3 Basic Problems You’re Still Single (and how to fix them)

Some people quickly find their soul mates, while others continue to search for him/her all life.

Why am I alone? and why I am still single are two questions asked even by confident women and men too.

Most often it occurs when you spent years on unsuccessful attempts to build relationships and eventually reached the point where the belief in love disappears.

First of all, understand, you will never be lonely. After all, the difference between the concept of “being alone” and “failure in relationships” is huge.

The most important thing here is the correct statement. If you ask this question with an open heart and the desire to really understand the causes of failure, then the answer to it you will get pretty quickly.

Here are three reasons that most often cause problems in a relationship. If you ask “Why am I still alone without a man?”, Then you will surely find at least one of them.3 Basic Problems You're Still Single (and how to fix them)

Just be as frank as possible, honest with yourself. After having missed a small detail, it will be much more difficult for you to understand the situation as a whole. If you can not objectively assess yourself, ask a loved one about it. No wonder they say that “from the side of the heart.”

And read these 3 issues for which you are still single and read to fix them (and this is for females only):

1. You have some fears before entering into a long relationship

Having entered into a relationship, you leave your comfortable zone of loneliness, and another person enters your life.

So, you will have to give your love not only to yourself, but also to your partner. Decisions will have to be made not only for themselves, but also for it.

A dual attitude will prevent you from taking on the emotional risks necessary to be near a person to love him and let him love you.

This will keep from completely immersing in relationships and will create a variety of kinds of cowardly ways to destroy your relationship.

Fear will force you to come up with various excuses and excuses as to why you have not met the “one” person, and you will blame yourself instead of taking responsibility and being happy in a relationship.

2. Instead of looking for happiness, you are engaged in finding the right man

It depends on you, whether you will be happy, and only you make decisions that should make you happy. If you are inclined to find only minuses in everything, you are driven only by pessimism and you always regard the glass as half-empty, you are not going to change anything, then you are unlikely to find happiness in the relationship.

First of all, change your goal. Instead of looking for the perfect man, look for one with whom you will be happy. Throw out of your head the ideal man you painted for a long time.

Understand, it is not the external component that is important, but the inner one. The illusion of the ideal will disappear after a few months of the euphoria of the candy-bouquet period. And soon you will begin to see a real person with all his shortcomings.

And here the great role is played by the perception of a man and a woman by each other. So, if a man perceives a woman as a whole (which is why they so often do not notice such minute changes as the hair dress, hair color, the shape of the nails, and so on), then the woman sees the man according to certain features.

Therefore, if in dreams she wants to meet with a blond man with blue eyes, then the brunette does not have any chances whatever his beautiful inner world he had. Remember: there is no ideals and your happiness does not depend on the color of your eyes. We are looking for reasons.

3. You allow to violate the boundaries of your personal life

Any relationship that you enter into requires some form of boundaries.

Whether this applies to your hairdresser, your doctor or your mother, there are “rules” that are implied in the nature of the relationship.

You do not have to spend all your free time with a partner. You also have your own affairs to be solved. After all, it’s her personal life.

You can go for a walk with friends, visit relatives or spend time in the gym. Everyone can have their own interests, their hobbies, hobbies. And there is no need to tie a partner to yourself.

And at the very beginning of relations it is important to build the very boundaries for which you should not go. And in the process of relations, do not let them go beyond these boundaries ever.


What are you thinking right now? tell us in the comments form below so we can answer to fix your issues for living a single life.


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