10 Things You Should Never Tell A Man In A Relationship

The way to the heart of a man lies not only through gastronomic delights.

The feeling of tact, the ability to find a common language and understand the mood of a partner – is much more important.

It is believed that women love with their ears, but in exactly the same way can be said about men. Men, like us, are pleased to receive compliments, to hear praise and approval from the mouth of their chosen one.

And to the same extent they are touched by rash phrases, harsh remarks, insulting reproaches.

To maintain harmony in the relationship, sometimes you need to adhere to the rule – “silence is gold,” otherwise an innocent conversation from your point of view can turn into a grand scandal.10 Things You Should Never Tell A Man In A Relationship

Some things take men out of themselves, so it’s best if they become taboo for you.

What can not be said in a relationship with a man? and what are some things you should never tell to a man in a relationship with you?

Let’s read the answers to these questions:

1. You are always so inconsiderate (rude – ill etc)

A generalizing phrase that emphasizes your permanent dissatisfaction with your partner.

Sooner or later a man will get tired of being constantly guilty and will start to wonder if he is as wrong as you tell him about it.

2. You can not do this!

Do not worry the man about his abilities. Even if you are 100% sure that he will not be able to repair the wiring himself, handle a new job or build a house, give it a try, but what if he succeeds?

And even if, as you would expect, a man will fail in his endeavors, do not tell him – “I knew it!” It’s better to console yourself, tell me that next time he will necessarily succeed.

Let the man know that you believe in his strength, and then he will have the desire to improve himself and not stop there.

3. But my mother, unlike your mother

Talking about relatives, and in particular about the elect’s mother, in a negative way should become a taboo subject. Situations are different and it’s possible that your mum’s mum is really not right.

Do not doubt, he himself knows about this, but if you constantly emphasize this or compare his mother with his mother is not in favor of the first, your man just will not like it.

On the one hand, he will experience because of his mother’s actions, and on the other hand, he will not be able to avoid her side, because Whatever she is, she remains his mother.

Such conversations will only lead to quarrels and protracted grievances, so just ignore them.

4. Do not give me any more useless presents!

Choosing for your relatives gifts, we hope to please them. However, if you like the gift, it’s not a fact that someone else will like it. Men, as a rule, do not particularly understand the intricacies of women’s needs, but they know that women like surprises.

Therefore, if your chosen one gave you an absurd figurine, an unnecessary technical device or spirits, from the smell of which makes you sick, do not think that he chose the first thing to get, just to formally present something to you.

Most likely, the man somehow decided that you would like the gift. And do not disappoint him, just before the next holiday try to more specifically hint to him about what you really need. Or arrange to choose each other gifts together.

5. Take an example from your friend!

Do not over-praise your friends’ friends. Firstly, it is a very fertile soil for the development of jealousy, and secondly, excessive praise can hurt a man’s self-esteem.

Your chosen one should feel that he is the best of all men for you.

6. All my colleagues are crazy about me!

Telling your chosen one that somewhere there are men who like you, you hope to make him jealous and increase his importance in his eyes. But in fact, hearing such a phrase, most men feel cheated.

And even if he realizes that this is a joke, in the depths of his soul a man will start to wonder, but is it really harmless flirting on your part? Gradually the lump of jealousy will only grow, once splashing out into a huge scandal.

7. If you do not improve, you will lose me!

To threaten a man with a break in relations is not the best way to make him change his behavior.

With this phrase you show that in fact your relationship with this person is not valuable to you. Very soon the man will understand this and, probably, he will not want to be your “reserve option”.

8. You do not understand me!

A man really does not understand you, especially when you say such phrases. If you want to be understood, just outline your problem, avoiding unnecessary emotions and abstractions.

Because of psycho-physiological differences, it is really difficult for men to understand our hints, meaningful silence and the cause of a bad mood.

9. You earn little!

Talking about insufficient earnings for a man is like stepping on a sick callus. If your elect really earns little, first understand why this happens. If he is trying to improve your financial situation with all his might, but so far it’s not working out, do not blame him.

He and so now is not sweet, and your reproaches can give rise to a real depression.

If a man arranges a small salary or it is convenient for him to live at your expense, you can hardly change it and make him the second Bill Gates. In this situation, you must decide whether you are ready to live with such a person or not.

10. My ex…

Never mention a man about his past novels. Firstly, he may think that you are still not indifferent to your past boyfriend.

Secondly, such conversations are simply meaningless, because the past is left in the past, and if you broke off relations with your ex-boyfriend, then there were reasons for that.

Communicating with someone you love, remember that the spoken word back does not return.

If you are under the influence of emotions, bad moods or resentments, it is better to postpone the conversation for later, because even a couple of rash phrases can cause an irreparable injury.


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