7 Ways to Refresh Sexual Relationships

Even if love, respectful and trusting relations prevail between partners, it is possible that one day the desire to go to a matrimonial bed will leave if not both, then someone with a high probability.

Blame for everything – boredom, stuck into the walls of the bedroom, which also strives to spoil the ideal picture of the relationship.

Fortunately, modern women do not hold fancy and courage.7 Ways to Refresh Sexual Relationships

If there is a desire, to return the sex life to the old channel will help the ways we offer.

Now is the time to represent to you a great and useful list of ways to refresh the sexual relationships you have with your lovers.

1. Try on a new image

Suppose you are familiar to your husband as an able and enterprising hostess, a recognized professional in your business, and the decision whether or not to be sex in the evening is always yours.

It’s time to surprise him – now let him take the initiative. He will be pleased to take the reins of government into his own hands and watch beside the timid “quiet” – such a new and unknown, but still as ardently loved. If, on the contrary, you are not accustomed to giving vent to emotions, do not miss the opportunity to demonstrate the hidden potential of your character.

The new image should not be limited to the walls of the bedroom – it will be more interesting if the changes affect not only your sexual temperament, but also behavior in general: everyday life, hobbies and manner of conversation.

Surprisingly, it has long been proved that thanks to the natural ability to reincarnate from a daring “tigress” into a “poor sheep” and vice versa, a woman is quite able to cope with the problem of male polygamy, to deceive the men’s consciousness, craving for diversity, and, therefore, to maintain the acuteness and novelty of sensations during Sex and promote the preservation of strong relationships.

2. Decide on madness

How old are you? However, it does not matter. Do you remember your student years? You certainly belong to the eighty percent of the world’s population, who in their youth were capable of the most courageous and even crazy acts. Years passed, but this does not mean that you have no previous courage, enthusiasm and mischief.

Who said that family life is a sedate spirit and endless triumph of reason over the desire to at least somehow brighten up the gray routine? Perhaps, but sometimes it is intolerable to “throw out” something out of the ordinary, especially when it comes to intimate relationships with a partner, often over time, risk becoming ordinary, and even boring. What can be done to “beat” them out of the usual rut and to breathe new life into love?

Courage! It is possible that at first your lover will be wary of the risky idea of ​​indulging in lovemaking right under the nose of conservative parents, and you will have to rehearse for more than one evening before he can “accidentally” shed his tea on your new skirt. But what colors will sex play when you retire to the bathroom to “wash” the stain!

Can not you cope with a sense of shame? Alternatively, a joint bathing in one of the city’s water reservoirs at night, fast and violent sex in a taxi in the back seat or stormy, but noticeable only to you two preliminary caresses in the restaurant, after which the passion will lead you to the nearest corner rather than a warm and Comfortable, but from this no less boring bed in the matrimonial bedroom.

Flirtation is an integral part of the life of any woman. But if you communicate with those who want to conquer you, it is easy, then to win the heart of another person can be more difficult. And if you want to make a good impression on a potential partner, try to think sensibly and not to allow typical female mistakes. But, actually, they want to know.

3. Attach the children

It has long been no secret that with the advent of children in the family, many of its spheres suffer serious changes. As a rule, they also concern the most intimate side of marital relations. If before you were two, now you still have to put up with the idea that you’ll share a bed for at least three times – in the literal sense, and therefore, whatever one may say, love pleasures will go to the background.

About how much responsibility for caring for the baby falls on fragile mother’s shoulders and how great is its fatigue accumulating from day to day, it is hardly worth talking about – this is understandable. What a marital duty! Nevertheless, it is extremely undesirable to let the intimate life go on its own.

Never miss the opportunity to put children somewhere and spend at least a few hours alone with your beloved husband, embodying the most daring of his fantasies, which he indulged throughout all the time, until you gave your attention to the child.

4. Become a “bad girl”

Remember, when was the last time you allowed yourself to become reality the most daring of your fiance’s secret fantasies. What do you think, what does every man dream about periodically?

That’s right, about what most of them go to strip clubs and other similar entertainment establishments. Believe me, all of them from time to time want to see next to them the very “freaky little girl,” in whose head, as they think, the most filthy thoughts shamelessly swarm. It does not matter that the idea of ​​her promiscuity in some cases is only the fruit of their immature imagination, but what a space for imagination!

A beloved man is unlikely to oppose your impulse to give vent to hidden, but not incarnated for various reasons until now desires. Forget about stereotypes, strict upbringing and shyness – ask the partner what else would he like to try in bed.

Surely there are things about which he is ashamed to speak out loud – let him express his wishes in writing. It’s time to show him that the same “bad girl” lives in you, and she has enough courage and imagination to give odds to any striptease and surpass in the “art of love” the most famous courtesans of the eighteenth century.

5. Exercise in the epistolary genre

Do you know what great significance in the old days was committed to love correspondence? Passionate letters of lovers were an integral part of flirting and love games, fanned by a halo of mystery, they gave the relationship a special intimacy, causing trembling lovers in anticipation of the upcoming meeting. In the courtyard of the twenty-first century, but who said that there is no place for ornate phrases flavored with love and passion.

You can write playful SMS messages during the day, or send real emails to your e-mail, encouraging a man and fanning his temper in anticipation of a date.

About what to write? About everything that in your head is linked with the topic of sex: about what you are wearing underwear (or, on the contrary, about its absence), how you brought yourself to orgasm in the shower in the morning, what are you going to do with your beloved at the meeting and how In his fantasies, make love to him on a wild beach.

Do not be surprised if the husband suddenly starts coming from work earlier than usual and “in full combat readiness.” Well, remember that you will have to answer for your words!

6. Arrange yourself a holiday

It’s sad, but the way of modern life imposes many restrictions on all its spheres, and love relationships are not an exception. We live strictly “in shape”: work, home, rare sorties with the family in parks or cinema and on duty duty sex on weekends.

And if, for the most part, men are satisfied with this psychological situation, it rarely suits women, which, however, does not prevent them from “choking” for years at this seemingly hopeless “swamp”. Nevertheless, according to experts, you need very little to radically change the situation – it is enough at least once a month to dilute the dull gray with a holiday for the two of you.

A peculiar escape from the oppressive realities of family life can be rest in a nearby sanatorium or country complex, a romantic night in a hotel or a sudden trip to the warm regions for a weekend. It is not necessary that the rest is long – one or two days is enough to enjoy each other and relieve stress.

Needless to say that such solitude, when there is nothing near and no one who persistently distracts you from the responsible “process”, will inspire both of you to new sexual exploits!

7. With your body – on “you”

Let’s return to the topic of courtesans – it’s interesting that passing from generation to generation the subtleties of the ancient profession, the most significant of its famous representatives paid enormous attention to the process of “self-knowledge”, sincerely believing that a woman can not give a man pleasure, not being able to bring himself to the highest Degree of pleasure.

In this case, a variety of tools can be used: cloths of different texture and liquid of different consistency, feathers, ice, whipped cream and notorious “toys for adults”. There is no doubt that learning how your body reacts to touch and other effects with these objects will bring you a lot of new impressions and pleasures.

Needless to say, only the search for the point “G” that is growing with new conjectures can easily drag on for several hours. Learn the art of masturbation, join the movies of piquant content and get to know your body, if you have not already done so!

Only awareness of the fact that from time to time you remain alone with yourself, touch your body in various places and allow other liberties, it is able to get a man from a half-turn. Well, if he also “accidentally” finds you “in the midst of the events” – one can only guess how this circumstance will revive your intimate life!

It’s no secret that everything in our world tends to end and change. The same goes for seemingly at first inexhaustible sexual desire and passion – but they, unfortunately, under certain conditions over time, have every chance to come to naught.

  • Nevertheless, if desired, it is possible to maintain the flame of love for many years. Let it in your pair over the years it glows only stronger!

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