7 signs that you like a guy

Young people who have little experience with the opposite sex are often lost and do not know how to correctly assess the attitude of a particular person to themselves.

In addition, representatives of different sexes in the same situation behave differently, which further complicates the state of things.

But there are certain signs that you like the guy and it’s worthwhile to look at them in more detail.

As we always do our best to perform the accurate analysis and make it worth a read for you by revealing the best of the life and worst too, here we are giving you the insights about what are those sings which can show that you like a guy.

So here is a list of top and best 7 signs that you like a guy from the core of your heart:

1. Every type of guy can be liked

Even if the young man is silent or very shy, his gestures can always understand how he treats you. If in most cases the body is deployed in your direction, the arms and legs are not crossed, and the view is open and friendly, then this can be regarded as a positive sign.

In addition, in the presence of the girl he is interested in, the guy will always strive to show himself in a winning light: he will spread his shoulders and chest, as if by chance he will show voluminous muscles or other virtues. In addition, he will seek a way to be as close as possible to the object of desire: accidentally touch, attach, lean closer and something whisper in your ear, etc.

2. An instant change can be a sign

To the first signs that you like a guy, you can refer to a change of image . This will manifest itself both in changing his appearance and style of behavior.

Of course, he will try to look better: he will change his hair, get more model jeans, etc. In this case, his style will copy the style of the girl herself. For example, if she ignores the rules and conventions and prefers a sports style in clothes, then he will dress the same way.

3. Shy guys can be liked too

A shy guy will behave stupidly, carry some kind of nonsense. Such people often use social networks as a way to show themselves: they send gifts, “classify” photos, etc. Well, the unbridled will use all their potential and knowledge to attract the attention of the person they are interested in: jotting an anecdote, playing the guitar, etc. And somebody Will simply boast and boast of their merits.

4. There are a lot of sings

Those who are wondering what other signs there are that like a guy, it is worth replying that this is some kind of obsequious attitude to the things of the girl and all that is associated with her.

A handbag that has fallen into the hands of a guy, a pen or other thing will be carefully preserved, and he can fiddle with it, stroke, etc. He will be thrilled to treat everything that is dear to her and accompany her to the sports section, if she visits her, to be interested in flowers if she likes them, etc.

5. He will help you and you will get it

Those who ask how to find out that you like a guy, you should pay attention to such a sign as real help.

A young man in love will help the girl in the measure of his strength and abilities: he will solve the problem, walk the dog, fix household appliances and leaving will take with him garbage.

6. Meetings are love

To the signs that you like a person, you can include frequent “random” meetings. If you are from different social strata or just spend your free time in different places or companies, then do not be surprised if the guy starts to appear exactly where he likes to be interested in his girlfriend.

Of course, he can come up with a bunch of excuses why he appeared here, but if this happens with an enviable regularity, then the case is clearly in his sympathy for you.

7. You two are like best friends

Well, the last sign is a look. Frank, a bit playful and mysterious – he can clearly point to the sympathy, but if the boy frankly looks at you and delays eye on the decollete and below, then he obviously has sexual interest.

There are such signs that you can rely on in assessing his motivation , and it’s also useful to listen to your intuition – it will not let you down.

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