7 ways to actively deal with depression

When you are depressed, you often feel that way, as if nothing in the world can make you feel better and no depression treatment can be effective.

Depression is an insidious disorder, because the symptoms with which it is characterized may interfere with those actions or get help that will lead to recovery.

Lack of energy, low self-esteem are some of the symptoms that create difficulties to get out of a depressed state.

For those who experience this condition, it is important to remember that depression is a common and treatable disease.

We presents 7+ steps that will help to cope with depression.

Treatment of depression is possible

The above methods of fighting depression can be used either alone in the case of mild forms of a depressive disorder, or under the supervision of a psychotherapist in severe depression.

Recognize and defeat critical thoughts

Depression is often accompanied by a critical, self-destructive mentality that hinders and distracts us from our daily lives. In this state, people tend to accept negative thoughts as a true idea of ​​who they are.

Many people do not realize that a critical inner voice is in fact a well-concealed enemy. These destructive thoughts are a kind of fuel of depression. The help of the therapist is to help clients identify and defeat their critical inner voices.

To start the process of treating depression, it is useful to think about these destructive thoughts as parasites that keep us in bed when we get sick with the flu.

Do not listen to these voices when they tell you not to achieve your goal, to isolate yourself, or to give up activities that you like. Instead, when you notice that such thoughts have begun to intensify, it is important to identify them as alien points of view. Having compassion for yourself and evaluating this inner voice as destructive and hostile, you can see who you are, more clearly and realistically.

Think about what you might be angry about

Although depression is often accompanied by a feeling of constant sadness, sometimes depression can be accompanied by a state of emotional numbness – the absence of any expressed feelings.

Suppressing emotions can be a defense against something that does not suit you. Many people who suffer from depression actually mask the feeling of anger, turning it into anger directed at themselves.

From an early age we are told that it’s bad to be angry, that we should behave with restraint. At the same time, a sense of anger is a natural part of our daily life. Therefore, it is so important to recognize, accept and discuss your angry feelings in order to realize the true state of things. What ultimately helps you get out of a depressed state and will help treat depression.

Be active

In a depressed state, your energy level may drop quite sharply. And the last thing you want to do when feel depressed, this is to force yourself to get up. Nevertheless, it is a physiological fact that physical activity effectively fights depression, which means it is one of the ways to treat depression.

It is scientifically proven that you will feel better emotionally, practicing physical activity.

Exercising physical activity increases the plasticity of your brain and promotes the development of neurochemical substances called endorphin’s, which help raise your spirits. Even just walking out of the house for a walk, playing ball with children, visiting the gym, you practice a medical proven method of improving your mood.

Do not isolate yourself

In a depressed state, you may be overwhelmed by the thought of being alone, silent and not disturbing people with your problems. Again, these thoughts must be seen as destructive. Do not listen to them.

Do not interfere with the treatment of depression. When you feel bad, even if you are embarrassed, trust in a loved one, thus begin the process of ending your unhappiness. Friends and family will appreciate it, knowing what’s going on.

Even a simple presence in the social atmosphere can lift the mood. Attend places where there are people with similar interests – a museum, a park, a shopping center – where you could be among people.

Never allow yourself to fall into the thought that you are different from people for the worse, that you are less worthy than any of the people around you.

Depression is one of the most difficult emotional states, because the symptoms of depression themselves can destroy your will and energy, which makes it impossible to do the activities that you once loved.

Staying in such a lethargic state can give your depression even more strength. At the same time, if you will Stay active and not forget about things that may be interesting to you, the preponderance of the fight against depression will be on your side.

Although this is easier said than done. While you just want to lie on the couch, you have to force yourself to walk, cook food or call a friend. If you have ever experienced such a feeling of depression, remember everything that helped you earlier in overcoming this condition. That strategy to overcome difficulties that has proved itself in the past can be a great start to starting the fight against depression.

Moments that will help you calm down and cheer up are important. These can be simple things like listening to rhythmic music, baking cakes or taking a bath. And do not listen to the critical inner voice that tries to convince you that nothing will help you.

Watch funny TV shows or movies

This advice may seem stupid or very simple to deal with depression.

But anything that can cause your laugh or smile can really help convince your brain that you are happy. Look at a funny movie or read a funny book. Do not think that this is to simply distract.

Think it’s an effective tool to remind your brain that you can feel good again.

Do not criticize yourself for being depressed

Negative feelings towards yourself for a depressed state, will only increase the symptoms of depression and will prevent you from seeking help.

Your critical thoughts towards yourself will definitely help to prolong the depressed emotional state, and the fight against depression will be long.

It is important that you have compassion for yourself in these difficult periods.

To be open, accept and love yourself is a more appropriate attitude towards yourself in such a state than ruthless criticism. Take your mental health seriously.

Remember that depression is a very common and treatable disease.

It’s just a matter of realizing that you are feeling bad to find a cure that will be effective for you.

Psychotherapist’s help

Talking is a powerful way to fight your depression. If you feel bad, do not let anyone convince you, that this is not a big problem. There is nothing shameful in recognizing that you have problems and seek help from a psychotherapist.

A conversation with a therapist is a healthy, productive activity that will benefit everyone in a state of depression.

Knowing the true source of your problems will help alleviate its impact on your life, help you recognize and fight with a critical inner voice. So, the fight against depression will be successful.


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