10 Tips To REALLY Know Your Mom

If you believe a beautiful legend, which in insignificant interpretations is found almost in all the peoples of the world, once upon a time people were bisexual.

Since they did not need to wait for a meeting with their one or only, they were in perfect harmony with themselves and the world around them.

It is not known why, but once these people angered the Gods, for which they divided people into two halves and sent to different parts of the world. And since that time we have to subordinate our lives to the search for the second half.

Regardless of faith, age, social status, temperament and life preferences, in the depths of the soul each person hopes that somewhere in this world his second half awaits him.10 Tips To REALLY Know Your Mom

We all think that meeting with your destiny will necessarily remind you of an episode of a beautiful film: music sounds, there is an aroma of autumn foliage in the air, your views meet and you realize that this is forever. Sometimes the belief in a happy and fateful meeting so much takes possession of our emotions, that with every acquaintance with the new man we are confused in guessing: is he or not he?

At the same time we are afraid to lose our soul mate and at the same time we are afraid of recognizing the wrong person in the person of our destiny.

But the paradox is that most of us somehow believe that getting acquainted with that single and real love must necessarily be meaningful and memorable, but life sometimes gives us presents without telling it at all.

1. Irrational Love

As a rule, in our youth, we choose the object of our passion for a person who has either a beautiful appearance, a rebellious character, or leadership qualities, or other bright external and internal features.

Growing up, we begin to be more rational in choosing a partner. Adult people choose a couple for themselves, based on the similarity of views on life, material priorities, respect for each other, etc.Irrational Love

However, it is unlikely that all these relations correspond to the ideal of eternal and pure love of the two halves. True love does not need any reinforcements. If you can not answer the question – why do you love your chosen one and what exactly do you like best about his appearance and character, perhaps this person is the one who can be called fate.

2. Opposites and similarities

There is an opinion that truly loving people must necessarily have a similar worldview, temperament and predilections. Common interests really strengthen the relationship, but do not forget that the opposites are also attracted.

If you and your partner do not have the same interests, this does not mean that you are not compatible. After all, you can look at life from different angles, but go in the same direction.

3. Harmony of two hearts

In the relations of sincerely loving people harmony reigns. When you meet a soul mate, you will be surprised at how interesting communication, leisure and even silence can be with each other.

Well characterized by the relationship of the two halves expression: “understand each other without words.” Indeed, in order to understand the closest person, you do not need to possess the gift of clairvoyance, because any vibrations of his mood and health will feel like your own.

4. Love without constraint

For sure, every woman for the sake of maintaining a relationship with a man tried to appear before him only from the best side, delicately hiding small flaws and weaknesses.

As a rule, the relationship of such a plan does not last long, because our shortcomings are our integral part, and to hide them is to pretend to be someone else.

If you are lucky enough to meet your true love, you will immediately forget about all the female tricks, because you no longer need to play the role of an ideal lady. The essence of true love lies in the ability to accept a partner as he really is.

5. Infinite attraction

The two halves attract each other not only in psychological, but also in physical terms.

The nature of this attraction can often be confused with passion, but passion, more often than not, craves only a momentary pleasure.

Love of your mom

The desire to always be with your partner, touch him or just be there, is an integral part of true love.

6. You do not want to change your elect

Often, being, it would seem, in a happy relationship, we can not call them ideal, because some habits, addictions or the manner of the partner’s behavior are discordant with our inner world.

And involuntarily we try to eliminate in a person that which does not suit us, transforming it into our ideal. If you really met your destiny, there will not be a similar problem in your relationship, because you will be satisfied with everything in it. Gradually you will learn the partner’s habits, and he will be yours.

7. Conflicts without resentment

Many believe that in ideal love there is no quarrel. However, it is hardly possible to live life with a person without encountering conflict situations.

But the difference in the quarrels between people, bound only by habit, and the two halves, is the ability to compromise and the ability to constructive dialogue. As a rule, even quarreling, these couples prioritize feelings and emotions of each other, avoiding offensive words and stubbornness.

8. Love without struggle

It is often said that one should fight for love. However, any struggle involves obstacles and obstacles. In addition, the goal of the struggle is mastery and domination, which hardly has to do with true love.

Two halves simply do not have to fight, because their love is developing and blooming in itself. If, after meeting your partner, you understand that your life has changed only for the better, and to build a relationship you not only spend energy, but you get it with interest, you can rest assured that this person is your destiny.

9. Frank relations

Meeting your soul mate, in addition to the elusive emotional connection, you will feel the need to share this most intimate thoughts with this person.

Frank relation with the mom

Your relationship will be built not only on romance, passion and mutual respect, but also on friendship.

10. The effect of “life”

Very often, people who are fortunate enough to meet their destiny, notice that during their first acquaintance they were covered by the effect of “life” – the feeling that they had once known this person.

People who believe in reincarnation, explain this phenomenon by the fact that two souls destined for each other must meet during all earthly incarnations.

According to psychologists, the effect of the “already seen” can be explained by the fact that subconsciously each of us draws in his imagination the desired ideal, and when he meets with him, the brain perceives this person as an already familiar object.

Whatever it was, the feeling that you are familiar with this person is a bright forerunner of the second half.

No matter how widespread and truthful the above-mentioned advice was, if you have not met the soul mate yet, do not try to tailor your personal feelings for them.

You will certainly meet and find out your destiny, but the feeling of true love often arises spontaneously and has unique characteristics.

The most important thing to remember: do not be afraid of new emotions, trust them and let them take you.


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