10 Ways on How to Recognize a Good Lover?

Of course, bed moments are not the main thing in all relationships, but they are very important. If you like a man, you probably wonder if he will fit you in bed.

Even not this, it takes more than this and we are making it 100% sure that you know what to do and what is the note able thing you should keep an eye on to know the nature of your love.

Note: Here we are sharing our thoughts for that moments you don’t want to share with any other person but your lover or maybe (for some) the best friend.

Because we know that you tend to search for this and we are making it possible to help you in every step of your relationships.How to recognize a good lover?

Here are 10 signs that he will not disappoint you.

1. He does not show off

Self-confident man does not need extra boasting, he already knows what he can. Therefore, the fact that he does not boast of previous victories should be encouraging.

He will not show that he is strong enough or he is the only richest person.

2. He has a good appetite

Yes, it’s a sign of a good lover! If he enjoys sensual pleasures, then he makes no exceptions.

However, look at how he eats. You need someone who likes to try new things and savors each piece, and not one who slops on the food untidily, not noticing the taste of food.

If he enjoys sensual pleasures, then he makes no exceptions.

there is nothing like the fact you can win a boy’s heart just by cooking well!

3. Eye contact

The body language does not lie. Direct look of a good lover will melt any woman, so listen to your feelings.

Make him panic, if he put his eyes down for every session you can think about the risky relationship.

4. He dances well

Movements on the dance floor tell a lot about his movements in bed. Look closely at the men who easily follow the rhythm, move plasticly and completely give themselves to the dance .

5. He is gesticulating

According to experts, a good lover always gesticulates during a conversation. Think for yourself if hands help him express himself in conversation, how they will help him in bed!

6. He kisses well.

If from his kisses you are breathtaking, you have chosen the right partner. A good lover never kisses monotonously, you do not get bored with him out of bed.

A good lover never kisses monotonously, you do not get bored with him out of bed.

7. He likes to try new things

If a guy loves to try everything new, in bed he will behave the same way. And another interesting sign: a truly generous lover will be ready to share food with you.

8. He holds the door for you

A man who is good in bed never forgets about the rules of behavior with women. Therefore, he will never forget to hold the door, move your chair, etc.

9. He is interested in what you say

If a man sincerely listens to you and shows interest in your words, most likely, in bed, he will be just as attentive and caring.

10. He has a good Voice

One of the most eloquent signs of a good lover is a sexy voice. If, when you talk to him, your legs are weak and your head starts to spin, then he will not disappoint you in bed.


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