3 mandatory conditions, without which there is no happy relationship

I will not reveal the secret, if I say that the goal of many girls who come to relationship articles is to find out the secret of happy relationships that works in practice.

I’m sure you too would not mind getting such knowledge.

Even those who were able to attract a man into their lives, face the inability to keep him. Why – there is no understanding of what is needed for a happy relationship.

The stage of attraction is over, and you are a couple. What next?

How to act in a relationship ?3 mandatory conditions, without which there is no happy relationship

You know very well about many necessary things.

The presence of mutual romantic feelings and respect, the compatibility of characters, the desire to have children (or not to have – desires are different), etc.

But there are several signs of a happy relationship, which usually do not attach much importance.

I want to talk about them separately.

1. Joint laughter

Of course, you know that laughter is good for every one of us.

If we talk about the ability to laugh with someone, then it is one of the building blocks of communication. People who laugh together last longer together . It is a fact.

Joint laughter is a huge source of endorphins. Regular release of this hormone into the blood of both partners maintains a state of happy relationships .

A man is happy when you laugh. In fact at this moment you, most likely, translate a state of happiness.

And vice versa. If there is only sadness, disappointment or even anger, the final of such relations can not be anything other than parting. Who needs “sour” faces in the mornings and constant complaints?

The key to a happy relationship is to experience positive moments together, sincerely rejoicing with your partner. And yet, if you do not want to laugh together – this is an indicator that clearly indicates either the incompatibility of partners, or the lack of sincere feelings at least one of them.

2. Financial stability

However controversial and banal the following statement may seem, it is still a necessary guarantee of a happy relationship .

You can not be happy with a man if you barely make ends meet. Although it is considered that “with a nice paradise and in a hut”, but in fact a lack of money, poor housing conditions and debts are a very frequent reason for the severance of relations.

All these problems completely destroy romance . Especially when it comes to living together. Yes, you can suffer a week or a month, but then, all these problems will come out and make themselves felt.

Therefore, choosing in your partner a “beggarly”, be sure that you will not stay together for a long time . Unless you are a successful secured lady, ready to take to yourself to provide a man of this type. But this scenario, I’m sure, is not for you.

3. Confidence in each other

Despite the fact that this item is the last one, this is perhaps the main guarantee of a happy relationship , except for the necessity of having romantic feelings for each other (although this is just an optional condition).

Any relationship is a series of data to each other obligations and subsequent moments of their execution, or neglect them. When you realize that you love a man, one of the ways to keep him, is to become a reliable support for him.

The converse is also true: if he loves you, he will go out of his way to prove his reliability and convince himself that he can be trusted, that he is a worthy man.

Therefore, a sign of a happy relationship is the existence of confidence in the reliability of each other.

If you promise something to a man, but then do not fulfill this promise, coming up with excuses, there are two options. Either you have not matured. Or, you do not love him at all.

And vice versa, if he can not keep his word, be sure that in the future everything will only get worse. But you need a reliable man, right?

Whatever promise is given, it must always be kept. And then you can together go through any life’s adversity, which, of course, will certainly meet .. Therefore, confidence in each other – this is the very main guarantee of a happy relationship .

Are these three signs of a happy relationship in your case?

If you are in a relationship with a man in whom there are all three of the above phenomena, then you are already already happy. And I can only rejoice for you.

But if men come and go, but there is no happiness, then you are doing something wrong. In this case, reading the articles (even on the blog of any relationship topic) does not solve the problem.

To learn how to make the right choice of a candidate for partners and apply the secret of happy relationships that has just been brought to your attention , you need a full immersion.


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