7 Steps to a Happy Marriage

Scientists from the UK tried to determine the formula for a happy marriage.

Having examined and studied the lives of about 4,000 married couples, they came to the conclusion that a happy marriage consists of four hugs a day, two romantic evenings a week and three general fights a month.

At least, all this is present in the lives of spouses, who confidently called their family life happy.

Is it possible to determine the formula for a happy marriage?

The question is quite controversial. Most likely, the presence of happiness depends on the individual attitude of the spouses and their desire to be happy.7 Steps to a Happy Marriage

Sometimes, we create a model of a happy life, to which we strive with all our might.

But when we get everything that we dream about, it turns out that this does not bring us that coveted joy.

Indeed, in fact, family happiness lies in ourselves.

There are seven steps to a happy marriage for making your marriage successful just follow below simple principles.

Step # 1 – Embrace

Embrace between spouses is not just a family ritual or prelude to a stormy night.

Embrace is the best way to strengthen emotional intimacy and show your feelings. During embraces, the human body begins to produce endorphins – hormones of happiness, which help us to deal with stress and bad mood.

According to scientists, if the spouses embrace each day, they understand each other better, feel the mood and are easier to compromise in conflicts.

Step # 2 – Heartfelt conversation

When you first met your future husband, you certainly could not talk to each other. You wanted to talk as much as possible about your hobbies, needs, preferences, plans, etc.

However, becoming a husband and wife, the need for intimate conversations is steadily decreasing every year, because it seems that people know everything about each other.

Voluntary silence leads to the fact that a few years after the wedding, the spouses suddenly notice that they have changed very much and do not understand each other as before.

To avoid misunderstanding, you just need to take the rule at least a couple of times a week to talk not only about the pressing problems, but also about your feelings, conclusions and interests.

Step # 3 – Romantic evenings

Romance is the magic thread that tightly connects the relationship of the couple. In the initial period of the relationship, everything was filled with romance – walks, meetings, phone conversations.

However, in a married life, romance often supplants everyday life and everyday problems.

To save your magic feeling, try to organize romantic evenings more often, go to dinner in the restaurant, make each other lovely surprises, walk in the fresh air, find time for traveling. All this improves the marriage and love of partners incredibly.

Step # 4 – Special dates

The love story of each spouse is filled with special dates – the day you just met, confessed to each other in love, began to live together, moved to a new apartment, etc.

These dates store in themselves the most rosy memories and emotions. However, pleasant memories have the property of being forgotten, lost in a string of different days.

So that meaningful days do not sink to the bottom of memory – do not forget about them. It is not necessary to organize grandiose parties these days – just highlight them with something special.

For example, go to a cafe where you spent your first date, for a walk to your favorite park or just arrange a dinner for two. Common memories make people closer to each other.

Step # 5 – Care and attention

Spousal care for each other is like gratitude for a life together and happiness given.

You can show care in different ways – to cook your favorite dish, to arrange a romantic evening, to make a gift, which your partner has dreamed of for a long time, etc.

Here, rather, not the main thing that you do, and most importantly – how. If you treat your conjugal worries as duties, most likely your partner will not notice them. If you fill even the most elementary act with tenderness and romance, this gesture will surely find a response in his heart.

Step # 6 – Order in the house

A house filled with comfort and warmth is a dock in which you want to return from any trip. Every housewife knows how to maintain cleanliness in the house.

However, you do not need to dump all homework on your fragile shoulders. Teach a man to take part in the general cleaning, but do not criticize him if he does something wrong, as you would like.

Turn the general cleaning into a kind of cheerful ritual, giving a psychological rest.

Step # 7 – Relax from each other

Once a guest marriage, in which the spouses live apart, and meet only by mutual desire, was considered the norm in family life.

Perhaps this approach to building a family seems a little strange and, in general, wrong, but periodic rest from each other and the opportunity to be alone do not destroy, but only strengthen feelings.

A man, although a social being, desperately needs solitude.

Only alone with ourselves can we identify our own “I”, understand our thoughts and feelings. In addition, short-term separation will give you an excuse to miss each other and accumulate a lot of topics for spiritual conversations.

Seven simple steps will help you achieve the “seventh heaven” in your married life.

In these rules there is nothing complicated and supernatural, because real happiness consists of the simplest things.


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