7 Tips for Making Long-Distance Love Last Longer

They say that feelings are only strengthened at a distance.

However, many wisdoms are good only in theory. In real life, it turns out that the longer you do not see a loved one, the more difficult it is to keep emotions and keep a harmonious relationship.

Ideally, when you meet your destiny, you and your young man should go through life, holding hands, not letting go of each other for a day.

But, unfortunately, circumstances often make their own adjustments, forcing you or your partner to move away for a while from their love in the literal sense of the word.

However, true love can overcome any obstacles.7 Tips for Making Long-Distance Love Last Longer

And if you really want to preserve your feelings, listen to our advice, which will help you to show wisdom and patience in such a difficult life situation.

How to maintain a relationship at a distance?

1. Do not hide your emotions

Communicating with your loved one, be extremely frank and sincere. Unfortunately, people have not yet learned to read each other’s thoughts and, being away from you, your partner simply can not know what you are feeling.

Do not hesitate to talk to him about your experiences, fears, hopes and, of course, feelings. Frank conversations will become some kind of emotional thread that will connect you and your partner even at a distance.

2. Set the priorities correctly

Being away from each other, both partners unwittingly sink into their own events and their lives go parallel lines, almost without intersecting. However, in order to maintain a relationship, you and your loved one must have something to connect. This “something”, of course, are feelings.

But the problem is that, without seeing you personally, without feeling your mood and emotional state, it may seem to your partner that your feelings fade, lose their power and disappear.

To prevent emotional alienation, it is important to behave so that your partner feels how dear to you your relationship is.

Therefore, do not neglect conversations and correspondence with your loved one, even if at that moment you are very busy. It’s the only way he can understand that you still love him.

3. Keep in touch with each other

Once upon a time, women, whose husbands went on a long voyage or went on foreign trips, had to be content with short rare calls.

Now it’s much easier to wait for a loved one, because at your disposal is a lot of technical achievements that can bring you closer to a person, even in spite of the distances. Do not neglect these opportunities:

as often as possible, write to your partner sms, call on Skype, share romantic songs, nice pictures and interesting films

Virtual communication creates a presence effect that will help you and your companion easier to survive the temporary separation.

4. Be able to listen

Colorfully describing your feelings, be able to listen to what the partner is telling you.

Keep track of his intonations and mood and if you think that a young man is worried about something, do not hesitate to ask him about it. It is very important that the partner even remotely feel your support and care.

5. Restrain negative emotions

Long time without seeing a person, it is difficult to control your emotions and not succumb to feelings of jealousy. However, in order to keep love from a distance, one must learn to be patient.

Do not let your imagination run wild and do not come up with something to which you have no conclusive evidence.

6. Set joint goals

Waiting will become less painful if it is brightened by aspirations and goals.

Plan with your partner that when you are finally together, you will arrange a new honeymoon, go on a romantic trip or allow yourself a long-awaited vacation.

Every time, feeling sad, remember that at the end of your separation you will be rewarded with a pleasant reward.

7. Do not forget that your happiness depends only on you

To endure a long separation from a loved one is not an easy task. From the outside, it may seem that it’s enough just to take yourself in hand, not to give in to emotions, be patient, and separation will immediately lose its negative color, turning into another life stage.

But in reality you will encounter a lot of difficulties: you will feel that time has painfully slowed your course, your partner has lost interest in you, and your life has turned into a string of boredom and monotony.

In such moments it is important not to forget that your happiness depends only on your desire to be happy. Remember that waiting is only a time period, and if you refrain from negative feelings, this period will fly by unnoticed for you.

How not to let it fade?

Love at a distance, how to be? Despite everything, do not forget that forced separation is not an excuse to give up your usual hobbies and responsibilities and turn your life into a band of waiting.

To overcome the bad mood and periods of desperation, fill your life with joyful events: go to the cinema, sign up for interesting courses, master new recipes.

And no matter how bad you are, remember that once you meet your love, you will forget about past experiences, and with a head you will plunge into happiness.


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