6 Enemies of Love You Should Know About

Why do not romantic relationships last forever, and the honeymoon ends sooner or later?

Was Frederic Bedder right and love, really, lived for three years?

It turns out that (maybe) your love has six enemies.

Habits from the past, an incorrect pattern of behavior, an incorrect reaction to what is happening – any of these trifles like a trickle dries the slope, turns into a deep ravine between two once loving each other people.

Everything happens slowly, and, therefore, unnoticed.

The more time passes, the thinner the connection.6 Enemies of Love You Should Know About

Turning around, lovers do not understand how and when they became strangers.

To reveal the enemies of love is only the first step to healing.

Next, the intentions of both partners will be needed, but at least you will know what not to do.


There was a time when you were the center of the universe for a loved one. He could have put everything off for your sake – friends, mother, work, football, remembered all your “cracks” – important dates, which makes you happy and upset. You had to lead the eyelashes and the desire was fulfilled.

But over time, everything has changed. Now he is more often occupied with things that existed in his life before the relationship. He gives you less time, referring to employment. He makes excuses, says that he feels terrible when he forgets an important date or can not be there when you really need him.

In turn, you do not want to be in the role of asking and needing, trying to seem all understanding, pretending that nothing bad is happening. Nevertheless, the period of time when you feel yourself unnecessary increases. And the time comes when it is more unbearable to pretend.


The man fell in love with an attentive, caring compassionate woman. And now it seems to him that someone else has moved into it, to whom he can not possibly please:

“He’s trying to talk to her about what’s upsetting.” She calls him a whiner and preaches how to act.

“He asks her to take care of him a little more.” She turns everything over, claiming that he always thinks only of himself.

“He’s trying to please her.” She does not like anything. But, if a man is asked to do something important for him, the woman claims that he is in debt to her, because she does not give her what she needs .

Any attempts to explain what is happening, she shrugs her shoulders, saying that he is too hypochondriac. When a woman wants a man, she again becomes tender and seductive, but it happens less and less.


When you met, your man captivated you with his pressure, confidence. It seemed that he was able to sweep away any obstacles on the way to achieve what he wanted. You felt like behind a stone wall. It was a knight in shining armor.

After the honeymoon, the passions subsided. You began to notice that you do not always agree with your beloved. But it is worthwhile to tell you about this, you become an enemy, an obstacle that must be eliminated. It was great when you were in the same team. Otherwise, he is merciless. At the same time, he does not see anything unusual in his behavior and believes that he should be loved the same way.


The woman had many connections before they agreed to live together. She was so convincing in her feelings. In recent times, half-truths, facts that do not always gather in a single puzzle are in her words. She does not seem so sincere, she tries to avoid answers to questions that interest a man.

Their sexual relations are still as passionate, but the man is concerned. On the one hand, he wants to get rid of obsessive thoughts, on the other – do not want to be a fool. She categorically denies the connection on the side, and he is alarmed by the changed timbre of the voice, which, it seems to him, testifies to the defense.


In the beginning of the relationship for you there was no more interesting person. You admired his interests, the way of thinking, jokes, a look at things, intuition. You talked all the time when you did not have sex, and could not talk. You were in a state of continual discovery.

But the moment came when he told. Like a new, old joke and did not notice that your laughter was somewhat depressed. You explained this blunder by fatigue, inattention. But later his stories became more and more stale. It turned out that he has a set of themes and ridiculous anecdotes, which he deftly uses in the new company. But you are not the first day together.

You became more interesting with other people. You want new emotions, encourage it to further develop and to learn the world. He admits that you are happy, exploring new opportunities, but he is already satisfied with everything.


In the past, there are always good memories. You had many moments when you were happy. Things did not always go well, but you found little solace and joy, loved and protected each other, felt confident that everything would be okay, even if the problem seemed unsolvable.

Now one of you wants to return those sweet memories. Perhaps they seem sweet only from a distance. But the partner does not want to sink into sentiment. He is focused only on the fact that tomorrow was brighter. He claims that he is trying for you. But what will you do tomorrow, if today you can not keep what was once sacred.

There was a time when you were the center of the universe for a loved one. He could have put everything off for your sake – friends, mother, work, football, remembered all your “cracks” – important dates, which makes you happy and upset. You had to lead the eyelashes and the desire was fulfilled.

At least one of the situations you seemed familiar?

Your love is in danger.

You can discover in the relationship some one manifestation or several at the same time. If such facts do not happen often, they last not for long, but for the rest of the time the relationship is filled with love and care, you have nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, they indicate an emerging problem. Any of the detected enemies will manifest again and again with increasing intensity, until the love is finally destroyed.

Faced with these warning signs, you should not brush it off, but try together with the partner to figure out the problems and eliminate them.

Love should be engaged. Then nothing threatens your relations.

Share in the comments, which of the enemies of love you are familiar and firsthand to you?


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