5 amazing qualities that make a woman irresistible

It so happened that women who are in search of the second half, are struggling to look as good as possible.

Unfortunately, most people do not bet on the beauty that can attract a normal man for long and serious relationships.

Stylish clothes, good make-up and high heels – all this, of course, is necessary, but if you focus only on appearance, the truth will remain hidden and underappreciated.

It is believed that “men love eyes,” that is, they are visual beings.5 amazing qualities that make a woman irresistible

Despite this, you can be very surprised that its able to attract and retain a representative of the stronger relationship in the long term.

Qualities of a professional woman

Few know about them. And those who know, do not rush to share 🙂

But since I am writing here – I try to help every reader, then I will tell you in secret about 5 qualities that will make irresistibly attractive in the eyes of any man.

Innocent purity

Today there is hardly a woman who marries a virgin. But cleanliness and integrity are still very attractive for men. In childhood this natural charm is present in all children (especially in girls).

With age, this quality is dulled in the majority, and some are completely lost. Therefore, it is valued so highly.

In addition, many men often do not want to open their souls to women they are acquainted with, if in the past they had relationships that caused pain.

So – sincere innocence instantly dissolves any emotional block. The man naturally has no need to defend himself when he sees a truly pure being before him.

Innocent purity is the key to any heart , helping to instantly create new emotional ties.

You do not have to be a virgin to possess this quality :-). You just need to “try on” the image of innocence and make it a part of yourself. True, for this you need either good acting skills or sincere kindness – otherwise a man can smell pretend and your efforts will give an effect that is directly opposite to the desired one.

A few “clean” images for you to note – Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn. Of the fictional characters should pay attention to Lolita from the same book by Nabokov and Audrey Horn from the cult series “Twin Peaks.”

Affectionate tenderness

If you could look into the minds of normal men to find out what they want from a companion of life, then most likely would have met the combination of “tenderness + caring.”

Many men are tired of powerful women, as well as those who only do that they complain about life. Yes, the representatives of the stronger sex just want to have a nice, pleasant, attentive and affectionate kindred spirit.

No matter how successful a man is, he always wants to be appreciated.

A woman who is cute and, most importantly, sincerely laughs at his jokes, and also knows how to properly touch his body – that’s who most men need as a keeper of the hearth.

In fact, this quality is a continuation of the previous one – spiritual purity contributes to the manifestation of kindness, which in relationships with a beloved man develops into care, and if it comes to physical interaction – into tenderness.

Again, this quality, like innocence, is difficult to forge if you do not initially have it. You can only develop the already existing rudiments.

And one more thing – to become kind / gentle / affectionate, living under the slogan “All men are goats!” Is unlikely to work.


Each man has his own preferences about the attractiveness of the female body and facial features. But not only from entering a certain category of men “In my taste” depends on whether you like him or not.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the charm of a woman is directly proportional not only to the degree of her beauty, but also to how happy she is with herself.

Unfortunately, a lot of women suffer from an inferiority complex, developed due to doubts about the attractiveness of their own body.

Shame makes women emotionally close, block their sexuality and sometimes even limit themselves in meeting physiological needs (refusal to have sex).

All this leaves its imprint on the image that appears before the eyes of the man. Such women are perceived as boring, unpleasant in communication and far from sex appeal.

Confidence is one of the most sexual qualities for both men and women. A woman who feels like a queen will be so in the eyes of a man. Faith in its beauty works wonders – it makes men admire .

What if you have a problem with certainty? Of course, you need to start working on improving self-esteem. Start with the daily settings in front of a mirror in the style of “I’m the most charming and attractive. I have a beautiful body, “read books and attend trainings on the topic (more about this later in the article).

The balance of the “riddle” and the “open book”

You’ve probably heard that men are hunters by nature. They like to receive something unique, one of a kind, something that others can not get.

This is partly true, but in the long term, the image of a “scarce commodity” does not work.

Balance of the puzzle and the open book

I agree, at the beginning of the relationship you can be a mystery, but will you stay like this in 10 years? No, you will be solved!

Excessive uniqueness can also attract a man who is very fond of solving riddles. The purpose of this subtype, as you already understood, is not to provide, but to solve :-).

Another danger of this behavior is to confuse the man, put him in the position of a sapper in a minefield, which does not know where and when the explosion will occur.

I’m not saying that you have to become “ordinary” and predictable, here you need a balance. Balance between “riddle” and “read book”.

And do not forget: by attracting a man to a riddle, you attract him not to yourself, but to the mask!

Radiant Glow

This quality is the most valuable and the most difficult to describe. It is intangible and, unlike the previous four, it can not be faked.

It’s about the radiance that fills the room when a smiling woman enters it. It radiates joy, love, happiness. In the rays of this radiance you want to warm yourself, as in the rays of the spring sun.

So shine the women who are in love. Such rays are spread by women after a night of passionate sex. So happy mothers shine, who adore their children.

Female glow is a real treasure, which, as it seems at times, is not worthy of this cruel world. This quality, from which men simply follows. But, unfortunately, not all women are able to radiate it: emotional self-blocking is the main reason for this.

How to get these qualities

Perhaps not all of the listed qualities are present in your due measure, but their rudiments are necessarily present.

You just need to develop them:

  • Cease to be emotionally clamped;
  • To free oneself from the shackles of prejudice;
  • Leave the path of thoughtless following the advice of friends who “have seen life and all the peasants know right through.”

Only this way you can free up your natural charm. In the appendage, many other of your hidden talents are also unlocked – you will begin to live in full force.

Then you will feel like an irresistible temptress, which can easily make the heart of every man on your way furiously beat.

I leave you alone with reflections, food for which in this article abound.


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