7 Ways To Make A Good Impression on others

Sooner or later we ask ourselves how to make a good impression.

As the first impression is every thing in every relationship and its gonna be the only remember-able thing which nobody can ever delete from his mind.

Think when meeting with others, do you make a strong and confident impression?

You project yourself as a strong or weak person, remembered or quickly disappearing from memory?

Socially, people often assess whether we should treat each other as equals, higher or lower, based on our charisma (or lack thereof) and behavior.

What are some of the keys to making a good impression?

1. Natural and direct visual contact

“Eyes are the windows of the soul.” The eye-to-eye view is the most important body language in Western societies (different cultures have different norms for eye contact). Studies show that the iris sends signals that indicate whether we are friendly or not, trusting or suspicious. We use our mind to convey attentiveness, mutual understanding, trust. We can also use our view to establish power, strength and power.

In most social and professional situations, the best way to make eye contact is natural and direct. Natural means looking at a person without gazing. Direct – means avoiding excessive eye movement to the side, which can Be interpreted as evasiveness or insecurity and insecurity.

There are certain conflict situations in which positioning yourself close to a person and forming a view in one direction can help reduce tension. However, in most positive or neutral situations it is useful to maintain natural and direct eye contact in order to make a good impression.

2. A confident smile

In any situation where you want to be taken seriously and with respect, show your confident smile.

A confident smile is one that does not open teeth too much. If you smile often, you may get the impression that you are trying to please and get approval.

This advice only applies to situations where you want to be taken seriously. In more casual and informal situations, smile as you like.

3. Strong handshake

In most professional and certain social situations, a handshake is perhaps the only appropriate form of physical contact.

Your handshake is your business card to make a good impression.

People “read” the handshake and can instantly determine whether the interviewee should be treated as an equal, higher or lower. A handshake should be firm to show your confidence, but not enough to make another person feel uncomfortable.

4. Communication with a person is much bigger and higher than you

Faced with someone who is much larger and higher, you can use any of the tips to neutralize the discomfort:

– Avoid lifting your head up, looking at a much taller person: this only reinforces the feeling that you are less;

– if possible, talk while sitting, not standing, to detract from the differentiation of size;

– put your body at an angle to the person you are talking to, not face to face, so as not to feel physical pressure.

5. Use of the diaphragmatic voice

Our tone of voice is 38%, whereby we express our feelings and our attitude when communicating.

Many men and many women under-utilize their voice, causing themselves professional and social harm.

Our best voice is when the sound comes from the diaphragm. Do not forget about it, if you are thinking how to make a good impression.

6. Dress for success – know your colors and metals

“Clothes make a man” M. Twain. We should not judge the book by its cover, but many people do it.

Our appearance greatly contributes to how we are perceived during personal meetings. Our confidence is also related to how we dress. You do not need to have expensive clothes or clothes untwisted brands to look attractive.

You just need to know which combination of hairstyle, color of clothes, style and accessories will make you look stunning and will make a good impression.

7. Confident posture and gestures

A good posture directly helps us feel more confident. When we stand, walk or sit up straight, we breathe deep breaths, which in turn help us feel stronger and more confident.

Gestures increase our physical presence and help us become dynamic communicators.

Using the above tips from us, you can help yourself to appear in the best light in a certain situation and make a good impression.


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