7 things that men secretly like

Today I decided to share with you about things that men like.

What allows us to feel needed, strong. What shows our best masculine qualities for a woman.

I’m sure you’ve often wanted to know that a man with whom you have a relationship likes to like him to make pleasant surprises from time to time.

And if you do not have a relationship, then understand how to behave in the future.

I understand your desire, because men are by nature not so open as women.7 things that men secretly like

It’s hard to understand what he wants and what he likes, if he does not talk about it with you.

Below I will describe 7 things that men like and they will never tell you directly.

Most likely you heard about this, thought, but never did. If I was right, write about it in the comments.

I will be pleased.

1. When you put your head on his chest

All men like to feel themselves necessary, to protect their values. This is the function that is given by nature.

Putting your head on his chest, you thereby show that you feel safe in his hands. You are in a trusting position. And as if you say “I am calm and safe with you.”

2. When you say that you appreciate it

Your man needs to tell you directly how much you value him and how important his efforts, successes, and victories are to you.


Let him know that his actions make you happy. Even if you do not always understand the actions of your man, understand that he does the best of what he can at the moment.

3. When you praise him (in particular in public)

When he does something special, for example, arranges an improvised dinner for two under the starry sky or writes “I love you” on the pavement under your window, he really wants to bring you joy. And as a man needs a reaction – your praise, your recognition for deeds.

Bear in mind that most of all men love , when words of gratitude and praise of any of its merits sound in the presence of other people (preferably, acquaintances / friends).

4. When you listen to it carefully

In principle, the need to be listened to is common to both men and women. Agree, it’s pretty unpleasant when you talk about half an hour about some important events for you, and then you realize that you were listened to in half an ear or even missed everything.

Be sure, these situations do not like men. Therefore, talk less, and listen more.

5. When you are affectionate with him

Although most of the guys try to show off their independence and masculinity, all of us need women’s caresses without exception. And if in childhood we can receive it from the mother, then in the adult life this tenderness can only give the beloved woman.

And be affectionate you can not only alone with him, but also when you are in public places. Show your tenderness through a soft tone in your voice, light touches, hugs, mindfulness. If you are in a cafe, pour tea from the teapot. Show that you appreciate these moments with him through petty actions-manifestations of caring.

6. When you play with his hair

Yes, it may sound strange from me. But men like this. Stroke his hair, do a mini head massage – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by his reaction.

7. When you first call or send a message

It is generally believed that a man should always be the initiator of acquaintance, the first to call, to maintain a relationship, in every possible way showing his interest in a woman.

And yet men like attention no less than you. Therefore, if you sometimes call first or write an SMS, just to find out how he is doing, he will be very pleased. Understand that often men are not the first to get acquainted, because they are afraid of refusal.

They do not call first because they are not sure that you will pick up the phone. And if you take the first step, they will thank you.

Let’s sum up the results

All these actions may be insignificant for you. But they are able to tell a man much more about your feelings than words. After all, we need not so much for happiness. By the way, if you know any other things that men like , do not forget to share in the comments to this article.

And one more important point – do not forget that the relationship is a two-way street. Therefore, on his part, too, should come signs of attention that will make you happier.

If this does not happen, then something is wrong with your relationship. In this case, I advise you to read another my article under the title “5 signs that a beloved man does not appreciate you . ”

To understand more with all the wisdom of the relationship between men and women, I invite you to visit “The Way of a Woman” . This article, like other articles, can be a turning point in your life.

I’ll look forward to our next publish with impatience.


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