15 Secrets of a Happy Relationship

The secrets of happy relationships are interesting to learn to all: and girls who have not yet had time to wear a wedding dress, and only married newlyweds, and even couples with a married life of twenty years.

Psychologists conduct more and more new research, the purpose of which is to learn how to make relationships happy, and families strong.

But, despite the fact that very many girls and young people would like to have one loved one for life, the divorce rate in the modern world is simply oversized.15 Secrets of a Happy Relationship

Read the advice from some famous books, and you will find out what is the key to a happy relationship, and for further information you can read our best ever guide below.

1. Solve disputes peacefully

Even if you are very angry and want to tell your loved one everything that you think about it, it’s better to stop and cool down a little. Otherwise, you can destroy the relationship with one catchy phrase, and in the future you will regret it, but it will not be possible to fix anything. Not all people easily forgive insults.

This in childhood we can tell a friend “Take your words back” and in half an hour already play together, as if nothing had happened. In adulthood, everything is more complicated.

It’s easier not to say phrases that touch the weak points of your loved one than to seek forgiveness for a long time. During quarrels and disputes you need to know the limit, which can not be passed in any case.

2. Spend time together interestingly and “qualitatively”

Always find time for each other, even under the most stressful schedule and absence of leave. Moreover, this moment for couples is more important than for lovers who are trying every minute to be close.

But after a few years of living together, all communication begins to boil down to everyday issues: what to buy for dinner, and in which circle to give the child. Of course, these issues are also important, but dealing only with everyday topics, the spouses will soon become uninteresting to each other.

And even during a joint dinner, the couple can be near, and at the same time be infinitely far from each other. Do not forget about joint hobbies and hobbies. If such a lesson is not yet, be sure to think of it.

Let once a week be yours, only your time, when you can relax and enjoy each other. And ignoring a partner can hurt more than anger and irritation.

3. Help each other grow

It will be much easier for a man to achieve success in his career if he has a reliable rear in the form of a caring and understanding companion. The same can be said about the representatives of the fair sex, it is also important for them to be supported professionally, and not say: “Your place in the kitchen.”

But you can grow not only in the profession. You can acquire various knowledge, interest in hobbies or volunteer activities. In the end, you can open your business.

In each of these areas, the support of a spouse or a loved one can be invaluable. It’s so cool when there is someone to share your joy, to celebrate together the next victory. It’s great when your beloved is proud and inspires you to face the next challenge.

4. Trust each other

It is very important to trust your beloved and know that his feelings are sincere, that you are not being used for mercenary purposes. The game in Sherlock Holmes with checking the contents of the pockets, as well as reading all incoming SMS in your mobile man’s very quickly bored you both.

Do not need to look for signs of treason, and then suddenly find it! The atmosphere of trust and security is one of the necessary conditions for a happy relationship.

A reliable companion of life, a strong shoulder that you can rely on in a difficult situation – is not every woman dreaming about it? In turn, you need to organize coziness and provide comfort for your beloved man.

5. Be faithful and faithful

True love and true friendship are inseparable. True love does not fade, even if people are divided thousands of kilometers, and sometimes even becomes stronger.

In a happy relationship, loyalty is an indispensable condition, other options are simply not considered. Surely you are waiting for faithfulness from your man.

So, you should not flirt with your friends. If you love each other, the representatives of the opposite sex simply cease to exist for you. Why do you need someone third, if you are well together so much that it is even frightening that this tale will end one day?

6. Love and respect each other

No matter how trivial it may sound, it is love and respect that are the basis for a happy and lasting relationship. Moreover, respect is often forgotten, hoping that there is enough and passionate love that will keep the man and woman together, allowing to create a happy family.

In fact, it is naive to expect that your passion in a year will be as bright as it was at the beginning of the relationship.

And in this period, in the absence of deeper feelings, there is a big risk of running up. It is also important to note the fact that if we do not love ourselves, it is unlikely that we will be loved by others.

7. Support each other in sorrow and in joy

Do not think that only weak people need support. Not true! Even the strongest person has moments when the air needs support and wants to hear the words “You will succeed!” Even a successful businessman needs approval of his half, although, perhaps, he does not admit it for anything.

The world can be cruel, and sometimes only the support of loved ones and loved ones allows you to survive a period when everything is not going well, does not develop as we would like.

It is very important to know that loved ones will be available not only when it is convenient for them, but also at a time when we really need it. Together in happiness and in sorrow is the credo of people who love each other. Listen to their wisdom.

8. Understand: all relationships are different

Do not compare your relationship with the relationship of stars or neighbors on the landing. At first glance, you might think that they are just perfect. You even think about why you could not find such a wonderful man.

Do not be jealous! Everyone has their own skeletons in the closet, and the surrounding people often show only positive moments. Some mistakes in relations with previous guys can be taken into account in further relationships. However, not everything is clear here.

After all, the characters of different men are very different, and what you liked your ex-boyfriend will not always delight your current beloved. Typically female qualities – the flexibility and ability to adapt to a loved one, as well as intuition can be very useful.

9. Be able to listen and hear

Unfortunately, our loved ones can not read our thoughts to understand what we feel at the moment, what we want and what we expect from them. Is not it easier to say what you need?

It is important not to forget not only about your needs, but also about the needs of your loved one.

In modern vanity, we can listen to even close and dear people in half the time, being immersed in their own thoughts. Do not forget that you need to learn not only to listen, but also to hear your beloved.

10. Turn flaws into virtues

Everyone knows that during meetings and in love it seems that your man has no shortcomings at all. And even if they are obvious, they seem nice features.

It takes a little time – and we can start annoying the way a loved one eats, walks, says. An unopened tube of toothpaste may well become that spark from which the flame of the scandal will flare up.

In such moments it is necessary to remember that there are flaws in every man without exception. And what if you turn them into dignities? The husband loves to save, putting off every penny? But in the winter you will go to Thailand, and your girlfriends will envy you.

11. Work on your relationship

Some couples naively believe that if they met and fell in love with one another, now, to preserve the senses, there is no need to exert any effort. Unfortunately, this does not happen.

Relationships need to be worked on, and work daily. Successful relationships need constant emotional feeding. Frequently ask yourself questions: “What can I do today to make our relationship brighter, warmer, closer tomorrow?”

“How to make my beloved’s life more happy?” You can see the effect from the efforts you have made not immediately, but it will!

12. Common values ​​of the most important common interests

Do not argue, if the husband and wife are connected by a common hobby, whether fishing, table tennis or culinary feats, this will be a bold plus in the relationship.

But there are much more important things – these are common values. Equal treatment of family, children, religion is more important for a truly happy relationship. And fishing can be loved in time. Or just boil the ear from the man’s carcasses.

13. Do not remember old grievances

Rancor – quality, harmful not only for your health, but for your relationship. Insults, quarrels, quarrels occur in every family. You must learn to sincerely forgive the man who has offended you.

The task of a wise woman is to create a family atmosphere when her spouse will want to return to her as soon as possible, instead of running to drink beer with friends. Some things can not be forgiven, and then the relationship ends. Fortunately, there are not so many of them.

14. Be Realistic in Expectations

Relations in reality are not at all the same as in melodramas and soap operas. Yes, and it would be difficult to withstand such a daily heat of passion, which is demonstrated on television.

Long-term relations are built on the condition that each of the partners puts their efforts in. If the expectations of partners are realistic, if the wife does not ask her husband for a villa in the Bahamas, and he from her – to become similar to his favorite Penelope Cruz, this will avoid the many disappointments leading to quarrels and ruptures.

15. Talk about love

Couples who have lived together for a long time, almost cease to speak to each other about their feelings.

And this is wrong. Compliments, small tokens and simple words “I love you” do not lose their relevance, even if the couple managed to live together until the golden wedding.

So what?

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