5 problems in relationships that prevent you from being happy

On their lives, each married couple faces different problems.

No matter how much people love each other, each person is an individual, has his own worldview and attitude to life.

Mismatch of views on this or that situation leads to conflicts and protracted disputes, however, if each of the spouses understands the importance of finding compromises, any, even the most complex problems disappear by themselves.

Despite the fact that life is full of various, including unpleasant surprises, psychologists working on family relationships highlight five major problems that lead to a break.

These problems do not arise from scratch, but accumulate over the years from minor quarrels, misunderstandings and inconsistencies.

To solve them it is necessary in advance, not leading up a situation to a lethal outcome.5 problems in relationships that prevent you from being happy

Main problems in relations that prevent you from being happy are written below, so read them and fight with them.

1. Financial matters

As a rule, the attitude to money is formed by people at an early age on the basis of the parental example and education. Someone used to get everything he wants without thinking about any restrictions, and someone from childhood was accustomed to saving and a reasonable attitude to money.

When people with polar different material habits begin to live together, it is difficult to find a compromise and avoid disagreements. Especially acute financial problems arise in front of those married couples in which one earns significantly more than the second.

Conversations on financial topics are quite scrupulous and unpleasant, but they should not be avoided. It is best at the beginning of a joint life to develop a convenient for both spouses scheme of the family budget. Some young people are comfortable holding a joint budget, and someone prefers completely separate spending.

It can not be said that any of these methods of budget management are better or worse, the main thing is that both spouses they arrange. In addition, absolute trust should prevail in financial matters, so try not to hide your income or expenses from your spouse.

2. Distribution of household duties

It is said behind the scenes that the fulfillment of household duties should lie on the female shoulders. However, when both spouses work an equal number of hours, this belief seems, to put it mildly, unfair. The only way to solve this problem is to agree on an equal distribution of household duties.

But, so that domestic chores do not turn into a real torture, everyone should do what he likes. For example, you like to impose order in the house, but you can not tolerate making purchases, so, entrust this duty to your partner.

If your husband thinks that household duties are not a male occupation, while you do not physically have time to keep the house clean or do not want to put up with this state of affairs, insist on the need for the servant’s services.

If you take on more than you can bear, it will only lead to a negative, which sooner or later splashes into a scandal. Domestic duties and domestic difficulties should not interfere with your family happiness.

3. Dominance in relationships

We all dream of an equivalent relationship. But, as a rule, there are two roles in the family life – the leader and the slave. It does not matter who takes the lead role and who is the slave.

It is important that this distribution suits both spouses. If one of the spouses feels that the partner does not hear him, does not take into account his needs and desires, the family life of these people is doomed to break.

If this problem already exists, it is rather difficult to solve it. However, it is in the forces of the spouses themselves, at the very beginning of their relationship, to learn how to treat each other with respect, solve all problems together and be extremely frank in their desires.

It is important to see before yourself not only a husband or wife, but a person with whom one must be reckoned and who must be respected.

4. Sexual relations

Harmonious sexual relations are the basis of family life. It seems that if people have chosen each other as their spouses, it means that they are satisfied with all of their partners.

But the problem is that over time people change and, in particular, their sexual preferences change. Moreover, every year sex becomes more monotonous and from the symbiosis of romance and passion turns only into a conjugal duty.

This problem arises because people are embarrassed or do not know how to talk about sexual issues. The only way to restore the former passion is frank conversation and a willingness to listen to the desires of your partner.

5. Relationship with the partner’s relatives

Starting a joint life, we can not completely cross out our past and stop communicating with loved ones. One way or another, the spouse and partner have to build relationships with relatives of their halves.

Unfortunately, these relationships do not always develop smoothly. However, personal hostility to one of the relatives of a partner should in no case acquire a catastrophic scale and become an excuse for quarrels.

And at the same time, young spouses need to limit the influence of other family members on their personal lives. It is important to understand that after the wedding you build your own family, and its happiness depends only on you.

Living your life together, you will come across many other problems.

However, before giving in to negative emotions, answer yourself to the question – do you value your relationships and are you ready to do anything to preserve family happiness?

If the answer is positive, do not hesitate – you will adequately overcome any troubles.


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