8 debunked myths about divorce

Divorce can become one of the most painful events in a person’s life, but the stupid myths that have sprung up around him make everything worse.

Have you thought about divorce or just want to get rid of common misconceptions – this article will help you.

Let’s figure out what beliefs about divorce are myths, and we’ll throw silly stereotypes out of our heads.8 debunked myths about divorce

1. Divorce means defeat

Even if you wanted to live with your partner all your life, do not regard the divorce as a defeat.

Relationships should be measured by happiness and joint achievements, rather than by duration. If you were well together, you should consider marriage to be successful, even if it ended. There is no one to blame if two people have changed and can no longer be together.

2. Divorce always passes disgustingly

When people who once loved each other become sworn enemies, they are only themselves to blame, and not a divorce. It’s hard to end a marriage without pain, but it’s not impossible.

This is just a common myth, which is easily refuted by the fact that only a few divorces end in court. Most often, partners manage to come to an agreement, at least through lawyers.

3. If you are unhappy, then soon you will divorce

Any relationship is experiencing downturns and ups, and when the situation is heating up, it is easy to come to the conclusion that divorce will be the only solution.

However, a visit to a family psychologist can help to establish interaction and solve many problems. So do not rush to take a decisive step.

4. Divorce is a disaster for children

Although it is really difficult for children to watch the parents break, they will undoubtedly be better off when they are happy. For a while, divorce has a negative impact.

However, studies show that only 15% of children show serious problems after the divorce, which can be caused by poor upbringing, and not by a divorce on its own.

5. Joint living before marriage affects divorce

Many studies prove that living together before marriage reduces the number of divorces. Others recognize this factor as unimportant.

This is another myth that demonstrates that age is much more important than living together. The younger the spouse, the more likely a divorce is.

6. The risk of divorce in a second marriage is higher

Technically, this is true, but it is pretty exaggerated.

According to the magazine Time, the divorce rate in the second marriage is only 3% higher than in the first.

7. You can protect your marriage from divorce

In relationships it is important to be a loving partner, but from the idea that you can insure against divorce, it is worth to give up.

This is another myth, refuted by the fact that you live not with a robot, but with a person, and you are not able to control the actions of a partner.

8. Treason is the main cause of divorce

Only 17% of divorces are caused by marital infidelity.

Forgiving an unfaithful spouse can be difficult, but it can save many marriages.


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