4 best ever kinds of kisses on the lips

Kisses always caused a lot of questions from people.

Why do people do this?

Scientists say that in the past no one needed this, now a man and a woman express their emotions and needs in such a way.

Depending on what kind of kiss, you can say a lot about how people relate to each other.

That was just a thought of scientists but they can’t say it with proofs as kissing is the uniquest thing ever happened in humans life as from the starting of the life of every child his parents do this and after that step by step he or she become able to kiss the lover.

Its a step to step thing and must be with all the humans here living around the globe.

To make it worth a read we are adding four types of kisses which you can do to your lover for making your relationship more stronger and more love able.

When kissing on the lips, then many receptors are affected, which are responsible for the taste, temperature, transferring information to the brain. There, all information is transformed and evokes such feelings as tenderness or passion. Kisses develop the work of muscles, strengthen immunity, normalize pressure and pulse.

Feelings that a person experiences during a kiss can be classified according to different types.

Types of kisses on the lips :

  1. Kisses for love . He expresses feelings of love, while it is gentle or to get further sex.
  2. Passionate kiss . It begins with the lips, usually with a “French” kiss, can last very long and leads to bed.
  3. Delicate pleasure . He is very sensual and short.
  4. By friendship . People often kiss their cheeks or fleetingly to the lips. So they express friendship, a reverent attitude.

These are the main types of kisses on the lips that people use.

The technique of how to kiss correctly?

That the kiss was pleasant to the person with whom you are, it is necessary to know some simple rules which help to get the partner and to arrange to yourself.

Slippery type . The partner from the corner of the lips gently holds the tongue to the other corner of the lips. A man strokes affectionately his partner.

To cheat . ” As a rule, girls use this technique of kissing. So they tease a man, exciting him, and then give them the initiative to further developments. To do this, you need to suck passionately to the lips of a man, and then sharply let him go and make an innocent look.

Provocation . ” Such a kiss begins with a deep and passionate thrust of the tongue into the partner’s mouth. So a girl or a guy imitates a sexual act.

The object of lust can always be surprised by what kind of technique a person uses to conquer it. It is only a little turn in the other side of the head or hardly touch the tongue of the lips, as the kiss is already becoming different.

What do people like most of all?

Men prefer passionate kisses, which are not devoid of tenderness, and women love gentle kisses or love pleasures. Such touching each other should relax people, charge with emotions and good mood.

A great kiss every day increases the level of hormones that are responsible for joy and happiness. Always be more and lovingly kiss your loved ones.

Kinds of kisses on the lips:

As described in above writings there are a lot of kinds of kisses which we can try on our loved ones for every night and every picnic day to surprise her or him that we really still love that person.

By showing love and doing kisses we don’t want you to fall asleep with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you should enjoy kissing your lover as long as you are not married and after marriage you can do the rest romance and love for must.

But if you are still lovers and unmarried then you should try different kinds of kisses and know in which you two becomes very crazy and can’t hold more.

It will after some time help you getting your pains of relationship’ moments to get healed and you can live a beautiful love life just by making a different kiss to your love one.

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