6 steps to inspire a man so he will love you

If one of the following items is relevant for you, then this article will be useful to you.

  • A man is lying on the couch and playing games
  • A man does not want to grow and progress
  • A man does not believe in himself and doubts his endeavors
  • A man is purposeful, and you want him to be even more successful

Before we begin, We want to express our sincere gratitude for showing interest in this issue.6 steps to inspire a man so he will love you

In our opinion, masculinity is manifested in the results produced by life.

For yourself, your family, your environment, your society. Personally, We find it difficult to respect lazy, idle men. And in no time do not want to justify them.

But we understand that we can be useful, sharing our vision of how a woman can influence such a man, even if he is so brought up or become so (which also often happens).

So, here is a 6 steps formula to inspire the man and get him love you.

1. And are you inspired?

99% of the girls and women who ask us this question, in fact themselves are devoid of inspiration. They are not happy with their own lives, although in appearance everything can be very even nothing.

Yes, yes, We already hear: “I have circumstances! When should I study myself ?! Work, children, credit. ”

You can have three apartments, a personal driver and passive income in five-digit conditional units, but inspiration is not about that.

Undress up to the goal, go to the mirror. Honestly look in your eyes, then on yourself from head to foot, turn around, seeing yourself from different angles. And now again in the eyes …

And ask:
“Am I inspired?”

Do you like yourself? Do you love yourself? What are your goals (which charge)?

Two magic words: Take care of yourself!

His appearance, his body, his mood, his hobby, his Life.

Inspire yourself first! And you’ll see how your man starts to move. Next, observe the following points, so that the movements begin to translate into actions.

2. Stop criticizing, condemning, evaluating, comparing

Because it is meaningless. This only aggravates the situation.

  • “Why do not you do anything?”
  • “When will you find work?”
  • “Paul (neighbor) is so-and-so-steep, and you are not.”
  • “I’m tired of waiting.”

This can work short-term. But “from under the stick” – not the best motivation in the relationship.

3. Disable the regime of a psychologist, coach, consultant, mother, grandmother, mentor

Undoubtedly, you know better how to live, build a career, develop business, communicate with parents :). But if a man does not ask for your advice, it means exactly what he does not need!

“John, and what to do when a man asks for advice? Then you can play a role-playing game “Coach and client”? ”

Also no. Write down the phrase magic (and all the girls know it):

– … Dear, since you ask, then of course I can advise which employee is better to hire. Yes, I have a modest work experience (main) HR-ohm (10 years), but I’m sure you know better and can make the best decision! You’re so smart and strong (smile).

– I want to hear your advice. (He is adamant).

-Good. I think it’s better to hire Paul, that’s why. But the final decision is yours :).

4. The technique of “Advice”

“Cute. I understand that now is a difficult time. At the same time, I want to hear your advice: what should I improve / improve in order to help you get a job / start a business / solve a problem.

I agree that I am not ideal and I have much to grow. And I worry about us, I’m scared … And what if I get fired from work … What will we live on? Advise me on what to do? ”

5. Do you believe in your man? Let’s just be honest ?

If you put your hand on your heart, you do not believe that something can happen to him, then maybe you do not believe in yourself, or why do you have such a relationship?

It is important for a man to know and hear (not infrequently) that a woman believes in him, no matter what. Especially in difficult periods of life.

It is necessary to start believing in a man with thoughts in mind. What do you think a man – so he will.

6. Continue to love

You did not misinterpret. Continue to express love .

And what do most people do when something goes wrong in a relationship? They are offended, angry, detached, manipulated, etc. And the further, the less [once] a strong union resembles the love of two people.

But if you love a man, then do not “play games” in an attempt to call attention to yourself.

Begin with point 1. It is, as a rule, the key reason why a man lies on a couch or ceases to love and respect you. Start with yourself, yes!


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