10 ways to show love so that he understands

If you are worried that feelings in your relationship with a man have already cooled down and you have ceased to understand each other – this article is for you.

In it, I’ll tell you what love is through the eyes of a man and how to tell your loved one about her.

Honey, I prepared 10 tips for you, how to say “I love you” in our language, the language of men.

Prepare to remember, and today start practicing.10 ways to show love so that he understands

You will find the answer to how to understand a man, believe me.

1. Send him a smile through the crowd

When you’re at the party, smile at him through the crowd. Your smile should be understood only by you and him. It can mean a lot, for example, “I already miss you”, “Let’s run away from here”, “I think about you.” At this moment, he knows what is important and dear to you, and you think of him even surrounded by other men.

2. Keep him on bad days

Admit it, you already know when he has bad days. It is important not only to feel his bad mood, but also to know how to fix it. He should understand that even on the worst day, you can calm down, support and understand your man.

Order his favorite pizza and turn on football. If you do not like sports and fatty foods – he will appreciate your noble deed. And he will read between the lines: “In spite of everything, I love you with you.”

3. Hug him for nothing

Steer and hold him tightly. He will ask: “For what?”, And you answer: “Just like that.” You do not have to invent anything and say: “Because …”. He will understand – because you love him.

4. Send him a ton of smileys

No, he does not know what they mean and is not going to find out. But he feels that you chose for him these 50 touching tiny pictures. So you think about him all day.

5. Trust Him

Of course, both of you have already been burned in previous relationships. But jealousy and constant checks will not strengthen your love, but rather destroy. And you will cease to understand each other . Just try to trust your man.

6. Surprise gifts

If you are not strong in ingenuity, it’s okay. Look at what he pays attention in stores, what he values, what he says most. It may be something that reminds him of your meeting or trip. Such gifts will tell him that you tried for him, that you pay attention to his interests and dreams

7. Stand on your own, only if it’s really important

This does not mean that you should always argue with him. But if your argument is important for your relationship and for him, tincture on your own. The main thing – do not overdo it.

You can gently bring a man to a decision that you think is right, I’m talking about this. When your man gets cold – he will thank you for your wise advice.

8. Let him put on that ill-fated shirt and splash water in the bathroom

This is the case when you should not insist on your own. Yes, this shirt needs to be thrown away for a long time, but he loves it and feels confident in it. Do not argue, show that your comfort and convenience are more important to you than the opinion of others. Do not criticize. The puddle in the bathroom is not a reason for quarrel, but the reason for it is “It’s okay” to say it with the language “I love you”.

9. Apologize when I mess up

In the relationship there will always be disagreements and disputes. Sometimes you will be wrong, sometimes he will screw up. To swallow pride and admit guilt, to go to a truce is to show your love.

At such times your “I’m sorry, I’m not right” for him is equated to “I love you.” Especially if he screwed up, but on the world you go.

10. Sincere joy at the sight of tickets for “Star Wars”

If he drags you to his favorite film or concert – share with him his joy.

Even if you hate stories about the Jedi and do not listen to heavy rock. Just take an interest in the nuances of the film, the history of the group.

He will understand that you ask thousands of questions because of his love for him and appreciate your interest.

That’s how love looks through the eyes of a man . In fact, to understand a man is not difficult.

If you learn to speak with a man in his language, he will hear yours – “I love you”.


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