3 SECRET Words to Explain Why Men Change?

You probably wonder why after a long and seemingly strong relationship, men still change?

For many women it’s like a bucket of water on your head.


After all, he was so loving, caring and attentive. He still seems to love you now, feels guilty and hopes for forgiveness?

How to understand why your man changed? What broke between you? And what should I do to improve the situation?3 SECRET Words to Explain Why Men Change?

At first he called and said that he was late at work. And once he warned that he would not come for the night: an urgent project fell down. No, it’s impossible to refuse. This is very important for his career!

Then – a random meeting with a friend: “Listen, I saw your girlfriend! Is this his sister?

She came to visit you?

We left the restaurant for the night looking, got into a taxi and drove. ” That very evening! The earth is gone from under your feet … But how is it? Why?

To understand, let’s examine why men change and what to do about it.

Three “whales” of male psychology

Now I will shed light on why men change. And many reasons are rooted – guess what? – in the basic male need to feel like a real man!

And what for him – to be a real man? This means that he gave himself satisfactory answers to the three most important questions for him:

  1. who he is
  2. what he does in life
  3. how much he earns

That’s why a man desperately wants to be loved:

  1. for being a man
  2. for what he does as a man

Let’s see what happens in the family from the point of view of the psychology of relations between a man and a woman. It is often necessary to observe the following picture:

  • Where are you going?
  • To fight!
  • Again ?! You have one on your mind! And the fact that the bathroom faucet is flowing, nothing? I’m tired at work, but I cook dinner. And you even wash the dishes laziness!

I perfectly understand how important the duties of women in the household. And I share the idea that a man in the best of his abilities can help his beloved. But the more he gets involved in household chores, the less time and effort he will spend on his direct male responsibilities – providing the family. Do you want that?

Let’s look at a few simple facts, misunderstanding or ignoring which leads to male treason.

Why do men change?

He’s looking for an outlet.

A man wants to be recognized for being a man and doing men’s things!

For the fact that he is big and strong. For the fact that he earns money and brings food to the house. For the fact that he is engaged in sports and participates in competitions.

Household moments, he regards it as trifles, and your constant attacks cause him to vex. He really can not understand why you are always disappointed and angry, and it weighs him down. And then his outlet may be treason.

He wants to reanimate his male self-esteem.

What was your man like when you met? Strong? Brave? Leading? And turned into a sluggish body lying on the couch?

If a man is not respected and constantly criticized, he ceases to feel like a man. Destroying his self-esteem, do not be surprised after why he became closed, detached and seeks compensation on the side.

He seeks recognition and respect for women.

How often have you heard that men change because they want new sensations? What nonsense! To understand the real reason, let’s think: why change women? Perhaps because they feel unwanted, undervalued and unloved ?

But then why do you think that it’s different with men? Women working in the field of escort services say that many of their clients did not even want to have sex with them!

A man wants to receive from a woman admiration, adoration of recognition and respect no matter what his merits, how much money he has in his wallet and what difficulties he overcomes.

Powerful weapons

What to do, you ask? Give the man what he needs so much – just three magic words. Do not be surprised, but these words are used by experienced relationship experts and representatives of the ancient profession. These words can push even faithful husbands to betrayal. And in the mouths of a wise wife to become a powerful shield against male infidelity. What kind of words are these?

Here they are: I appreciate you!

I appreciate you for providing a family.

For the fact that you do not forget to give me flowers, favorite sweets or a new dress.

Because I feel safe with you.

For being so strong, brave, courageous, determined.

And then tell him that you are very tired and need his help. Men love it when they are asked! He will help you, but not in order to calm the flow of your discontent. And in order to see you happy and satisfied. One that inspires him to do the deeds. The woman’s happiness is a reward for a real man.

Love a man for his masculine core, male maturity. More often tell him three magic words: I appreciate you! And then you will not have to think about why a man changes. Because for him you are the woman who truly appreciates and makes him happy.

I will be sincerely happy if these tips help you better understand your man. Enjoy your relationship, appreciate each other and be loved!

Write in the comments your thoughts, why men change, and we will discuss it.


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