5 signs that a loved one does not appreciate you

The probability that you are one of those whom a beloved does not appreciate is much higher than it seems at first glance.

Firstly, if you are interested in the topic of this article, then you have already crept such suspicions. And secondly, a situation where a man does not appreciate or respect a woman who worships him is typical of our mentality.

You deserve more!

In my recent articles, I often remind that no woman should be satisfied with less than she deserves, just for the sake of being with someone.5 signs that a loved one does not appreciate you

To become happy and find the right partner in life , you need to raise your standards and stop enduring, humiliating, thinking that no one but you needs you anymore.

After all, in fact, just the opposite – it’s you do not need him, and around a hundred men who want to carry you in their arms. I think you caught my message.

It remains only to determine, really.

I think you caught my message.

It remains only to determine whether a beloved man really does not appreciate you.

So, you lose time, if at least one of the following 5 signs are present in your relationship.

1. You are not in the first place in the list of priorities

A man in whom romantic feelings are awakened at an instinctive level should raise the beloved (and also her needs) to the top of her personal list of priorities.

Yes, each of us has his own personal interests, hobbies, friends, work, etc. But all this goes to the background when you fall in love.

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If you feel like a “player from the bench”, to which only occasionally pay attention, then the man does not appreciate the relationship with you. And you definitely are satisfied with less than you deserve.

2. You do not feel special

A loving man from the skin will come out to prove to his woman her exclusivity, to convince herself that she is the most beautiful and desired. This does not mean that he should devote daily poems to you, give flowers and fill with compliments (although it would be just wonderful!).

A simple SMS with the text “I love you”, a passionate kiss before leaving for work and the phrase “You look wonderful today!” – this is enough to make you smile and realize that your beloved man appreciates you.

If there is no such action from him, you are definitely satisfied with less than you deserve.

3. You receive much less than you give

No matter how much you love him. If he brings into your life more negative than positive emotions, you must let him go. Or drive it away. Depending on the situation.

If you argue with him more often than you embrace and make love, if he often screams and accuses you of all mortal sins, and you are still with him, then you are content with less than you deserve.

But in fact there are often situations where a man not only does not appreciate and does not respect a woman, causing her moral damage. The case can also reach physical aggression. In that case, there can be no question of patience. From it you need to leave as soon as possible!

4. His love needs to be earned

A man who really loves, will appreciate you for what you are, not for what you do for him (or you can do). If you, in order to keep the focus of his attention on yourself, have to erase, cook, clean, sexually indulge him (especially as you yourself do not particularly like), then you are content with less than you deserve.

No, of course, all these things are present in an ideal relationship. But they are usually mutually agreed and distributed equally among partners, and not only one of them.

5. You constantly have to agree to his terms

Nobody is perfect, it’s understandable. To prove one’s rightness is an instinct that awakens in us the desire to become a winner, and to force our opponent to retreat.

The same instinct is manifested in relationships. But there must be a limit, or better balance. If you notice that in disputes with a partner you constantly have to give in, then you are sacrificing yourself. You suppress your “I”. You make concessions to satisfy him and keep favor with yourself.

In this case, you should understand that if you are struggling to maintain a relationship alone, then you do not need them.

Stop being satisfied with less!

The problem of a huge part of modern young couples is that they do not know how healthy relations should look. Men forget to appreciate women and eventually start to believe that this is in the order of things.

In turn, women are inferior in everything, just to keep near this “treasure”, which in fact no one and nothing is not necessary. If you are one of them, you will never be happy.

Remember these 5 signs, indicating that the man does not appreciate the relationship, and take the first step to raising self-esteem. Then you will learn to recognize that someone falls below the standards that you set. And this will be a good reason not to let such men into their lives.

And one more thing – never try to prove your worth. The right man will come and love you for all those things that previous men had previously perceived as something self-evident.

If it’s hard for you to deal with all this yourself, come to the “Way of a Woman”. Here you can get not only my support, but also many practical tips that will help change your life for the better.

This article is one of many other produced by the relationship experts. All tips are invented in order to make you happy, beautiful and healthy 😉


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