10 ways to tell your children that you, too was a kid

Tell your child about what you were as a child. Kids love these stories. This is another opportunity to get closer to each other.

This is one of the most simple, affordable and virtually no-cost ways to make a child happy.

For children, a discovery that their parents were young.

Understanding that people are born children, then grow, grow up and grow old, not given to the child at birth. It refers to the temporary category and needs to acquaint the child with him. Stories of parents about his childhood among others and solve this problem.

In addition to the development of space-time capabilities, such excursions into the past and are useful for different reasons – they develop the child’s thinking, the ability to compare and draw conclusions, enrich the inner world and outlook of the child.

Like any fun and interesting case, in the implementation of which involves all members of the family, this pastime brings family and good for the psyche of the child. Baby feels more confident, safer and more comfortable in the world, increased its internal sense of security and stability.

And when you do remember the last time a kid and played in your childhood games? Remember your childhood will be useful and pleasant for you too.

Here are 10 ways in which you can tell your children that you, too, were small and relive the best moments of his childhood.

1. Look at your old childhood photos

Photos of parents in childhood is very happy with their own children, and leads to the indescribable delight! Such large father and mother, it turns out, too, ate the snow, went into the garden and the school were bunnies and snowflakes on a fur-trees in a kindergarten.

2. If there is a possibility – go to the places of your childhood

Old courtyard with such small trees that once seemed very large bushes in which you play hide and seek, the road by which you went to school. We all sometimes need to stop for a moment and come back to himself.

Do not refuse the opportunity to show your child a place in which was your own childhood, even if you come from another city. After all, the more interesting and richer will be your trip for him.

3. Watch movies and cartoons from your childhood

Listen to children’s songs, popular in your time. In the world of modern computer technologies, to find records of past years will not be difficult. But for a child – is a unique opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the past time, to feel its peculiarity and originality.

4. Check out your favorite children’s books

Surely some of them were kept from you or your parents. The library certainly is! It may be that your child will understand, not all of the read or heard, so explain to him that it is not clear to him when needed.

5. Spend a day

In order to more faithfully describe the time in which you grew up, try one day to spend with the child without modern gadgets. Tell us as soon as you do without cell phones, computers, and tablets.

Most likely, for the child, it will make a lasting impression.

6. Get more out of the evening walk

On the walk home in the evening or recall your childhood games – classic, naval battle on the pieces of paper in the box, “ring, ring, go out on the porch,” “traffic light”.

Be prepared for the fact that your baby will not want to play these fun too for a long time and that they will not be his favorite games. No offense to the child and do not scold him for it.

After all, your goal is to introduce him to the games of yesteryear, rather than replace them, modern entertainment.

7. And here it is possible to view filmstrips have to taste them!

If you have not been preserved film filmstrip projector and for them, these products can be bought in stores. And a new family tradition, as well as a huge amount of joy and fun you provided!

8. Show them

It would be great if you have somewhere to keep your children’s drawings and crafts. Show them to your children, compare your images and you will see that they are very similar.

It is so touching when it turns out that the father and son, four-wheel drive the car painted on one side, and mother and daughter – all the princesses long blond hair and skirts.

9. Know every thing

For sure you keep records of when your child for the first time got up, took a step and how many weighed at birth? Another opportunity to remember my self a little and show your child and read the same record about you. Well, who also previously crawled the first tooth? And how and when was the first word?

10. Children can and should tell a variety of stories from your childhood:

how do you cope with the difficulties, both amused and naughty as you punished the parents, and you have it on very offended? These stories are very popular with the children, help them to have some kind of magical power and bring together parents and a younger generation.

And next time, when the child asks to read him bedtime stories, remember how you were pleased by when your mom read to you at bedtime. Remember and honor your baby now.

Enjoy your memories!

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