20 Signs That The End of Your Relationship is Near

Does your romance make you sad and suffering more and more often?

Read the main signs of the end of a relationship. According to psychologists, if at least half of such signs are present in your personal life, the best decision on your part is to break off the previous connection in order to meet new love with faith and hope in the best.

Love is an inspiring feeling that makes people happy.

It is scientifically proven that a double dose of hormones of Endorphin is produced in the body of a man in love, giving us a good mood, activity and optimism.

However, every phenomenon on earth has its opposite side.

The downside of love is that this feeling has the property of ending. But love can not suddenly disappear.20 Signs That The End of Your Relationship is Near

As a rule, before this happens, loving people are involved in a series of endless quarrels, grievances and misunderstandings. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand – when this tearing thread that binds a man and a woman is torn, and love relations cease to bring former joy.

As love goes unnoticed, without saying goodbye to those whom she inspired, the former beloved still for a while continue to live the inertia of the old life, trying to revive the ghostly aura of love euphoria.

However, more often than not, these attempts are self-deception, a game in one gate, which instead of winning brings only emptiness, disappointment and moral exhaustion.

20 signs of a relationship doomed to break it or when you should cover to cope with this problem.

1. You no longer respect your partner. Love always neighbors with exaltation, praise and respect. In the period of blind love, it often seems to the girls that their chosen one is the cleverest, the most skillful and the most worthy of all existing men. But gradually the effect of idealization passes and we begin to see all the shortcomings of the partner. And if more and more often slips the idea that the minuses of the character of this person overlap with pluses and, by and large, you have nothing to respect him, you can not doubt that these relationships are doomed.

2. Relationships seem boring. Lovers can not be bored. They are interested in spending time together, sharing their thoughts with each other and just being silent. However, if you increasingly notice that conversations with the beloved do not bring spiritual satisfaction, and the joint pastime seems so boring that you would gladly choose to go out with friends or go to visit, you know, this is the end of the relationship. After all, boredom and apathy will progress with each passing day, eventually provoking irritation and aggression.

3. You do not want to take care of your partner. The need to take care of your loved one is inherent in every woman by nature. Being in a happy relationship, we all want to prepare delicious meals, take care of and please our partner in every possible way.

If this desire is absent, do not immediately criticize yourself because of selfishness, perhaps it’s time to reflect – and with that person at the moment you are building your personal life?

4. You do not want to look at your young man. Enamored people are easy to calculate by the way they look at each other. Even when they are in a big company, they involuntarily try to meet their views. If, however, looking at your young man, you feel discomfort, it means that subconsciously you already understand the end of love, but for the time being you can not or do not want to admit it.

5. The weaknesses of the partner make you angry. Every person has his own shortcomings. Some shortcomings may seem irritable, but if irritation causes you literally every act of your lover, it will be very difficult for you to build further relationships with him.

6. There is no Emotionality in the relationship. The thoughts and experiences of your young man no longer interest you. You can still take care of him, outwardly showing nothing of your mood, but deep down you understand that the relationship no longer brings joy.

7. His care annoys you. In the period of falling in love, it is extremely pleasant to feel the care of the young man. If his endless calls, questions about health and tenderness irritate you and distract you from more important things, it’s time to think about whether love has gone.

8. You do not see the future with this person. They say that in order to understand whether a person who is with you is really the only and unique companion of life, you need to imagine him and yourself in old age. If in your imagination you can not draw a picture of your pair, for example, in 10 years, most likely, your relationship will not be able to develop further.

9. In your dreams there is no place for your chosen one. We all dream from time to time. Someone sees their colossal success in the profession, someone represents their future home on the ocean, and someone dreams of a happy family and children. However, if, by plunging into sweet dreams, you do not see your partner side by side, most likely your subconscious knows that a break is inevitable.

10. You prefer to solve your problems on your own. If instead of asking your partner for help, you prefer to quickly solve your problems yourself, then psychologically you are already tuned to the end of the relationship.

11. You can easily lose your temper. The most obvious signs of the end of relationships are that you become more aggressive.

For example, instead of compromising and yielding even in the smallest dispute with a young man, you unconsciously provoke conflicts on any occasions.

12. Sex seems like a routine. From time to time, due to poor health or mood, everyone may lose the desire to make love. But if such a mood turns into a habit, it is also a sure sign of an early break in communication.

13. You have a desire to flirt with other men. Being in the company of men, you involuntarily flirt and flirt with them. Moreover, you behave this way, even if your partner is nearby. And while you do not feel remorse.

14. You are not jealous of your partner. You suspect or notice that your young man pays close attention to any woman, but your soul is not torn with jealousy. Perhaps, somewhere inside this circumstance touches and offends you, but you are not at all afraid that your partner will go to another woman.

15. You do not hide your mistakes from your lover. You still care for yourself, watch for the accuracy of your clothes and make-up, but you do not do it to appear to your beloved on the best side, but because you are so used to it. Before the partner, you do not hide your shortcomings, and perhaps even involuntarily demonstrate them.

16. You need rest and seclusion. Being close to your lover, you feel tension. And in order to relax and relax, you increasingly want to be completely alone.

17. You are ashamed of your lover. When your partner communicates with your friends or relatives, it seems to you that he says nothing but stupidity. You are ashamed of his words, actions or appearance to such an extent that you involuntarily renounce him, changing far away or emphasizing your disagreement with his conclusions.

18. You compare your partner with your former beloved.

You are increasingly recalling your former young people and comparing them with your current partner. And, most likely, the past seems to you more colorful and joyful than the present.

19. You feel emotional fatigue. Perhaps you carefully plan the evening, hoping to spend it fun and serene. However, being in the company of your young man, you become irritable and nervous. His words, actions and intentions, even the most positive, cause you not joy, but devastation.

20. In the future, you see another person next to you. Dreams about the future, in which you see next to a stronger, smarter and more reliable man, are the very signs of the end of the relationship.

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