5 Steps To Get a Leave When Your Partner is Still Loyal

Your union no longer exists.

If the realization of this sad fact comes only to one of you and is denied by the second half, parting is especially painful.

For that sake of getting your informed by this topic we are now going to talk about the five steps that need to be taken if a partner loves you and is not ready to let you go.

Falling in love and starting a relationship, we are sure that we have found our own person, with whom from now on we will always be together.

Unfortunately, this confidence can for some reason leave us for various reasons.

And if only one wants to interrupt the relationship, then he has to deal with bitter feelings, which he involuntarily doomed partner, and with his own sense of guilt.

I am often asked how to behave in order not to cause more pain to each other. If you are the one who made the decision and voiced it, try to minimize the inevitable stress.

Step one (analyze it)

First, analyze your role in your union. Did not you promise your partner more than they could give?

Maybe you built a beloved person on a pedestal, trying to ignore those of his sides that did not suit you, and then tired of putting up with it?

Now it is important for you to understand yourself and assume a certain responsibility for the fact that the relationship has failed.

If you honestly admit that part of your guilt, it will help your partner to be objective, without turning into your prosecutor

If you honestly confess to a loved one, which is part of your guilt, this, in turn, will help him and be more objective, without turning into your prosecutor.

Step Two (find mistakes)

Perhaps you have been silent for a long time about your changing feelings and pretending that everything is in order.

Recognize that this was your mistake.

Be sensitive and find out if the partner is ready to listen to you and understand why you did not talk about your feelings before.

If he answers in the affirmative, avoid situations that show that your partner was at fault. In this conversation, focus your and his attention on what you were wrong in.

Step Three (listen to the partner)

No matter how hard it is for you, be ready to listen to your partner. Most likely, recognition will force him to go through a wide variety of feelings: rage, aggression, pain and denial of what he has to listen to.

Your interlocutor can begin to tell you unflattering and even insulting words or, on the contrary, incline you to give one more chance to the relationship.

Most likely, he will start to torture you with questions if someone else has appeared. If so, then do not hide the truth, complicating the situation even more.

In order for the partner to finally accept the situation, it will take time, and you should take it with sensitivity and patience.

If your new love exists only in the imagination of a partner, you will most likely have to listen to his accusations and reproaches early. Your task is to let your partner talk.

Your mood largely depends on whether you will be able to part peacefully in the end, keeping good memories of your past. The interlocutor can insist that you leave him right now, accuse you of betraying him and breaking his life.

He can ask you to give the relationship a second chance. Maybe try to seduce you.

All this – the first shock reaction to the fact that he is rejected and he loses the closest person. No matter how painful it is to look at his suffering, do not promise anything that you can not do in the future.

Step Four (take your time)

Say that you are ready to do everything in your power to alleviate the painfulness of this situation. Someone wants a partner to immediately leave them and not remind them of themselves.

Someone needs time to say goodbye to you.

Most likely, even if a person first wants you to disappear from his life, in the future it will become important for him to see and talk with you.

He will ask you questions to fully understand what happened. In order for him to finally accept the situation, it will take time, and you should take it with sensitivity and patience.

Do not leave his questions unanswered.

However, do not give your behavior the hope that you will return.

Step Five (think again)

Refer to what happened between you, as an important life lesson.

Promise yourself that in a new relationship you will be more open and honest about your feelings, desires, and needs, not letting the situation get confused.

Make sure that you will get another good person in your life after this one or if you are going to leave this relationship for getting alone or being single again then make sure that you can live happily alone.

Think again and again before doing this.

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