep cutouts in the décolletage or on short skirts – this means that you urgently need to throw out old jeans, sweaters under your neck and update your wardrobe. Choose clothes so that she liked not only you but also caused admiration of your man. The outfits should not be too frank. Let them be such that your husband or boy, looking at you, began to undress with a look. Men are very big dreamers, so if they are given a “candy” in a beautiful wrapper, they will necessarily begin to imagine what is under this wrapper. And in this case, not too much of a role is played by what kind of lover is better, but how she will be able to present herself.

But, do not forget about more intimate things. Appearance is only attraction, luring your “victim” into the web of her own desires. The ability of a woman to act correctly in any current situation, which is related to the intimacy of the intimate plan, also plays a significant role. And the first important point here is the training of intimate muscles. For some reason, most women underestimate the ability to strain in time or relax the muscles of the vagina. It will bring a lot of pleasure not only to your man but to you.

We already know that the ideal LOVER SHOULD “> the lover should be unpredictable, so infrequently, but regularly you need to” dumbfound “your man with some unusual suggestions.

It can be a joint viewing of an erotic film or a home photo session where you will take pictures of each other in turn Invite your man to the cinema for a romantic comedy, but be sure to buy tickets in advance for “places for kisses.” What do you think, what will you do there apart from watching the film?

There is one more thing that you should pay attention to a variety of poses.

A woman who aspires to become an ideal lover should know that one or two poses in sex soon get bored and then even the hottest words can not compensate for the lack of diversity. Buy with your husband Kamasutra, look at it together, find interesting poses that you would like to try together. You can even try something new every day, which, naturally, will help in achieving your goal.

The last thing a woman must master to become a good lover is to master oral caresses.

Almost all men think that this is one of the most beautiful sensations that women can give them. Perhaps because of strict education or beliefs, many women consider oral sex something “outlandish” and immoral. But do not be so categorical.

Even in the oldest records and drawings, it was pointed out that women who could satisfy a man by the oral method were considered to be very skilled lovers.

So why be afraid?

We are striving for something more, so why be afraid of new achievements?

To be honest, there is no definite and clearly defined notion of what a LOVER SHOULD be “> A lover should be – every man sees these words as completely different meanings.The most important thing is to pay attention to the wishes and preferences of a loved one and try to implement all his wishes.

If you decide to become a good lover and begin to amaze your lover, first of all, you must remember the golden rule once and for all – in any case, remain yourself. Behavior must always be natural, unobtrusive and not affected.

Knowing the secrets and rules, BECOME A GOOD LOVER “> how to become a good lover, you need to use everything gradually, not all at once so that a man every day for many years learned about you something new and at the same time never ceased to admire his ideal lover.


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